4 DFY Online Businesses Literally ANYONE Can Do ($75k/year)

if you are looking to build a business online that allows you to completely leave your job and be your own boss in the next three to six months this video is a must watch for you i'm going to show you some very unique business models that i highly doubt you ever knew even existed and even better each of these businesses that i'm going to show you comes with everything that you need including products marketing materials websites everything as always i only teach real marketing methods real businesses and if you ever hear me telling you to go take surveys to make money i'll quit youtube and spend the rest of my life cleaning porta potties so with that being said let's dive in and to get started i want to take a minute and i want to go over how each of these models works because the core of each of these models is the exact same and that's what gives them so much profit potential so you need to understand this concept so we're gonna go back about 10 to 15 years and you've probably heard of something called drop shipping which is a concept that's been around for quite a while don't worry this is not a video about drop shipping we will not mention drop shipping as an opportunity but in 2010 a massive chinese supplier called alibaba released something called aliexpress which was a site where normal everyday people could purchase products directly from chinese suppliers with little or no complications now a few years after that a site called oberlo was launched now what oberlo did is it made it so that you could connect this site aliexpress with shopify which is just a simple site where people can build online stores once oberlo was created that meant that someone could create a store and then when someone bought something on their store online oberlo would actually go make the purchase from aliexpress and aliexpress would then ship the purchase to them and take care of everything now this was an awesome model and obviously a lot of companies took this idea and expanded it into other places so within a few years of that someone came up with the concept of print on demand where you could do this exact same thing with custom t-shirts where you could create a t-shirt idea just a graphic design you could build it online and then if someone actually came and purchased it it would go order it from a different t-shirt supplier and you would never actually have to do any of the work so this print on demand sparked a new wave of entrepreneurs and honestly they're still doing very well the people that got in early on that now the businesses that we're going to show you today they take these same concepts but they do it in other less known industries and most of them will actually create the entire business for you all you've got to do is run it so instead of just giving you products to sell like the models we mentioned earlier they give you the product they give you the marketing material they give you the websites they give you everything you need and you're almost like a franchisee just running the business let's dive into number one the first business is an online credit repair business and the reason this business so good is simply numbers if you look about 16 of americans have bad credit which may not sound like a lot until you realize that there's about 329 million people in america and if you do the math that means that there's more than 50 million people in america that have bad credit now as you know credit is pretty important for buying cars buying houses all of these things that are fairly essential for normal life in america require you to have decent credit to get involved in and in fact 24 percent of people in america were denied a loan and 31 were actually given terms that they didn't like on a loan because of poor credit so this is very important it's an awesome business that you can get involved in that actually helps people live a better life so you can easily get started in this business using this new program called creditrepaircloud.com and what it is is it's essentially a done for you credit repair business where instead of you having to go out and figure all of this out they actually have softwares and systems in place where they can actually help people fix their credit and you become kind of a front end where you get access to all of their program and then you just have to bring in clients and they show you how to do all of that as well you can see right here it's everything you need to start a life-changing credit repair business and if we head over here you can see the model that they use relies on you charging about 99 a month to people to help fix their credit and then you play credit repair cloud about 179 a month and on their site they give you a calculator you can see just as you start to grow this business and if you can get into the hundreds of active clients let's say 300 active clients you can be making up to 30 000 a month for that price they give you everything you need to run the business and the cool thing is not only do they give you everything you need even if you're not a credit repair wizard to actually help repair people's credit but they give you everything you need to run the business so you can see right here they give you what you need to build a website to capture leads and signups to bring in clients to onboard those clients to give your clients a dashboard so they can look and monitor their credit all of this stuff but then they also give you all the all the stuff you need like a dispute library a letter finder client signature capture all the stuff that you need to actually go out and fix these clients credit once you get them as a client and this isn't some just new idea that's just coming out they've been doing this for a while and they've been doing it quite successfully you can see right here they have what's called the millionaires club and this exists basically for everybody that's taken this model and used credit repair cloud to make a million dollars and it's quite the size of a club you can see they've got tons and tons of reviews you can see this wall back here but behind the ceo of all these people that have joined the millionaires club so this is a legitimate business model that allows you to hit the ground running with something that's already proven to work and this is something i would honestly consider if i was looking to quit my job in the next three to six months be my own boss this is something that's going to be around for a while if i was going to do it i would use tick tock and i would use youtube i would make a bunch of videos about credit credit repair all that stuff and then you bring in people and onboard them as clients as you do so it's a pretty easy business model when all you've got to do is bring in some traffic and they'll take care of everything else on the back end number two is one that i've actually personally been involved in years ago and that's a white label seo agency now if you're not famili

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