Make Money Online with this Free Google Digital Marketing Certificate ($60,000+ / Year)

guess what something that you do every single day could be your key to a salary or income of over $60,000 a year and it's all backed up by Google are you surprised well you shouldn't be because the tech giant itself has designed a free course that together with the skills that you already have will set you up to be the ideal candidate for one of the over 860,000 high demand jobs available right now we're talking about a skill that is in high demand and a course that is absolutely free so are you ready to discover how you can jump into this opportunity and start earning big well then stick around till the end because in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to master some of the most in demand Google tools and trainings out there so that you can start working from home and you're going to be able to do this no matter where you live completely for free and you're going to be able to learn this through e-learning courses that have been developed by Google product experts so this is literally like I'm going to give you a plot of land in one of the most fertile Orchards that was ever discovered and you get to have your own tree that makes golden apples literally and there's a free manual that teaches you all about it I mean that is literally the situation and that is because digital marketing is such a vast area of expertise it's like each tree is very unique you can do SEO you can do social media you can do so content creation or anal ICS and the list goes on and on and on and then you're probably wondering okay so why is this opportunity so important and why should I even consider it look if we look at the numbers according to Google Trends the interest in digital marketing has been skyrocketing over the last few years so as you can tell it is not just a trend it's super solid upward trajectory it is absolutely a booming industry that you want to get into and it's not just about the interest there is a real tangible demand in the job market because sites like LinkedIn and glassor are boasting with a lot of opportunities and positions in digital marketing type jobs so over 860,000 positions are open as we speak and even more than that the demand for skilled people in digital marketing is growing faster than the supply which is absolutely crazy because uh we've seen that digital Market marting skills are showing a skill Gap and what that means is that despite the super high demand and uh the amount of times that businesses need to hire people skilled in digital marketing they cannot find enough qualified digital marketers to meet the needs of those businesses today so this Gap this um unharvested opportunity in our digital marketing Orchard metaphor represents an incredible opportunity for anyone that is ready ready to learn so basically because this skill in is in such high demand you don't need any fancy degree in marketing to get started and you don't need to worry about getting a job because as I said there's 860,000 job openings and just some probably half of them have filled up yet and with so many jobs available and not enough professionals to fill them now is the perfect time to get started so now let's talk about how you can do that look there is lots of roles that you can work in as a digital marketer and I will explain the most sought-after ones in just a moment but first let's talk about where you can learn this type of skill and how you can add to your already existing knowledge of digital marketing because it's really important to have the fundamentals first before you choose to specialize so you want to get started very easy because it is that easy and all you need to do is take a free course from Google to learn the fundamentals so let me share my screen and walk you through everything you need to know so all you want to do is go to skill shop. exceed and don't worry you don't need to remember the link everything is going to be in the description box down below so when you come here you want to search for fundamentals of digital marketing this is the course that you want to consider and that is for free as you can see it talks about taking a business online and it gives you learning about digital opportunities and the first steps for an online business and building web presence or planning the business strategy for an online business but then it also goes into uh how to make it easy for people to find a business on the web so it talks about getting discovered with search and making search work for a business um how to use search ads for example and how to improve the performance of search campaigns it also talks about local businesses and how they can get found and how they can get better traffic and how they can get noticed through social media how to make that work in Mobile and how to discover the POS possibilities that exist out there and then it talks about using advertising so advertising on other websites Deep dive into display advertising using video using email another section talks about analytics and web traffic and understanding analytics what makes them successful and how to turn data into insights there's another one that talks about selling and online shops and how to sell online and and then how to expand a business internationally so there are over 40 hours of content that Google are offering completely for free and at the end as you go through all of these trainings that you can see some are 25 minutes some are 35 minutes this one is 1.2 hours some of them are a little bit longer but most of them are between 25 to 30 minutes long so you can plan your learning however you prefer my recommendation would be to go at it as quickly as possible so you can go through all the content and get all the learning as fast as you can once you're done with that then all you need to do is go and take your final assessment and once you have passed your assessment you will receive a certificate that demonstrates that you have completed this training so as you can see learning here is really fun and very easy to master the basics of digital marketing there is 26 modules and the courses as I said are created by Google train ERS and they're really not complex at all it says that you should be able to go through them in 40 hours as I mentioned but you're probably going to be able to do that faster the learning is designed to be super interactive and apart from listening to professionals that are teaching you you will also be able to complete very practical exercises and use real world examples that are going to help you uh really understand the knowledge that is being taught to you and as I said once you complete this course you will get the word badge that you can then showcase on your LinkedIn profile or maybe on your upwork profile if you have one so next is really important that you understand the key Specialties within digital marketing industry that you can think of so first let's talk about email marketing you're probably thinking that anyo

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