Top 10 Micro Jobs Websites| To Earn $70+ DAILY| Make Money Online (2023)

and up to $100 with this 10 Micro job websites in this video I'll be sharing with you 10 platforms where you can make good money online by performing different tasks these are high paying micro jobs websites that are available worldwide where you can do different tasks such as writing content content translation content annotations submitting photos and many more different tasks that you will find in these platforms if you are new here welcome to the channel thank you so much for joining us my name is Queen Mago Mani I information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel without wasting any more time let's get right into the video all right guys so the first platform is going to pay you for Content so I'm going to take you through it and show you what to expect it's called great content as you can see here on the platform they say great content provides a wide range of content services from ideation to delivery so that's what it's all about but for you to get paid in this platform you will do the following simply come to the platform and select where it says for creators over here you will land on this page where they will explain everything that you need to know to end in this platform here they offer different services such as copywriting copy editing proof reading translations trans Creations post editing and so on so these are the different types of task that you will be paid for select start now you'll fill in your first name last name email address create a password and here's the most important part you want to make sure that you Reg here as a freelance linguist agree to their terms and conditions take it from there by filling in your profile information and whatever will be required of you to get started although this is a great platform to make money by doing all those content jobs it's important to know that jobs are not always available but it is a great platform for when there is a role that meets your profile and your geolocation the next platform is an incredible one and it promises to pay you anywhere from $2,000 all the way up to $7,000 a month just by using the skills that you have here you connect with different people who have different kinds of problems they ask questions you answer and you get paid for that the platform is called just answer it is this website that I'm looking at here on my screen I'm on the expert page as you can see here they say you earn an average of $2,000 to $7,000 a month set your own hours and work any time anywhere this is an incredible platform with an easy to sign up process you simply come to this sign up form over here and select your specialty you fill in your name your last name your email address you can then fill in your phone number based on your country over here you allow just answer to send you text messages and information follow through with all the processes and of course you can work using your mobile phone or your desktop computer the next micro job website is going to pay you for text based type of jobs and its name is text Master it's the platform that I'm looking at here on my screen you'll see here they specialize in translation services content writing proof reading services and these are the type of Micro jobs that you will be paid for to get started here you'll create an account by selecting the create an account tab over here it's very important that as you register you select that you are a translator or copywriter you then enter your email password last name and select this recapture tool agree to join the text Master platform and take it from there sign up create a profile and look out for different Tex jobs within the platform next platform is going to pay you to write content this is where different organizations very reputable companies worldwide hire content writers it is called writer access and it's available widely it is a simple sign up process now I'm on their website you will see here they say hire writers with content intelligence to get started here you'll come to the left on their homepage and select this tab here where they say are you a freelancer sign up here and it's going to lead you to this page where you can sign up using your LinkedIn profile so what you need to do to get started you simply select this sign in with LinkedIn tab connect your LinkedIn account and start the process of signing up whenever their opportunities available you will get notifications on your email you can also go to their LinkedIn profile and find out more information about their exclusive Network next platform is a dynamic freelance platform where you can make a lot of money both both as a freelancer and seller in other words you can sell your services here or you can simply come and find people who are looking for services and render those services and make money doing different kinds of micro jobs in the platform and it is none other than FIV by now you probably know about fivera but the exciting thing is there are so many opportunities with fivera as it is widely used by individuals and companies are like to find services or people to do micro jobs for them I'm on their homepage and I'm just going to to show you some of the popular services that you can offer or that you can participate in in the Fiverr platform you'll see here that people and companies do require AI artist or AI type of Services logo design WordPress website design voice over artist video explainer artist social media Services SEO illustrations translations data entry book cover designs and so much more the most exciting thing about Fiverr is you can also start your own business by offering your skills as a seller simply come to the homepage here and select become a seller in other words you don't have to go micro job hunting in the platform you let companies and individual who are looking for services that you're offering come to you doing micro jobs on fiva gives you a sense of flexibility and freedom you can choose the type of projects that you can take when you take them and how you get to do them another thing is you get to be in communication with your clients you can build relationship ships how you get paid can also be negotiated as you are in direct contact with the people who are hiring you for different micro jobs next one on this list is a growing micro job platform that allows you to work as a freelancer if you get different jobs here and you deliver good quality content you are rated and thus increase your chances of getting more and more micro jobs within the platform it is called Sprout gigs here's an example of a gig that someone is offering I will create a $500 do follow up back links today offers and they charge a15 they are rated here as 4.8 stars and they have 255 reviews so when you're working with this type of platform it's important that you deliver great quality work because you will be rated yes another offer they say I will make an Google ad Revenue re

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