Easiest Clickera Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners (2024)

this is done for you it's completely free and it works all over the world and as you can see so far I made about seven thousand dollars in sales with this one single platform let me just reload this so you can see that it's actually real and if I go to the funnel section and I perhaps go back to the dashboard you can see that we still have about seven point two thousand dollars in my account and at the end of this video I will give you everything created for you and you can download everything for Google Play free and use it to make money online yourself now what we're gonna be doing is something very similar to this website over here this is Future tools I O and Future tools IO is a platform that showcases the latest AI tools and software that people can use either for productivity for design for research marketing inspiration gaming and many many more categories and if we go through similar web you can see that this platform has 3.8 million users every single month so millions of people come to this platform to find different tools and software and when they click these links you can see that in most of the cases these are affiliate links this is a referral link so the owner of this website makes money whatever someone invites one of these products you can just imagine millions of people clicking on his affiliate link every single day it is insane and you can actually make a lot of money as an affiliate for these different affiliate tools like for example I was promoting go Charlie affiliate oh well Charlie AI program and I made about five thousand dollars I have five thousand dollars in my unpaid earnings and you can actually find a lot of these AI tools just by going over to Twitter and by searching for best AI tools or latest AI tools and here's an example like 10 most useful AI tools and we have the entire thread talking about these latest AI tools you can see the names and you can check out those websites and you can check out if they have an affiliate program at the bottom of the website or what you can also do is you can go over to partnerstack.com and then you can create an absolutely free account and you can access thousands of different software companies that you can promote by going over to the marketplace section and you can immediately grab your affiliate link and you can start promoting them and earn an affiliate commission just like I earned with go Charlie or you can also go to go Charlie Ai and you can sign up to their affiliate program as well and mostly these AI duels and software have their affiliate Productions at the bottom of their website so I made this template with clickera which I will also Link in the description box down below so you can download it for completely free and it showcases these tools and software so that you can also have a website like this a website like Future tools where you can showcase a bunch of different tools that people can use and when they click to use those tools you earn an affiliate commission so I have this as an example over here and in order to use this template all you got to do is Click some of the links in the description box down below and that's going to be integrated into your clickera account already click here.com and then you can go to the funnels section you can click on edit steps to edit that funnel and you can click on edit page content and that's going to open up this page builder where you can start customizing and what you want to do is whenever you find some tool that you want to promote let's say for example you went over to partner stack and you found this affiliate program move send and you want to promote that and you have an affiliate link for it what you want to do is you want to go back and then you just want to double click on some text to change it and then you can type in the name of the tool then we can explain a little bit of what the tool actually does and you can edit the button and then we want to just enter your url your affiliate link goes here so you just want to enter your affiliate link here and then click on Save changes and once you click on Save changes this will go live and you can actually start sharing this with other people and they will go to this website to find a bunch of different AI tools and software and when they click on each of these links those are going to be your affiliate links earning you passive income and earning you affiliate commissions on an autopilot but you actually have to start driving some traffic first to this platform so that you can start getting people clicking on your links and start making money online so what you wouldn't do want to do is you want to go over to canva.com which is a free graphic design tool where you can create different Pinterest designs for a bunch of different templates that they already have available for you if we're completely free and here's an example I made this template over here talking about different philosophy books because I was promoting only below affiliate program but this can work pretty much the same as when you're promoting these AI tools and a software so what you can do is you can create a post like this that says send brand new AI tools to boost your productivity or five brand new tools that you can use for marketing or 7 brand new tools that will help you get more YouTube views and then you basically just say that they can click the link in your bio in order to access those tools and the link in your bio will just take them to this website what you made with clickera from the download for your template which is completely free Linked In the description box down below just as I said make sure to actually change these button links that so that they take people to your affiliate links or otherwise you won't earn an affiliate commission so make sure that you customize this and you make all of these into affiliate links and once you create those designs for free with canva you just want to go over to pinterest.com and then you want to click on create pin or create ideapin and there you can just create a brand new one and you can start uploading those designs which you made with piano which will attract people that are interested in those AI tools and software and you will just start promoting your links so here's how you promote your links you can either link them in the post itself or you can link that in your buy IO as well so for example I have my Pinterest account over here I was talking about online business and Pinterest I was giving online business tips and I have a link to the online business Academy right over here in my bio but you can replace this with your landing page which you made with click ERA with it down for your template so as I said this is completely free it's done for you and you can do it from anywhere in the world to make passive income online even as a complete beginner I really hope you got some value out of this tutorial and if you did make sure to drop 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