here are three website that will pay you real money for taking surveys watching videos downloading apps and playing games for each of these website I am going to run you through the entire withdrawal process as well as how much I have made so you can decide within the first few minutes if it is something you are willing to try out or not I'm also going to be sharing with you tips and tricks on how you can make more money than an average user on any of those platform now before we get into all of those it is very important you know that this website would make you a millionaire miraculously and you really would make a lot of money to solve real life issues trust me this website will only pay you a small amount of money that can sort out tiny issues like data subscriptions a Time cable subscriptions and other minimal things so you see those YouTubers telling you that a website will pay you $5,000 for this kind of task I just trying to deceive you if it was so easy everyone would be a millionaire and the world would be in such a better place by now anyways thanks for coming to my T talk and I hope I didn't bore you with all of those I'm going to link all three website in the description box so make sure to use my link to get some stter bonus however I would advise you to watch until the very end because I'm going to share some tips and tricks that will help you make more money than an average user if the this is your first time here you're welcome if you're a returning subscriber welcome back my name is adami and more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money and how to invest your money so if those are the kind of videos you are interested in then make sure to subscribe like this video and turn on the post notification bells for more videos like this one all right so straight up for the first website I'm going to be sharing with you all you have to do is share your internet and get paid to do that if you look at my screen right now you'll see that I have made over 9,000 NRA which is just about $9 just by browsing on the internet so all you have to do on this website is to connect your device whatever it is your computer or your mobile phone link it to the website and make money by browsing the fun part is you do not need to go on to any website to do anything or view any ads just browse like you normally do check online when you have to and get paid to do that nothing more nothing less another great thing is that this website is available worldwide so you can go ahead to try it out the number of this website is called on and it is going to be linked in the description box if you use the link in my description box you will get $5 for free so moving ahead to the withdrawal process as you can see here you will need to make up to $20 before you can withdraw your money on this website currently I've only been able to make about 49% of it so until I get to that threshold I won't be able to withdraw my money however it still makes sense to me because I do not have to do anything other than make sure it is connected to my phone and to my laptop another way to make money from this website is by performing daily challenges for example you can make up to $10 if you're rcking about 15 MB you can make money through referrals and you can make money by taking on challenges directly on on this website if you do all of these consistently you should be able to reach your $20 threshold in no time you can also go ahead to explore other options available on this website depending on the country you live in but again if you're in Nigeria and many other African countries you will be restricted and there are some things you won't be able to do but again it works really really well in Nigeria the next website I'm going to be sharing with you is one after my heart and with this one I have withdrawn twice and received the money directly into my bank account so it is tested and trusted okay on this website all you have to do is take surveys watch videos play games and download applications have you at the back of your mind that the task available is going to vary from person to person depending on the country you live in one thing I noticed is that although they pay well we do not have a lot of video ads options available for Nigerians and many African countries so if by chance you do not find them on your dashboard you can try to perform other task what you can see right now is my account and I have only made about $17 since I started using this website however I have withdrawn $5 and I have withdrawn $10 directly into my bank account one thing I love about this particular website is that they have a small withdrawal threshold of $5 as compared to other ones so for the withdrawal options you have Amazon you have poner there is Paypal there's orando there's CRI Steam and there is reward it Le but basically you can choose anyone that you think would make your life easier if you're in Nigeria though I would recommend usinga or scr but I use CR to receive my money twice and it works effectively okay so to take surveys or watch videos on this website you need to focus on the surveys and offer tab right here because that is where you will find the juicest offer one trick to stay ahead of other is to check them one after the other and check every day the good thing about this website is that there is always a task to perform and they even send you emails regularly whenever they have something new you might be interested in so make sure to verify your email while registering your account so that you can get all of those notifications directly on your phone or on your computer okay the last and final website I'm going to be sharing with you is one I have talked about a couple of time on this channel and it's called survey or this is actually one of my favorite websites these three websites I'm talking about today are actually my favorite website the ones that I am using personally that I'm currently using and I absolutely love them okay I just feel like these three are top tier they like they are always going to be the top three on my list do you get so this third one is called serveo and just like y sense it is a pretty straightforward app all you have to do on this one is to take surveys and get paid one thing about this website also is that you will always find surveys to take whenever you go onto the website to check and they also send you emails to inform you that they have new service should you be interested in taking them one downside about this website is that you will have to make about 12,000 NAA before you can withdraw which I think is a lot but that's about $12 as well okay but I mean I'm still doing it so you can consider it personally I have only made about 2,5 on this website and trust me when I tell you I am not even as consistent as you may think some of which are referral money okay something like that so really it depends on how fast you can answer questions

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