I Made $2,300 The First Day – Simple Method Exposed!

here is a screenshot where I made over twenty three hundred dollars the first day this method went live and it was funny because it didn't take a whole lot of work I wasn't super smart I only invested about nine dollars to set this up and it just kept making money day after day month after month even when I wasn't working So today we're gonna do something a little different we're going to take a look at some of the top website examples from affiliate marketers that are making huge money I'm not talking a hundred dollars a day or two hundred dollars a day I'm talking people that are making upwards of a million dollars a month or more because I believe that if we can take a look at these examples and see what's working then we could find out exactly what's going to work for us because let's face it every success story can be reverse engineered and that's exactly how I've started all of my businesses by looking at something that's actually working finding a different way to do it setting it up and putting money in my pocket there we go but first a little story back when I first started this method it was around 2003. I was renting an apartment for my family and I rented one down the street about a hundred yards away for my work and I'd go there every day and work and sometimes I would have friends over and we would work and we came across this strategy where we could buy something and utilize it in a way that it would make money basically the next day so we were excited I stay up all night I'd work on these things and then we'd wake up at the crack of dawn after giving only like two hours of sleep and all of a sudden we check our bank accounts and be like wait a minute is this even real because it didn't feel real at that time I was only 23 years old I had two kids a wife mouths to feed and all of a sudden this thing just starts piling money into my bank account I remember one time I asked my dad for a loan on a car and I paid it back before his money even hit my account that that's how much money this made and that's how fast it was so there I was staying up all night building these little simple websites that got ranked on Google pretty much instantly and at that time I think my best day was about three hundred dollars but one day it's something amazing happened something that I wouldn't even believed if you told me it happened to you and that was when one of my websites ranked overnight for a keyword related to dental insurance that's right when people went to Google and looked up something related to dental insurance my website popped up and you might be thinking well Marcus I've heard all about these search engine rankings but how do they actually make money well if you understand the mechanics behind them which I'm going to show you in this training you're going to start to see how that works because back then I didn't even know what I was doing now the same search engine rankings I got back then make way more money because I know how to monetize them properly and let's face it back when I was a kid we had these giant books and they were dominating the industry and companies would pay thousands and thousands of dollars to be shown in these books and that is exactly what Google is today only they're paying a lot more and they're not paying for an ad they're paying for clicks to their websites and some of these people in the dental insurance field are paying upwards of 10 15 20 sometimes even forty dollars for one click to their website and today what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how simple this is how it works tons of site examples you can glean from plus a secret method that I use to find niches that are actually working I mean imagine if at any time you could go out there and find profitable sites reverse engineer them and make your own profitable sites yep that's what this training is about so get ready smash the like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to do is we're going to go through a list of top affiliate marketing websites we're talking about websites that are making lots and lots of money including some that I actually did case studies on which you'll find in the description uh the honey app was one that got sold for like four billion dollars we're gonna talk about another one that was sold for over 104 million dollars and we're gonna see some very very interesting things here inside the affiliate marketing industry that a lot of other people aren't talking about that can really help you get the results that you want so forget about what all the gurus say forget about what I say and let's just open this up and look at data and you can figure out what you think about this data based on what I'm showing you because it doesn't matter who you listen to it matters what the actual data says and I don't care whether you buy something from me or whatever it is it doesn't really matter to me what matters is that you pay close attention because what you're about to learn has changed the lives of so many people that it's it's not even funny I mean this is something that is literally crazy so we're going to go through and we're going to take a look at this and understand exactly what's going on now before I prepared for this training I actually went out there and found over 300 different websites that are making lots of money as affiliate marketers so when you hear the gurus talk about affiliate marketing I don't want you to throw the baby out with the bath water I want you to look at these and understand that hey wait a minute even though someone might be touting weird numbers that don't make sense these are people that are actually making money and what I'm going to do today is show you some of these sites and show you how to reverse engineer them and show you how to use this concept to make money because a lot of you guys remember and if you do type it in the in the comments below how many of you guys remember the old yellow pages right we would go and try to find so I'm gonna be like hey our you know faucet broke we need to go and find a plumber here or maybe this guy you know is going to help us with our floors and I've actually become an avid collector of these because this is kind of where the advertising industry started and here's one I found from uh tooth this one was from 1902 and cost me a small fortune to get some of these this one was from the 1800s and what we would see is that you know you would have businesses and ads run in these old phone books now this is kind of interesting because this is where the market started this is where the industry started before the internet we had all this stuff where you know you would go and look this stuff up now we have websites and we have information and the engagement with the Internet is so much different than the engagement with a phone book because now I'm able to ask questions and that's what we're going to look at and

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