(NEW RELEASE 2024) Earn $12.00+ Every SINGLE Song YOU Listen?! Make Money Online

so i wanted to literally show you guys a website that will pay you 12 for every single song that you listen to just imagine like listen to songs dancing and singing you're like oh my god 12 find out exactly how in this video [Music] hey guys michael steele here welcome to this video before we actually remind you that some spots have opened up for this week's free workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for the link below we got a 62 year old woman that went from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days check it out now all right so the playlist and the video and the website is actually play list push dot com playlist push dot com my friends and you can do that exactly how you get paid like literally go to four creators and go to spotify playlist creators and as you can see if you scroll down qualified players creators can earn up to 12 [Music] per song review 12 per song review now you're probably wondering where the heck does this money come from because you know whenever you hear things like this of course it makes sense to be skeptical why on earth would you not be money doesn't just like fall out of thin air into your bank account and allowing you to spend that money like it was you know nobody's business right there is the business model behind this on why they're willing to pay you 12 per song now for this uh for you to understand this you need to understand for example um like how this actually works in the music industry right so when it comes to like business and music in general what do you have you literally have for example the songwriter you literally have the audience right that loves that song but you also have a third aspect of things which would be like for example the distributors or the producers that try selling the song to these people it's kind of like the bridge over that gap like i remember just like right now recently i'm like reading the will smith autobiography and what happened is you had will smith who essentially was like the musician before he was like an actor right this is a fresh prince jazzy jeff right before they became the freshman from bel air right you literally had this guy who's a musician who's really good in philadelphia and then you had someone you know like uh like a studio or a producer literally go and sign them on and that producer's goal is to really get this musician's talent in front of as many people as possible right and when they get that much many people in front of them that's how these people make money right over and over and over again so that entire ecosystem kind of stems in playlist push.com right you literally have for example musicians that want to get noticed they go to playlistpush.com and they're like hey man just get my music out there get my cd out there get my mixtape out there have you ever been to hollywood and some guy is always just like hey man here's my mixtape thank you for the donation right like i remember i went to like hollywood one time before i moved over to asia and live here in bali i remember this guy i was like hey man thank you for the donation thank you for the donation i was like okay and then i didn't give him a donation but he was like begging for donation i was like dude you're telling me like you're essentially selling this music no no donation but so i can't just take it for free no it's for donation so you're selling it i was like it was just confusing right but he was essentially trying to distribute it himself and he was a music creator now most music creators don't want to just show their products on hollywood boulevard like many like broke musicians go ahead and do specific the sophisticated one with money go to places like playlistpress.com and say hey here's money get my music out there and this company then gets the money and give it to people like you to help get the music out there so you're probably wondering what what where are you in to play with this okay so all you got to do like i said is go to four create uh creators and then go to playlist creators and your goal essentially is finding the the the type of genre that this person sings in right and then finding the top the most popular song is imaginable that people are finding on spotify and just creating playlists combining them right so you'd have like your justin bieber's your ed sheeran's your nicki minaj and then bam just put some random like indie artists right and essentially how it is is this company literally gets paid when you know there's more listens of this song right so the reason why you want to combine this with like really popular music is because when more and more people hear the popular music on spotify the odds of them finding this indie artist where no one knows about it are a lot higher for this person to get discovered then this person is a lot higher uh likely to be more of a satisfied customer for playlist push ultimately paying playlists push more money which will ultimately pay you more money so your big goal is just creating playlists so how are you going to go ahead and create playlists very simple when you go ahead and sign up for free right they're going to give you a bunch of these indie artists that you got to listen to that you get a review that if you like or if you don't like and depending on the genre that you like right you then can go ahead and put it with playlists on spotify and the more views and listens that it gets the more likely you're going to get paid but what you could do is you could double down on it by putting it with songs that are more likely to actually get discovered one way you could go to do it is literally go to top top spy and you can see all the top uh playlists right now in like for example the top tick tock biggest hit songs or the top k-pop songs or summer or summer hits or pop royalty or new this week and you could see what are already the most popular playlists right the moment you find the most popular playlist you just connect it with the certain songs that playlistpush.com literally gives you right and when people listen to those songs right you could literally get paid really good money off of it right and what you got to do is literally just get more people to your spotify playlist by just like i said combining the top hits right now with literally the songs that they give you one thing that you can do is you could submit your playlist to soundplay.com where they literally you like look at this you could submit music playlists and then you could get founded and you could get traffic and eyeballs to your playlist which ultimately would get more listens to the song which ultimately would pay you more money the reason why people are using using soundplay.com is you can see that they get about 131 000 new visitors every single month that are listening to these playlists right so all you need to do is find one that has already a good amount of you know popular songs together and mix it in with the like new songs

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