How Some People Make Money With Videos

this is too good to be true but it's true we have phones we have internet and we have this information number three is so easy I almost can't believe that is possible but number four number four Takes the Cake cuz the amount of money that can be made is kind of endless so they'll basically pay you thousands of dollars and you don't need inventory you don't need a camera gear all you need is you have been asking me to make this video since I created this channel I've been seeing all the comments talking about Vanessa make a video with a side hustle that doesn't require me to have a presence on social media make a video with a side hustle that doesn't require me to go back to school to get new skills and girl up until this point that has been a really hard thing to do because Integrity is very important to me and I don't want to share anything with you that's not real or that I cannot stand behind I'm only sharing things that I know are credible legal and possible for you to do but last week my team and I sat down for hours looking for an answer to your request and I'm happy to let you know that we have found a tool girl and the tool is basically a credible website and app and the powerful thing about it is that there are multiple side hustles that you can start today from home with your phone or your laptop and start getting to the bag with this one tool so if you've been searching the best side hustle ideas for women how to make money online or how to make money from home then girl this is the video for you in today's video I'm not just going to share for side hustles with you I'm going to show you how to start so you can take action from your phone after watching this video and before you clock out of work today you should have a clear path to start generating income and I'm pretty sure thousands of women will be set free because of all four ideas I'm going to share in this video and when we get to Point number four you're going to be complet completely mind blown by how easy this is how accessible it is and just how much money can be made because we now have the internet and AI making this kind of money is possible from home so if this is the kind of content that you enjoy then please go ahead and hit the like button and let's get into it girl number one if you've been on these side hustle streets for even 10 minutes then you already know about upwork and Fiverr but girl you are worth a lot more than that and more importantly you watch this channel so you know better there's a platform called Guru which a lot of business owners and companies go on to to look for talent for example look at this a video editor could earn up to $1,000 per gig on Guru and you're probably thinking but Vanessa I'm not a video editor yes I know and that's why I'm so pumped about this tool that my team and I found it is called invidio doio and and girl it's about to change the game for those of us who want to earn independent income AI is changing everything and when Julie the exact person on my team who found this tool showed me I was like girl this is not possible she was like ma'am let me show you and girl let me show you it literally turns words in the form of text into a video you basically type out what you want to see so for example if a client tells you that they want a motivational video for women to inspire them to live out their wildest dreams as professionals as business owners as mothers and you wanted to show women at home women at work women getting to the bag all you have to do is type it out in the text box like this pick the voice you want pick the accent and boom it spits out the video in minutes I mean look at this Unleash Your Potential ladies from boardrooms to businesses from playgrounds to profit margins every arena is yours to conquer Embrace ambition break barriers make your mark that was not magic I didn't have to learn how to create videos to come up with that that is literally how powerful this tool is I mean check this out if it creates a video for you and you don't even love it in video actually lets you edit the video without actually editing the video like you literally could edit media so change the videos and the pictures that show up in your video or you could edit script by simply just typing something slightly different or completely different or you could even use the edit command box when you make a video you're not stuck with the video that you create so if you become a freelancer on Guru for example and your client asks you for a change all you have to do is pop into in video and type what you want to change using edit media edit script or the edit command box and just like that you would have a brand new video I don't want anyone sending me DMS asking me if I said n video. i or if I said EV video it's inid video and I'm going to link it down in the description box and also in the comment section the tool is completely free to try out but if you're serious about video creation and you want to start a side hustle that could potentially make over $1,000 a day then you can simply upgrade to the paid plan which is just $20 a month for something as powerful as this AI is just changing everything so if I were you I would run down to the description box and start trying in video for free number two girl look at how much money ad producers make and while a few people are still scared thinking oh my gosh like AI is taking our jobs the smart women like you watching this channel know that we're supposed to be working with technology not being afraid of Technology taking our jobs I mean if you're a fashion girly do you remember in 2020 when hanifa I'm not really sure if it's called hanifa or anifa but when it came out and it broke the internet because of this clip girl that is AI so you can start making ads with inv video there is no excuse to be broke this year we have phones we have internet and we have this information we are getting to the bag number three I'm having a hard time between picking which one's my favorite number three or number four number three is so easy I almost can't believe that it's possible but number four number four Takes the Cake cuz the amount of money that can be made is kind of endless so I think number four is still going to be my favorite but number three comes really close because number three is theme pages and you're probably like Vanessa what is a theme page like you keep bringing up all these things that I've never heard of girl don't worry about it I'mma break it down in a way that's popping just relax calm down girl you've probably heard about shade room it's a theme page girl boss is also a theme page every stylish girl is a theme page for my home country girlies bellan is also a theme page so what's a theme page it's basically a page on on Instagram or Tik Tok that doesn't require you to put your face or any content that you even make out there it's all centered around a theme you can have a hair theme page you could hav

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