The 7 BEST Online Business Ideas 2024 (HOW TO START NOW)

if you're looking for someone or a company that will hand over $500 to you without doing anything for them in return then this video is not for you but just before you click out of this video it is important to note that you won't ever find such an amount of money for free in this world if you're not offering a service in return one thing I know is that if you clicked on this video chances are you're tired of being broke not having enough money and would like to start something for yourself no matter how lead to you and that is why I am hoping by the end of this video I can Inspire at least one person to start their own business outside hle in 2024 now in this video I'm going to cover seven side H and business ideas that will generate extra income for you in 2024 especially if you're a beginner if you're starting out from scratch or if you don't have enough Capital to start up but before we go into that I need you to know that starting a business or a side also with zero to little Capital takes time it takes effort and it takes lot of patience in fact it could take a toll on you mentally if you're not careful however with determination at work and smart decision making you can easily achieve whatever you want to as long as you put your mind to it you also need to know that this isn't some sort of get rich quick scheme okay so if you're not looking for legit ways to make money online then this video is not for you and you might as well just click out all right so first things first let's talk about how to make money from your business or from your side also which I think is highly important because it helps you stay on track and helps you focus on things that are important rather than necessary okay so basically as a general rule of thumb to make money you need to provide value and this could come in as rendering a service now there are tons of services that could be rendered and like I would always say all you need to do is look around you look at your immediate community and see what they lack or what they already have that could be improved service is relative and it is going to vary from person to person depending on the kind of friends and families they keep so say for example if I live with content creators or I just know a bunch of them and even though I do not have interest in being one I could easily learn how to edit videos or design thumbnails or I could even be a script writer and then then I can offer to start editing their videos and writing out their script on their behalf that way I make money and I eat of their workload okay so based on my experience I think creators generally are always willing to hire an extra and as long as the person understands their workflow so why not just be the person to fill in the Gap the most interesting part is that you can easily learn editing designing and script writing of YouTube which I think is pretty amazing because you can also learn all of those things for free in essence what I'm trying to say is that some side OES are currently in demand and some of them include video editing script writing and thumbnail designing which I'm going to talk about later on in this video the next thing you should learn to do is to sell your services through social media trust me when I tell you that these as and will always be a big deal everyone out there is glow to their phone so should you this is one of the best and easiest way you can sell anything and any service in no time there is a lady who made over $30,000 in a month just by promoting our air care business on TiK ToK by herself without the use of any influencer without the use of any celebrities I have an identity crisis right now tell me what you are waiting for influencing is such a huge demand in the market right now and thousands of people are becoming and transforming in into influencers daily without any prior knowledge of it the fun part is they are also learning on the job so no one give them and out in one of my videos I talked about how much three of my friends are making just by being influencers and how it has changed their life in general if you're interested you can click the card above or use the link in the description box if you want to Lear out to be an influencer and how much you can actually make all you actually need to start is a phone and a little bit of free time to learn things that would guide you and make that PA easily commutable which leads me to the third step which is to utilize free resources that comes your way now you always want to make sure you continue to build your skills and since you do not have a lot of capital you should take advantage of free resources such as free courses free workshops or just by watching videos on YouTube like I said some of the other free apps and websites you can get resources from include skillshare Udi Cera and alinin you can simply just sign up for their free trial option to get started after exhausting that free trial you can register again with a different email to access those courses it's actually not a good thing to do but I mean there is no arm since you cannot afford any of these courses right another important step is to partner with others you should consider partnership with compliment services that will both push your business a little higher which is a win-win situation for you both and good example would be a hairdresser partnering with a makeup artist that way we can see the hair and the makeup without one out shining the other you also want to leverage on your personal and professional Network surround yourself with supportive people including family friends mentors and even advisors so that they can always provide you with advice and encouragement lastly you want to keep your expenses very low one your way to make more money is by minimizing expenses as much as you can can I mean you can't be broke and be able to afford all the luxuries of the world at the same time just learn to cut your code according to your size now that we are aware of all of these steps let's talk about and small business ideas oride also that you can start in 2024 with little to no Capital the first one is freelance Services I personally really like this one because you can offer your skill to anyone online without leaveing a comfort of your home whether it is writing graphic design social media management or web development all you have to do is learn the acquired skills as fast as you can build your portfolio and reach out to people who are interested in your service now before you go ahead spamming people emails make sure to have built your portfolio to the stage where the recipient of your email would be impressed and even though they may already have someone they are working with they would at least be able to refer you to someone else or have you stored within them somewhere for later use the second one is to be a virtual assistant and trust me when I tell you that this is arguably one of the fastest and easies

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