I Read 62 Books on Money – Here’s What I Learned

every book holds a secret in a world obsessed with quick fixes and instant gratification some books still hold wealth secrets that are hiding in plain sight some might tell you that if you want to become rich you have to spend years building every skill on Earth and you have to read 857 books on money and then test everything to find the legit ones that actually work but here's the secret that no one's telling you it's not about reading every word it's about extracting the goal the idea that leads to the action that leads to the money because books they're not the end goals they're not the trophies they are the tools to wealth wellth it comes so much easier once you discover these lessons and some of them they'll shock you so in this video I want to give you a shortcut a shortcut that gives you the power to know exactly what you need to do without having to spend hours reading but before we go any further I would like to thank short form an app that I have been using since 201 19 and with whom I'm very excited to be able to partner today but more on them later so the first category of books that I recommend you study and you extract the gold nuggets from starts with this one in a world where the slow grind to success is often celebrated where The Narrative of work hard save and retire is preached as gospel there is a blueprint a radical departure from the norm I would believe that promises not just wealth it promises wealth on your terms imagine a path where the journey to Prosperity isn't a marathon but a Sprint what if I told you that the traditional road map to riches the one that asks you to sacrifice the best years of your life in hopes of a comfortable retirement is only one lane on the highway to wealth yes this is the millionaire fast lane by MJ DeMarco and in my opinion it's not just another getrich quick scheme it's a paradigm shift because wealth is not just about money it's about time the true fast L to riches is about leveraging opportunities and scaling businesses and creating value at an exponential rate so that you don't have to wait until your Twilight years to enjoy your fortune so for those of you hungry for more here's your immediate action step identify one income stream no matter how small it could be a side hustle an investment or even a hobby that you can monetize and you've got plenty of ideas on my channel start building on that today because the fast lane isn't just about speed it's about Direction and the time to shift gears and accelerate your journey to wealth starts now and if you're Keen to Deep dive even further here's three more books on the same topic the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris this one talks about escaping the N9 to-5 grind by automating and Outsourcing tasks Ferris introduces the concept of mini retirements which I thought was completely mind-blowing when I first read it and it emphasizes the value of time and freedom over the traditional approach to retirement it's a book that encourages readers to design their life in a way that allows them to enjoy their wealth and their time right now rather than wait for the distant retirement the second one rich that Port that by Robert Kiyosaki it's a classic I absolutely recommend you dive straight in it talks about financial education as the key to wealth because Kiyosaki contrasts the mindset and financial philosophies of his Rich Dad and those of his Poor Dad highlighting the importance of assets and passive income and entrepreneurial Ventures over traditional employment it's a book that challenges conventional belief about work money and life in general and the third one is crush it why now is the time to cash in on your passion by Gary ve Gary vaynerchuck again another classic because in the age of internet and social media there has never been a better time to turn passions into profits and this book emphasizes the importance of building a personal brand and leveraging online platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube to create opportunities and build wealth and Gary ve encourages readers to hustle which is debatable but also to be authentic and capitalize on what you love doing by the way if you found this valuable smash that like button and share this with anyone who you think think would like to make more money the second category of books talks about managing money because in a world where Financial Freedom feels like a distant dream for many it feels like a game that is impossible to master there is a manuscript a Beacon of Hope that has decoded the Enigma of wealth I mean imagine possessing the collective wisdom of the world's Financial Titans a road map that was crafted from the strategies of those who've not only amassed fortunes for themselves but also have unlocked the secrets to making money work for them yes this isn't just another Financial self-help book it's a master class a deep dive into the very psyche of wealth creation and preservation it's money Master the game by none other than the master of Peak Performance himself Tony Robbins I love Tony and here it's not just the title that is a game changer it's the profound lesson within because at its core this book teaches us that financial success isn't just about earning more but understanding and optimizing where every penny goes it's about becoming the master of your money and not servant so if you're looking for an immediate call to action here is my suggestion take a hard look at where your money is going right now and identify at least one expense no matter how small it is that isn't serving your financial goals and redirect that money into an investment even if it's a modest one but start today because mastering the game of money begins with a single deliberate move and here I would like to take a moment and thank our sponsor for today's video short form because they gave me access to this book and many others and short form is in my opinion the best way that you can have access to incredibly valuable ideas across thousands of books that you don't need to spend the time and the money to read so short form if you don't know is a service that creates incredibly powerful summaries of all of the most important books that you probably always wanted to go through and explore they have so many incredible books across lots of genres from motivation to business from entrepreneurship to career and success success from money and finance to Parenting from psychology to entertainment so lots and lots of choice and I promise you you will thank me if you consider short form I've been using them for so many years as I mentioned at the beginning and I still find it so helpful to be able to go back to a book that I've read and read through the summary so I can remember some of the most important nuggets that I uncovered in that book and this way I will be able to take action a lot faster Master without having to reread the whole book again so consider short form they've been so kind to give you guys a 20% discount so if you want t

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