How To Use AI to Create Insane Faceless Videos in Minutes (Even Without Voice)

you are not late to the YouTube game you can also make videos that get thousands or millions of views and you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month with YouTube ads on autopilot and even though it sounds like you you don't even need to say one word or even hit the record button as a matter of fact because now you can use AI to do everything for you it can write your script clone your voice to sound exactly like you and have ai edit the video for you all with one single tool and I know what you're thinking at the moment there are so many videos on YouTube it's practically flooded with countless faceless videos featuring AI voices and everybody is getting tired of them I know it's easy it's convenient to create these but it's hard to gain traction because so many people myself included are getting so bored of hearing the same voice again and again but hear me out because I have a tool that you can use to break away from all this competition and you can personalize your videos using your own voice I mean this is pretty cool and all you have to do is record 30 seconds of your voice and follow the guidance and there you go let me show you so I'm sharing my screen here for you and I'll start the recording so you see exactly what I'm doing so I have come to ai. envidio doio and if you guys are not familiar with in video please give it a try I have been using it for so so long we use it in my business it's amazing so all you have to do is come here and hit clone your voice or you can go to the side on the menu and under plugins you have voices as well so go ahead and click clone your voice I already have created my voice but essentially all you need to do is Click add voice and then follow the guidance you can literally just use your phone with the recording app record yourself for 30 seconds following the guidance mentioning what you're required to mention and pausing and that's it after 30 seconds you export your audio file send it to your computer upload and you're ready to go it literally takes probably less than a minute to generate your personalized voice you can go ahead and edit the name in my case it actually said Lara first time and then you're ready to use and the best part is that this voice doesn't stutter it doesn't use fillers it doesn't mispronounce words literally I mean it probably talks better than me and if you're thinking okay but what kind of videos can I make now what are the niches that pay better well I wanted to cover this for you as well so here's some inspiration number one you can make travel videos there's so many ways you can monetize those I've actually mentioned that in a separate video that you can watch as soon as this one's over you can talk about exotic locations you can talk about hidden gyms you can give travel tips for anyone who is looking to go to a specific destination a travel channel can be monetized in so many ways not just through YouTube ads so through AdSense where you have between three and $5 per thousand views but you can monetize through affiliate marketing through sponsored content and you can get inspired from Expedia from the world according to Briggs and so so many other channels that do something similar number two you can talk about history fun facts you can talk about Mysteries of the past you can talk about ancient civilizations you can talk about untold historical events or stories that you find captivating for people this one pays a bit better between $4 to $6 and you can get inspired from um simple history or extra credits and again many other channels that do this really really well number three you can make relaxation videos this one doesn't pay as well somewhere between $2 and $4 per th000 views but you can make videos about rain or soothing or calming sounds or nature sounds and you've got lots of inspiration out there the honest guys meditation relaxation there's lots of them I don't have time to mention all of them now but I'm going to include some here number four you can make videos about Mysteries or unsolved cases and if you have access to old newspapers or if you have access to an archive or just Google search or simply ask GPT or in video to create that for you top fives does this really really well BuzzFeed unsolved network does this really really well and this one pays a bit better somewhere between $5 and $7 per th000 views you can also look into book summaries this one pays between $3 and $5 per thousand views fight mediocrity does really really well there at the Swedish investor does really really well and you can either choose a niche or you can make book summaries uh on very uh diverse topics number six you can make videos about recipes or cooking tips you can use in video AI to come up with beautiful visuals and explain some very basic cooking techniques for example and you can definitely get inspiration from tasty I mean everybody's watched at least one tasty video let's be honest this one pays between three and4 $4 4,000 views so literally no matter what your hold back your stuck Point has been so far whether you didn't know how to edit you were too shy to speak on camera or you didn't know what kind of videos to make now all of that is not a reason anymore so you can get started right now and what excites me even more is that there are so many people who have so much knowledge out there that would be amazingly valuable on YouTube and they can do that now with inv video because I know in my my circle there are so many people who have impressive knowledge incredible Insight but that I've been holding back because most of the time they didn't have confidence or they were too shy to be in front of the camera but that's not an issue anymore they can now do that and I'm probably most excited for my friend Amir she's a doctor and she reached out to me recently saying that she has always wanted to start a YouTube channel because she has so much that she wants to share with people when it comes to maintaining their health but that she was too shy to be in front of the camera well now within video AI I am confident that she would be able to make beautiful and extremely valuable videos in the space of Health and Wellness without even having to step in front of the camera and if you're curious about how it works and how to do it step by step let me show you okay so in my case I'm just going to hit use but we can go ahead and create new here as well all you have to do is give in video AI a very clear detailed Pro prompt of what kind of video you want it to make and because now we have a voice that I've uploaded I need to tell it that I wanted to use my particular voice so let's say um create a video about let's see something that I have no idea about um 3D printed homes okay uh create a video about um building a 3D printed home with a step by step process walk through use Lara's voice and make it 3 minutes long ready for YouTube make sure to include benefits for building a 3D printed ho

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