*THIS METHOD* = $1535.40+ Per Day (Affiliate Marketing 2024)

so thanks to a selection of trending blockbuster movies around the world I've managed to pull in well over $1,500 in just 24 hours using this brand new affiliate marketing strategy but before we continue I just want to show you guys my live stats here for full transparency and you can see this is the amount I've generated in the last 24 hours just to show you guys that this is not a screenshot or anything like that and in today's video I'm going to show you how to Hydra all of the traffic that's coming from these top grossing and trending movies and most importantly I'm going to show you a free traffic source that gets a whopping 138 million monthly visits and which we can capitalize on and turn the hype around all of these movies into affiliate commissions this is actually a very interesed method I put together in the last couple days is working very well and generating a lot of income online for me and today I want to give you this whole blueprint this whole formula so you can duplicate the success that I'm having but in order to do this you need to stay all the way to the end of this video don't just think you're going to watch the start of this video and get all the game no you need to watch the entire thing so you can see exactly how it works so by the time you get to the end you have all the tools you have all the information to go out there and make this work for yourself okay so let's get started right here the very first thing you need to do is head over to IMDb and that's over at imdb.com this is the world's most popular and comprehensive database for Hollywood movies that are being released on a monthly basis and it's going to show us the top trending and the top grosser movies all around the world but specifically what we want to do right here is go up to the menu section and we want to click on the release calendar right this is going to show us the upand cominging movies that are going to be released within the next few days or in the following months and what you want to do right here at the top is change it from whichever country it's automatically set to it's usually going to be in the country that you're located and let simply change it to United States right and the date that I'm actually recording this video is on the 16th so you can see a new movie has been released today and as I scroll down you can see September 18th and I actually saw Expendables free recently so this is one I actually might check out myself another one that's coming out on September the 22nd is called it's lived inside you know you got stop making sense right here you might be thinking at this point Dre why are you showing me this I clicked on this video to make money and you're showing me like movies are coming out now that's very simple what we're going to do right here with this affiliate marketing strategy as I stated in the beginning is that we're going to use all the hype all the virality around these new movies that people are looking up on you know Google cuz there's probably like hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that are movie lovers are actively searching on Google to find out you know how they can watch these movies and you know when they're coming out so there's a lot of traffic there's a lot of attention to these films and we're basically going to hijack this traffic and direct these people over to a software which I'm going to show you in a second that they're going to sign up to and whenever we get those people to sign up to this particular software SL website this company is going to pay us an affiliate commission and one of the best things that I like about this traffic is that you're not just going out there you're not trying to sell to no one you're not being you know overly saly these people are going to basically come to you because they're actively searching online so this is one of the best ways to make money online especially with affiliate marketing when you have hot traffic of people that actually want to buy your product and for those of you who still don't quite understand don't worry let me show you an example right now as you can see the name of this article is called top 10 films to watch with a VPN and as we scroll down through here you can see they've listed a lot of popular movies that people can watch using a VPN because you have to remember you know Netflix and other you know streaming services don't offer the same movies to everyone around the world so a lot of people need to use vpns in order to watch particular films right so as we scroll down right here you can see the different movies that this article is referring people to and I want you guys to pay very close attention here this is how you're going to be able to monetize and this is how this particular person is monetizing this article you can see right here where it says VPN and it's underline they've got it a few times in this article so they have it at the bottom of the article and they also have it at the top of the article also and whenever we click over onto this VPN Watch What Happens you can see boom just like that this has taking us over to a VPN service and whenever someone clicks on this link after they read the article the person that has created the article will get paid out a commission right and this is exactly how you're going to make money with this Meer today and I'm going to show you a even better VPN service that's paying out even more than surf shock so make sure you guys stay tuned right now smash the like button if you understand this and comment make sense if this is all making sense for you and you believe that you know this is simple that this is something that you can do to make money online just Comming makes sense down below so I know that will all on the same page with that being said let's go ahead and jump into the next step so I can show you guys the potential of this and how much money you can make promoting these different VPN Services utilizing the hype of these new movies all right so now that you guys know how this works and you know that this is a guaranteed way to make money online without having to show your face online spend any money on paid ads or record your voice then we can now move into the step number two of this video and what you need to do from here is head over to nordvpn now briefly just before we move into the steps and I'll show you guys how to get accepted into this affiliate program firstly I'm going to show you this page right here that explains what a VPN is so if we look at this statement right here you can see that VPN stands for virtual private Network this is a service that protects your internet connection and privacy online so in simple terms this is just a service that protects you when you're surfing the internet so you don't get your identity stolen or your computer hacked while you're surfing in the browser hope that all makes sense to you guys what I'm going to do is leave a link down in the descrip

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