Most LAZIEST Way To Make Money Online In 2024

it was hard it was always hard but I knew what was hard now will become easier later on and that's exactly what happened so all my businesses maybe there was a point where I was getting 30 grand a month 30 grand a month in that it was coming in every single month right and this was the easy business that will become harder later on then I had my personal brand which was hard but I knew it would come easy later on essentially what I did was I was just bounce too here was my easy money that I knew was just gonna get harder through time I was maintaining the 30 grand a month 309 a month net here's the thing that I needed to just constantly focus on until I could get to 30 grand a month net and guess what happened once it kind of crossed I was like okay let me go and go all in on my personal brand [Music] good one of the hardest things when it comes to making money online is when you spend all of your time writing things like oh how to make money online you look at all these opportunities that are very cookie cutter so normally what happens is they will eventually get more and more difficult as more and more people know about it for example I remember the first time I made money online I found out that I could copy and paste pictures on Amazon and throw it up on eBay and then when I would make a sale on eBay I would literally get the money and the shipping details I would buy it on Amazon at a lower cost and then guess what would end up happening I could ship it directly to the customer and I could pocket the difference doing that alone I started making a hundred dollars a day profit as a pro college student living off of the dollar man you died and the Taco Bell diet again it's very easy to go and make money online in the short term but what's harder is making sure it gets easier and easier and easier through the longer period of time and this is kind of like my entire journey man like I did so many ways of making money online there was so much times where like I just didn't like working a job or going to school or doing all these things and I was like you know I just want freedom I didn't care about making millions of dollars I didn't even care about traveling around the world I was like if I could just be free man so do what I want to even make a hundred dollars a day I don't have to go ahead and work a job that I hated because I saw what it did to my parents I saw how much stress that they had I saw how much time these they fought because of lack of money and I just thought okay a job won't make a better relationship a job won't make a healthy marriage I probably should figure out this money thing not depending on a job so I'm going to jump from opportunity to opportunity to opportunity I I did this eBay thing and obviously it starts getting harder especially if it's easy in the beginning so I moved to Amazon FBI I took all the money that I made and I started just buying products from China throwing it on Amazon we started doing 700 a day with Amazon FBA all I essentially would do was take the products that I was selling really well on eBay that I was already buying on Amazon then I was like okay well if I'm already naturally buying this on Amazon to sell it on eBay because there's demand I might as well just start buying them in bulk and also owning that product on Amazon as well so I remember going to like Alibaba AliExpress just buying a bunch of Grill mats and barbecue gloves and just throwing them up to Amazon we got it to like 700 a day that was great but then what happened the Chinese came and one of the things that you never want to do in business is go against the Chinese they will destroy you they will Penny pinch you they will go ahead and price match you they will have a price for with you and you cannot win so one of the products that I had on Amazon they did really really well and literally China just came in destroyed us all the money that we made was still stuck in inventory so here we had all this inventory this making money online idea that was easy in the beginning that was now harder later on huh it seemed like a pretty natural phenomenon a fast way to make money in line but through time it gets more difficult why because everyone else gets into it it's kind of like the Gold Rush where the first movers make the most money so when it comes to making money online sometimes you literally have to be the first mover and you need to capitalize on things before most people know about the opportunity Because by the time most people know about an opportunity guess what the new opportunity comes in it's like that over and over and over and over again there's a way to circumnavigate it right which I'm gonna tell you later on when you're patient and say it until the end but you need to understand the process for most people so essentially I was like okay let me go ahead and try selling this I got into advertising so I'm like if I could spend one dollar and make two dollars I could theoretically make as much money as possible because I would just take all the profits I would spend money on advertising and just like that like money flywheel I can just make more money so that was huge man I went from like zero to 1.5 million dollars in 12 months I caught a trend I caught a trend where it was like easy to go and start an e-commerce business and I just lived my life after that and obviously I knew that the goal about making money in the beginning was to create freedom for myself but the next step is to create some type of brand where who you are is an extension of your most important values in life now why is this one of the best ways to make money online I knew this earlier on subconsciously even though intuitively I didn't know why I was like oh well I'm doing all this e-commerce business I have all these businesses that I'm doing on the side but I know deep down I need to go and build some type of brand for myself why is that because when you build a brand you essentially increase your surface area for luck understand this who you are in a room is very powerful if you're in the right room and you can solve people's problems but who you are in the world is very important because if you express the values that are very important to you you can essentially attract more people just like you into your life and make money from that and I I knew that earlier on but I want to go and build a personal brand to be an extension of my personal values why is that because it's like why not like why not do you understand that I've met people that have so much freaking money so much freaking money I would never trade places with them why because their values are off there was this billionaire that I was spending time with and at 6 PM years ago well boys I gotta go ahead and go home the wife wants me home you make a billion dollars bro and you have a bedtime you make a billion dollars and you have a bedtime how crazy is that how crazy that so I knew exactly what it is that I want

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