How to Start TikTok Shop Affiliate & Make $1000s DAILY | STEP BY STEP (FREE COURSE)

hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and welcome to today's free course all about Tik Tok shop affiliate Tik Tok shop affiliate is a new feature on Tik Tok that people are making thousands of dollars daily from and it has never been a better time than to start doing this right now and the best part is is you can start doing this without even showing your face this one AI generated Tik Tok made over $100,000 from Tik Tok shop affiliate and it really only takes 10 minutes to create a video just like this one people are making tens of thousands of dollars doing this and people are doing this just by using the power of AI so if they can do it why can't you I found AI tools that I will be introducing to you today so you can get started doing this right away this is a brand new way to make money online and a new business model and you are still early to the game you can start this with $0 you can start this from a brand new account with no followers you do not have to sh your face to make money with this and all you need is 1 to 2 hours a day if that even commit to this side hustle this is a side hustle that so many people are starting and it's changing so many lives financially so the goal with this free course is to help you be the next success story with Tik Tok shop affiliate also really quick thing that I want to address is there's been a lot of talk right now about the Tik Tock band they have been threatening this since 2020 and if I would have listened to that threat back then and been worried about it and not have started to just focus on Tik Tok and make money from it I literally would not be a millionaire today this specific opportunity is available for you right now and even if the ban were to take place it wouldn't actually take into effect until next year so you are good to go so leave that aside and let's get to work here is what you are going to learn in today's free course I'm going to be showing you how to create a Tik Tok shop affiliate account and get started how to find viral products how to create faceless videos with AI all of course be giving you the method on how you can get started with this right now without even needing any products on hand yourself and lastly I will be going over how to avoid any violations with your Tik Tok shop and everything else that you might need to be successful with this online business model and you already know people are out here charging thousands of dollars for Education just like this all I ask in return for the free courses in education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free course and videos just like this so what exactly is Tik Tok shop Tik Tok shop is a new feature inside Tik Tok that allows users to buy products directly through the Tik Tok platform then the Tik Tok shop affiliate program allows you to become an affiliate to promote any products being sold on the Tik Tok shop and you get paid each time a person makes a purchase from your video so let me show you an example so when you're scrolling on Tik Tok and you see a video that has a product Link at the bottom of the video here for example this one when you click it it will take you to the product page so for example look at this person talking about this collagen powder product what happens is if I end up purchasing this collagen product let's just say I click buy now and I end up buying this item this Creator will get credit for this sale and receive a commission you won't need to ship the product and you won't need to deal with any customer service I get it not everybody wants to commit to a full-fledged business and this is the best way to go about doing that your only job is to create the content and Link the product to your video and if people watch your video and wind up purchasing you get the credit because this is a new feature and Tik Tok benefits from this as well Tik Tok is pushing out content even if you are a brand new account so don't think that you have to have a bunch of followers or you have to be some influencer to actually start doing this all you have to do is set up everything that I'm going to show you in this video start posting while connecting the products to your videos and you can start this online business model so the first step to do this is to create a Tik Tok shop affiliate account and with this one AI tool that I'm going to show you today called inv video AI you'll be able to create these AI generated Tik Tok videos in minutes with just simple text prompts even if you've never created a video before and I'm going to show you exactly how to get started today now we're going to focus on finding viral products to sell so there are three main ways to find winning products the first way is to just look at your own for you page you can just go on Tik Tok go to the for you page and just keep scrolling I like to call this productive scrolling and the more videos that you like that are promoting Tik Tok shop affiliate the more you see here that you're able to actually see what other products that creators are promoting so for example this Creator is promoting this Smartwatch so when you click on it you'll be able to see the price how many has been sold the rating the shipping information and even the reviews and when you exit this you can keep scrolling and you can see what other products people are selling this way you can get a lot of ideas and if a product is getting a lot of views on the video this just means that it's trending when you come across a video that has tons of views and likes and engagement this should raise a green flag in your mind that you should also be jumping on this product the second method def finding winning products is to just go through your product Marketplace so to access the marketplace just go to your profile go to your Tik Tok shop creative Center you'll see it here and as you see on the screen just come to the middle and click on product Marketplace and this is where you can actually search and find all different types of products by their categories and also by bests sellers you can see here on top you can pick anything outdoors Sports Health home and living fashion Electronics Automotive they have all types of products here I of course like to sort by Best Sellers cuz I know that they're selling the most and making the most money money so i' like to see that especially and that way you're going to get the best good and reputable Sellers as well when you find an item that interests you like this one just click on it and then you'll get to see the commission rate on this item for this item for each sale you make 15% which equates to around 86 cents and when you scroll down you'll be able to see the videos with this specific product if you click on it you can actually see what kind of content style works well and how to actually get inspiration from

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