The TRUTH About Tabitha Brown’s Sudden Wealth (Number #4 will shock you!)

it's a strategy that almost everyone you know was found success online has done like if that's not a genius move I don't know what is and the fourth and most important principle the one that you do not want to miss is hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello I'm Vanessa and on this channel we talk all things earning more and Building Wealth and today we are continuing the New Wealth Series where I talk about making money on the internet specifically covering my favorite internet money paths and my favorite internet money people and today we are talking about none other than drumroll Miss tab if you love Miss tab let me know down in the comment section we cannot talk about successful people on the internet without talking about the wonderful the amazing Tabitha Brown she has written three best-selling books she has featured in two shows she has a hair care line she has a spice line she has a partnership with Target she has a clothing line she has a home goods line her list is remarkable and today we're going to be talking about how you two can build multiple streams of income here on these internet streets I've spent some time going through her profiles going through her journey I've read her books and I've learned a couple of things about her journey and how she's been able to layer up multiple streams of wealth and radically transform her life in just what three years now there's a lot to be learned from this tab just by even following her but I've been able to condense some of these lessons that I have learned and I am putting into my own life because girl girl I'm trying to get to the next internet back okay so if you are interested in making money online generating income from the things that you feel called to do then this video is for you in this video I'm gonna be sharing five principles that I have learned from Tabitha Brown's Journey and even though I believe all five of them could literally change your life if you miss everything else make sure you don't miss number four like make sure you stay for number four because that's also my secret weapon so if you like this kind of content and you want me to bring more internet money content alongside side hustle ideas passive income ideas and how to make money online then let me know by hitting the like button okay that's enough of an intro let's get into it the first principle is the principle of visibility now before Tick Tock came around in 2020 and changed a lot of people's lives tap the brown had been trying really hard to break into the entertainment industry she tried to break into Hollywood she moved to LA she did all the things but for Miss tab even though she didn't make it to the Limelight through traditional media and through Hollywood she didn't feel like she was too old or too grown to show up on Tick Tock that's the thing the talent was there the uniqueness was there the passion was there she just needed to be visible and some of us are blocking our own blessings because we're like um I don't want to be a YouTuber I don't want to be a tick tocker I don't wanna you're not those things those things are just vehicles to get you in front of people and then when you get in front of people you can show us What You're Made Of number two is the principle of positioning for most of us when we show up we show up throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall and we just try to see what sticks right if you scroll down to two years ago when I started this channel I was making videos about growing on social media mixed with side hustle ideas mixed with investing and all that good stuff but when I realized the kind of content that you wanted to see more of I doubled down on that kind of content and that's exactly what Miss tab did at the beginning of her journey as well as soon as she started going viral on Tick Tock the videos that were we're taking off were videos of her cooking vegan food right and what does she do she leaned in now we all know that she is so much more than someone who eats vegetables and mushrooms however because that is what Drew her first audience she's been able to lean into that and build on top of that she's partnered with YouTube for a show that has to do with vegetables for kids she wears avocado earrings her book even though it's about herself it's called feeding the soul there's so much intelligence and wisdom in the way she has decided to build her brand and that is something that can be applied to your brand too it's a strategy that almost everyone you know has found success online has done you put yourself out there see what people gravitate to you for the most and then you lean in if people are gravitating to you because of your content around motherhood lean into that if they're gravitating to you because of your content around your hair lean into that start out putting all your egg is on the line and see which one cracks and when you see which one cracks fry it number three is the principle of diversification one of the ways that Tabitha Brown has been able to diversify her sources of wealth is by branding and expanding so here's what she's been able to do wonderfully well the different parts of her life are not just randomly shown she actually builds Brands around every single thing she has something called very good Mondays because she says very good so very good is her slogan and then she turned it into a Monday show she started a show with her husband called Fridays with Tab and chance so now in your head you know there's this couple that I enjoy watching that shows up every single Friday then she introduced her hair to us with a name it's not just oh my hair Tabitha's afro she literally named her hair so her hair is Donna because we know Donna as a brand when she came out with Donna's recipe it was easy for for us to adopt it because recipe already aligns with her foundational Niche which is veganism and food and healthy living and healthy eating and now she's talking about Donna her hair so Donna's recipe makes a lot of sense and this is what sets Tabitha Brown apart from other lifestyle influencers she Brands before she expands recently she's been talking about her stomach as Abitha I don't know what's coming next but now we don't just see her stomach as a stomach it's Abitha like if that's not a genius move I don't know what is like she is not just full of wisdom and love and warmth and Southern goodness but she's also very intelligent as you can see from how these brands have all developed and the fourth and most important principle the one that you do not want to miss is the principle of authenticity from how she talks to her hair to what she believes in to her faith to how she navigates her family and her relationship UPS she is showing us what it looks like to be your unique self literally the things that make you you are the things that make you stand out if you have two accents and you can code switch like I can show us if it's your faith tha

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