Get Paid For Testing Apps: New Sites That Actually Pay (2024)

in this video I'm going to share with you one of the best apps for making money by testing other apps and different platforms if you go to your Google Play store app store and other app stores you realize that there are thousands of applications that are coming in on a monthly basis on a daily basis even a lot of companies keep on developing applications now before they can be accepted to the Google Play Store to the app store which is even much stricter all of those apps need to be functional they need to meet certain requirements they need to be approved first and that's why developers of those applications tend to hire real users like you and I to test those applications those different platforms to ensure that they function before they can be accessible to The Wider market and in this video I'm going to show you a platform that a lot of those developers use in order to find real users to test different applications and they pay you handsomely for that it's not that widely popular it is upcoming it has a lot of opportunities so there is still room for a lot of people to enter and make money in this platform if you're interested in that and TR to stick with me until the end of this video as we go through the platform and I get to show you on my email some of the opportunities so without wasting any more time let's get started but before we do if we are meeting for the first time hey guys welcome to the channel thank you so much for joining us my name is quma Money I share information on how to make money online and that's what you'll find in this channel consider subscribing and joining their family we are on the road to 200,000 subscribers and I would appreciate you joining us on the way there so let's have a look at this platform and what you can expect so first things first this platform is available globally it will be accessible in most parts of the world so you can simply go to the App Store you can go to the Google Play Store download it for all of you guys who love working on the web there are opportunities for you to test and work on the web with this platform what you can expect here is becoming a tester it's called ux tester or user experience tester where you'll be testing different applications before they hit the market and the name of the app is test iio let's take a look at the platform and how it works this page is the test iio homepage as you can see over here they have more information for you to go check out but a lot of this information will be more useful to their clients all the companies and individuals who are developing this applications for you as a tester most information will be on this tab here where they say become a tester you simply select that become a tester tab you will land on this platform here that has got a lot of information about the platform and everything that you might be asking yourself so with this platform you can work from anywhere you want as you can see here they say test wherever you are you get an exclusive look at new apps from leading companies and Innovative startups so that's what you will be testing in this platform confidentiality is very important however you get an opportunity to see what developers are doing out there what companies are developing or they coming up with out this so that is a dream job you earn extra money so it's a good side hustle you expand your mind so in order to get started you need to register in this platform from my personal experience signing up to this platform is fairly easy you need to fill in your profile information you also need to let them know the kind of devices that you have that you can use to test the more devices you have the better for you because they can send different test your way they're going to do like an onboarding uh test over here after you've reached get onboarded through our library testing resources so there are different kinds of courses that you will do within the platform when you are done you're going to you know answer some questions that is the onboarding process that you can do you or can expect it's important to do those different courses that they have within the platform because when you pass they're going to start sending you more and more tests related to the cost that you were doing then you start testing you build your testing cred you become a great tester how it's going to work is whenever there is a test that meets your profile and you've done it a cost for it you have the devices for that test they're going to send you an email to alert you of the test you can decide whether to take part or not but before you can do test they are going to ask you some questions just to ensure or confirm that you are the right person for that test I'm going to show you on my email you know a list of all the test opportunities that they sent my way as you can see here I have this long list of new opportunity available actually this one was sent today when I select to open here you will see that it is from test IO they have my name there and they say there is a new opportunity Kos application big screen testing you simply select this link to go and start testing all of these emails came from this platform inviting me to different tests and this shows you the number of opportunities that they have for testers out there just to show you guys the dashboard and how it looks like I'm going to just log into my email and show you what you can expect once you've signed up and you are in this platform on the desktop version this is how the desktop look like you have the courses over here and whenever there are opportunities there will be listed underneath here where there are opportunities for you and as you can see already there are three opportunities for testing they show you the start date and all of that so all you need to do is Select apply now to get more information about the test to answer the pre-qualification questions as well so yes guys test iio is one of the best app testing platforms or apps that you can find out there in 2024 but let me know what you think in the comment section down below if you've used this platform to p and if you need more information let me know in the comment section down below thank you so much for watching as always I will leave you guys a link in my description box so you can access this platform easier and faster I will see you in the next video Until then have a great time

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