Get FREE MONEY Without Doing Anything | 3 WEBSITES that will give you Money

in this video I'm going to be sharing with you four websites where the reach and kind people donate their money without knowing you or you asking them for money directly this could either be to fund your lifestyle Medical Aid disaster relief education or anything else the list is endless now before we go right into the video I'll advise you to watch up until the very end because the uses of all the websites vary and number four is actually my absolute favorite so make sure you watch up until the very end so for context please know that the first step to actually being funded by any of those website is to be truthful and transparent as much as possible you should also know that there are several measures in place that will dictate if you are lying or if you are just trying to scam the system so please be careful of that now if this is something you're interested in sit back and keep on watching hey love what's up and welcome welcome back to the channel my name is adish shami and I'm a content creator based in Nigeria please not forget to subscribe to this Channel and do not also forget to give this video a huge thumbs up especially if you found this video helpful all right so the first one here on my list is called fund my travel and yes you had me correctly fund my travel there are literally people out there that are willing to raise funds for your traveling expenses so if you want to travel for leisure for work to study or even for emergencies you can start your own fundraising campaign on the website and you will get funded by people please also bear reminder you need to be as transparent as possible in order to get funded by people as you can see here are some of the featured campaigns and people are asking for money for different things this person here is asking for travel money he shared his travel story and he has received 24% of his goal amount here is another person she wants to Showcase her first Art Gallery in New York she shared her story and has also be funded anonymously some other people have also donated to help school children in Tanzania and it goes on and on and on you have to do is to start your own fundraising campaign share your story and be sure to get funded by people as long as they find your story true so the second one here on my list is called India goo I'm not sure if that is the right pronunciation but as you can see here on my screen it's called IND the goo and this one is mainly for entrepreneurs and creatives that want to bring their Innovation and creativity to life but cannot afford to do so you can see here are some of the popular project that have been crowdfunded and most of them have been completed so to get crowdfunded for an idea you have in mind or in your head all you have to do is click on the start campaign button right here and select if you want to pre-launch or you just want to raise funds for your idea immediately so I think this one is actually a very good one if you're a creative and you want to start a business you have an idea in your head but you definitely or you obviously don't have the money to start you can come on to India Google fill out your details and you know you have to be truthful so that people will trust that okay if we giving this person this money this person is definitely going to be using this money for what he or she said he is going to be using the money for I hope that sense yeah the third one here on my list is called beg list as you can see it is really straightforward it means you're literally begging somebody for something it cater especially for people that are facing hard times and are struggling to meet basic needs okay so if you're struggling to meet basic needs or you're having a a hard time all you have to do is go on to this website called P list on this website people can request donation online for Essentials like food shelter education clothing and many other thing that they really cannot afford to get by themselves one thing I want you to know about this particular website is that it is not always accessible because there are a lot of people that are trying to access this website at the same time and there's usually a long list of people requesting financial aid so if whenever you want to check it it's not accessible to you all you have to do is go back and see if it's going to be accessible to you you're welcome if you watch up until this point please not forget to give this video a thumbs up I want to believe you're getting value from this video so please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're not yet to do so lastly the fourth one here on my list is called just given and this one is my absolute favorite trust me I actually really like this one because it is a global website that focuses on charitable giving you can seek support for a diverse range of need from earthquake relief to personal events disabled people flood situations and many more as you can see here most of your Target have been completed now if you want to do something incredible today say you want to help someone or you hear that somebody somewhere is having an issue or maybe their their house caught fire they don't have insurance or any any natural disaster could actually happen to anybody and if they are close to you and you know for a fact that they cannot afford it all you have to do is come on to just given register and you know basically just click on this start fundraising right here but one thing I also want you to remember to do is to be honest and transparent because remember if you're getting money for free then you don't want to scam people people are literally giving you money without even knowing you so you don't want to block that channel for other other people because if they get to realize that oh people are coming here to ask for money that they donate people won't donate money anonymously again so please be your brother's keeper okay you're [Music] welcome [Music] now we've come to the end of this video I've shared with you four websites you can get free money where people donate money anonymously without even knowing you without knowing where you come from without knowing anything about you at all they donate money anonymously you won't be able to contact them and most likely they won't be able to contact you I hope this one helps you right in thank you very much stay safe stay fabulous and I'm going to see you in my next one bye [Music] guys

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