Best Side Hustles for Women to START NOW (No Degree Needed!)

hi Anastasia here in this video I will show you my top recommended four S hassles that work best for the ladies all four can be done worldwide and none of them require a degree they are free to start so by the end of this video you can pick one and start making some good extra income and the first one is affiliate marketing in the fashion Niche which can be completely faceless do you think that to earn some serious income in the fashion Niche you have to show yourself in the photos and videos wearing different outfits kind of like this well I will prove you wrong here is an opposite example for you this Instagram account with 2.5 million followers does have a photo on the profile but that's pretty much it the actual posts don't show the owner of this profile there are just images of products grouped by a common theme these could be clothes that have similar colors or Styles or they could be products that have the same function what you will notice here is that all the posts direct users to click on the link in BIO and that link in turn is going to a page that shows the same images as on the Instagram account and they are then each linked to a post on ltk now ltk is an affiliate Network that allows you to create and track your affiliate links to different stores including Amazon Target Walmart and many many more when followers make purchases through these links the account owner earns affiliate commissions this kind of collage images with links can be posted on Instagram and Tik Tok but not only there you can repurpose the same content and share it on Pinterest for example the beauty of it on Pinterest is that you can link each pin image with a collage of products to a specific ltk post so it removes one extra step compared to the example of Instagram Linkin bio that I've shown you uh before so users get your affiliate cookie to their browser just by clicking on the Pinterest pin this is a Pinterest account with over 10 million monthly viewers and you will see that although she does have a website attached to this Pinterest account she still posts about half of her pins linked directly to her ltk posts like this too that have like it in the URL they're linked to her ltk posts when you click through this link on the image you will see the post with many products attached to it users can click on particular products and Shop them in this case we see joggers from nordstorm as I mentioned the best part is that the content can be faceless just collages of products and the second Advantage is that you can scale this business by Outsourcing a lot of of work when you start it you will likely do everything on your own but as these accounts don't depend on you showing yourself in the photos and videos it is easy to delegate some tasks to a vaa who could generate these images and posts for you and even better every image that you create can be published and reused on several platforms so this creator has a huge account with 10 plus million viewers on Pinterest like I showed you but she posts the same images on her Instagram account as well I have a very popular video on my Channel about affiliate marketing on Pinterest by the way so I will link it for you up there and in the description below check it out once we're done with the rest of the site hustles in this video now you can also use Facebook pages Facebook groups and other social media platforms to promote this affiliate links even with a small following you can start and grow your accounts over time some influencers earn monthly payments from Amazon in addition to affiliate commissions starting from scratch isn't a barrier many successful influencers begin with zero followers with the right strategies it's possible to grow your audience and even if you are short on funds to buy products for reviews some people buy items on Amazon then create content and then return them Amazon's return policy is very straightforward which makes this process feasible since you're promoting Amazon's products it's a win-win situation now if you found this video helpful so far give me a like subscribe for more videos like this and if you have any questions the best place to ask me is in the comments below so it is a viable sight hassle opportunity for women worth exploring and the next sight hassle is to create baseless YouTube channels imagine you found this video on YouTube about the richest families in the world a simple list of famous families with some photos and information anyone can find on Wikipedia whoever runs this channel doesn't even need to show their face on it they don't even need to record their own voice over I will show you in a few moments what they likely doing instead but this particular video has got 3.3 million views over the years wild right now let's say the person behind this channel makes about $10 with ads on YouTube for every th000 views and if you pick the right topics and talk about money for example your channel can get even higher Revenue per thousand views that one video alone could have brought in a whooping $33,000 and that's not even counting that most of the channels also add affiliate links in the description and some have brand deals and Integrations in the videos so that adds up to their Google AdSense in income there are tons of channels out there making serious money without ever showing a face actually creating videos without showing your face can be way easier to scale up and potentially more profitable because you can either Outsource a lot of work or even a better idea these days is to use technology and AI to drop the cost of running a channel like this a lot of work that previously was your job can be done by an AI tool and I can show you for example filora and its AI features here is how it works once you install filora and by the way it's available on Windows Mac IOS and Android and then you click here on AI text to video the first thing you can do is generate the script of the video with an integrated AI text feature just give filora the video topic as a prompt I'll ask it to make a video about the best places to visit in Italy and here is our our video script the results are pretty good next we can click here on the text video button and it will start generating the video from the script then modify the settings text language I will need English video ratio I will keep it at 16 by9 and I can pick one of the video voices click the text to video button and start the process once the process is finished fil Mor's editing window appears and the video is automatically added to the timeline and displayed on the preview screen we can play the video so you can get an idea of what has been generated in a few moments for me to make your trip planning easier I present to you the best places to visit in Italy start your Italian Adventure in Rome where Ancient Wonders such as the Coliseum and the Roman Forum await from there of course you can improve this video and here I would suggest using AI co-pilot

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