Make US$150 A Day Posting Comments On YouTube Videos: I Tried It And Made Money Online

I purchased this laundry drying Rock from someone who used this strategy to comment on YouTube videos and they made $40 us from just me in one day with this particular strategy now I thought to myself if someone can make money from me doing this I can figure it out and then teach you rock stars how to use this as a strategy to make money and then I saw saw a Blog that claimed that you can post comments on YouTube videos and make potentially 50 in a day and that this can be done from anywhere across the globe from just your smartphone and it peaked my interest even more of course I've got to test this the question is of the three methods that are shared is $150 per day really possible welcome back to the Rockstar Academy thank you so much for always coming back if you are a patreon subscriber or a YouTube member or a patreon rockstar Club member thank you so much for your support you remember that laundry drying rack that I mentioned earlier here's the backstory and guess what it has proven to be an amazing product as you can see here from my Amazon orders I've gone back and bought a second one so I was on YouTube watching a video about planting potatoes in bags and while the content creator was there demonstrating how to do this I noticed that there was a stainless steel drying rack in their backyard but here's the thing the video was not about the dry rack back so the content creator linked the potato bags which I actually bought but I was curious about that laundry drying rck and decided to explore the comments now in the comment I realized that someone posted a link and said here is the link for the drying Rock and immediately when I saw it I thought hm this is smart it's an affiliate link and of course I clicked the link and purchased the drying rack but it didn't stop their rock stars because it was an Amazon link and that day on Amazon I was shopping for other things Amazon has what's referred to as a cookie and this allows Amazon Affiliates when they share a link that someone clicks on to benefit from everything that person buys for the next 24 hours on Amazon now I'm going to share this process in four simple steps step one understanding the basics of YouTube commenting I know for a long time I thought it was just a space for viewers to express their opinions but then I realized after posting on YouTube for a while that comments actively contribute to a video's engagement affecting its visibility and its ranking high quality engaging comments can actually elevate a video's status making it more likely to be recommended by the YouTube algorithm believe it or not now that you have a better understanding of the role comments play because this is going to influence the kind of comments that you make let's move to step two which is to create a YouTube account if you don't already have one now step three is critical this is developing your commenting strategy that you're going to deploy to potentially earn $150 a day first you need to identify the product Niche that you want to Target focused on topics in niches that interest you and that have a dedicated and loyal audience make sure that this Niche has high engagement and that the potential for monetization is ideal now another thing to consider with your strategy is crafting engaging comments your comments definitely need to add value when deploying this strategy be genuine asks relevant questions and you can even use humor to lighten the mood and drive engagement it's very important that you avoid spam like Behavior at all costs and then the last factor to consider with your strategy is to capitalize on Trends stay updated on trending topics on YouTube and be among the first to comment on these videos because this will ensure that your comment will be seen by a much larger audience now that you have your comment strategy down let's move to step four and this is monetizing your comments now there are three ways that we're going to talk about in this video today that you can monetize posting comments on videos on YouTube first is what's referred to as ad Revenue sharing and this assumes that you become a top commenter and you are able to share in ad Revenue generator from videos where you comment by driving significant engagement and partnering up in some way with the content creator rockstars I didn't even understand this method so I did not explore it the second method is through affiliate marketing and with this approach you can use affiliate links while commenting on your own videos or you can comment on other content creators videos and share affiliate links Rockstar Stars this needs to be Tastefully done and you need to be very transparent don't try to be deceptive in your approach don't and don't worry because I'm going to give you examples later on in the video now the affiliate marketing method to monetize is one that I tried extensively and the third method to monetize commenting on videos is through sponsored comments Brands might actually pay for comments that mention or promote their products in a discrete manner especially if as an example you have a large audience very high engagement you can comment on behalf of a brand and get your subscribers to execute on a particular action as such and I suspect that if it's possible on your personal Channel it is on other content creators channels as well where you can talk about a particular brand there and their viewers will show interest and act accordingly now rockstars I haven't gotten around to testing this method but I have plans to do so when I have some time so let me tell you exactly what I did now that you have a good understanding of the four steps that you'll need to take to monetize comments on YouTube videos is now as I leveraged affiliate marketing to monetize my comments on YouTube I approached it in two different ways the first option is I took one of my faceless YouTube channels which in this case was objective Outlook and I commented from that channel I wanted to take that approach because I wanted to see if beginners could do this successfully second approach that I took is I actually placed affiliate links in comments on my own channel and this is the main channel that you're watching here to see what the results would look like so one of the places where I got some of these affiliate links is from Amazon affiliate and I'll put the link in the description of this video that you can click and become an Amazon associate and start making money by sharing affiliate links and whenever someone clicks on your link and buys the product you'll make a commission but like I said earlier one of the benefits of Amazon is that cookie which means you're going to get credit for anything that that person who clicked on your link buys for the next 24 hours on Amazon now with my faceless YouTube channel here are some comments that I would make as an example if the Creator was talking about starting a YouTube channel I would write a thoughtful comment that wa

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