Which is THE BEST “All-in-One” Social Media Tool? | Metricool vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer

let's compare metrical HootSuite and buffer the most common all-in-one social media tools that I've seen to see which one works best for you let's first address the elephant in the room yes this video is sponsored by magical but wait wait hear me out wait wait hang on I like magical magical works for me but this video is not about me I know that this video is about you and there are a lot of types of people out there that are looking for social media tools content creators entrepreneurs small businesses large businesses social media managers the list goes on I know what I look for in a platform isn't going to be what everybody else is looking for in a platform so I'm gonna put my bias aside we're gonna equally compare all three of these talk about the pros talk about the cons and simply just present to you all three options so that you can know based off of your needs which one is going to fit you best let's jump over to my laptop and we're gonna start with HootSuite okay HootSuite says that they grow your reach and get more business with social media it's connected to all social networks All In one tool that's what they all say manage your social media in one place they're huge first and foremost let's talk about pricing because I'm sure that's what everybody wants to know I did see right away it said start your 30-day free trial so automatically I know it's not a free tool you have your professional plan for one user 10 social media accounts 500 AD spend for social boosts oh you're able to use up to five hundred dollars in ads discover best times to publish access messages in an inbox schedule and bolt access to Integrations chat support cool so this is 99 a month prices are displayed based on annual billing so that's how much you would pay if you took that annual billing divided it by 12. so it's actually more per month and you also have the team Plan Three users have a login you're able to connect to 20 social accounts up this that's their pricing so let's start our free trial so we start testing everything out my name is Millie Modern Millie don't look at my password okay just don't look so in order to test it out you do need your card good thing I have my handy dandy card on file don't look at it okay so zero dollars is due now but I will be charged this much if I don't cancel I could do monthly so I'm gonna switch to monthly we're gonna do monthly just in case that way when February comes around I'm not charged the full amount let's start the free trial so I originally heard of HootSuite for Pinterest like I know it's such a big deal for Pinterest like four or five years ago and I'm pretty sure it was just Pinterest but now it's connecting to all the social platforms so that's really cool I'm interested to see how this works let's add some social accounts let's do it what's my Tick Tock oh great I'm already logged in yay Instagram was the one that was the most pain in the butt but I think that's common for any time you want to connect to Instagram inspiration at your fingertips beat writer's block with our catalog of English content ideas select a template okay content ideas we'll explore that hashtag suggestions we'll explore that publish to both of them test test so I'm interested to see if it'll let me schedule a real because I don't have a business account I have a Creator account and a lot of tools don't let you schedule a real unless you have a business account so let me write some keywords here to see if it gives me good hashtag suggestions um how much content oops okay so you have to click on the icon it's going to be a real and a limited amount of time hashtag suggestions hashtags nope okay hashtag suggestions are not working which is fine I like that it gives you time recommendations save draft okay well lets me save it as a draft but it won't let me schedule and I'm curious if it's because I have a Creator account not a business account cool so this is the dashboard now that my social media platforms are synced up reels expand your audience I wonder inspiration streams oops planner cool cool cool so you have like a good calendar view which I like and then you could probably view all of your content or you could view it one platform at a time which is also cool post status drafts I just did a draft for Monday but it's not showing okay so while my video is loading I wanted to like research what other people really enjoy about HootSuite and it says is HootSuite still the best it says it's strung all around her one of the best known Tools in digital marketing what's the most popular feature the ability to schedule and publish content across multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard to me that's not like a differentiating tool like it's not something that other platforms don't have and when I type in best HootSuite blank the top recommendation is Alternatives that was before I typed tools so it's interesting that people are looking for HootSuite Alternatives now that my video is loaded let's try the schedule boom okay two scheduled if I go to the week view will it show me cool oh that's a recommended time that's cool great okay I like the week view because the week view shows me hey you have an Instagram reel scheduled here Tick Tock scheduled here it does say you can schedule as a Creator account so that's pretty cool let's see if they have any analytics and what their analytic breakdown looks like times to post top performing posts I wish it showed me my YouTube stuff because YouTube is like my main platform so I'd want to see that performance let's look at my Instagram reports Instagram overview what if I want like all of these custom report create report here we go average post engagement let's just add a bunch of these inbound messages seventy thousand page reach post Impressions post reach post reactions video views posts cool we added all the good ones there we go okay adjusting the view of it that's cool by the hour wow more people are on on the evening or the afternoon that's curious post table organized by recency I wish I could organize it by like comments hey reach hey okay okay all right all right not bad not bad I do wish it showed my YouTube stuff though so create a post create a pin you can do Pinterest in here which is good planner inbox I'm not sure where this syncs from I'm curious what the inbox management is but they did have they said they had templates so let's look at those templates throwback Thursday it's such a old flashback these are all very old to me I mean I feel like throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday was very 2019 2018. no more 2017 2018. but some of these are pretty good I mean if you're really looking for updated stuff I have a downloadable called 50 reels hooks that'll give you 50 hooks for inspiration for your reels I also have a downloadable that is 100 plus Instagram captions already written for you or templated kind of like this so I think those are a little bit more updated anywho I think I get th

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