Earn Your First $10,000 Selling Digital Products (Step by Step Tutorial) 2024

and as you can see that's about $5,000 in the last 24 hours and about $181,000 per month but imagine you had a store where you sell Electronics like laptops phones tablets and so on and you invest about $5,000 in actually buying some gadgets to resell then you spend another $ few th000 on inventory so you can store that in a warehouse then you invest another $5,000 in promoting those products so that people can buy them and nothing happens for a few days so you begin to worry and then out of nowhere someone orders nice now you got to pack the laptop and you got to ship it out to the customer but unfortunately package gets thrown around and laptop screen breaks your customer is now Angry he's asking for a refund and he's returning the broken laptop to you so now you wasted all of this money you wasted all this time and you are left with your broken laptop and a few th000 in expenses now on the flip side imagine you didn't have any physical products no inventory no Warehouse no gadgets you just made an online document in less than 20 minutes you uploaded that to a free website and now that makes passive income every month I mean again this is like $5,000 in just 24 hours but Mr or monly reoccurring Revenue here is $181,000 a month so you don't have to waste thousands of dollars on opening a physical store and buying these items and then shipping them out and worrying about whether something is going to break you can literally start in less than 10 minutes and be profit profitable today so that's the power of digital products and that's how I'm personally able to travel around the world and make thousands of dollars a day my name is Dave Nick I made millions of dollars selling digital products to my faceless YouTube automation channels and this is a full step-by-step tutorial on how to sell digital products inline today we will only be focusing on free traffic sources making as much passive income and keeping Almost 100% of the profit and quite honestly some people are charging hundreds of dollars for courses like these but I will give it all to you today for completely for and in the end I will even give you fre digital products that I paid about $1,000 for I'm going to give them to you for free so you can resell them but it's somewhere at the end now because we always have those Skeptics in the comments worrying if this even works well over $135 billion was spent on digital products just in 2024 alone and if that's not enough some members of the online business Club are making thousands of dollars a day selling digital products in line and these were complete beginners just 3 months ago and here are some of the results that I was able to get with digital products these are some of the digital products that I personally created but I also did promote digital products as affiliate as well and this is one of the affiliate networks that I've used so with this one so far I did about $564,000 in withdrawals now you might be saying but Dave why would someone give me money for something that doesn't even exist in the real world well because you're providing them with a solution you're closing the game gap between point a and point B so when I was younger I felt so awkward when it's summertime and I have to go to the beach and everyone would see my belly so I wanted to get a six-pack as fast as possible and I knew I had to eat healthy but I just didn't know what exactly to eat and how to prepare that food so I saw on Facebook that some like Fitness influencer made a list of healthy foods and how to actually prepare healthy meals to get a six-pack fast and he turned that document that list into a PDF that he was now selling for $25 and of course I bought it and sold did thousands of other people on repeat so the fitness trainer he did the work on once showed us how to get from point A to point B and now he's making tens of thousands of dollars a month for something that he made in a few hours and I'm happy because I got the solution to what I needed so you just have to figure out what problem do you solve who is your Target avator and why your thing is better than others okay but now what kind of digital products can you even sell let's get into a little bit more technical stuff well first of all you can sell PDF documents courses communities ebooks stock photos videos audio templates assets and bracet now in this free course I will be focusing on PDF guides courses and Community step number one is to ask yourself what kind of problem do you actually solve and you can do so by writing these down so you can ask yourself will you make a guide of something for example a tourist traps in your city and then compile them into a document so that people don't waste their time and don't waste their money and avoid those spots will you help people learn photography will you help them heal their trauma with therapy practices will you help them eat healthy what is going to be step number two ask yourself who's going to be your target Avatar who are you selling this to what's their biggest fear how old are they where do they leave and where are they spending their time you can also use this stret prompt to create the Avatar I'm also going to link it in the description but basically you would just go to chat. open.com it's a free AI bot that anyone can access as long as you have internet connection which I'm pretty sure you do when you're watching this video and then you basically just copy this and you paste it into CH GPT so it kind of gives you and you can of course customize this for any n it kind of gives you the Avatar that you can Target and lastly of course because there's thousands of people also selling digital products you want to ask yourself why your thing is going to be better than others and you can do so by making it more detailed easier to understand maybe add some extra bonuses like for example when someone joins my online business club we have giveaways we have work from jobs we give them 20 different stepbystep courses coaching programs dedicated coaches we give them all sorts of different things which they didn't even know that are inside of the club so when when they invest in this program they're overwhelmed with how much we give it to them now as we're getting into this more advanced stuff of this tutorial I just want to remind you that you're watching this tutorial to learn how to build an online business maybe because you want to travel the world maybe because you want to buy something nice for your family for your mom for your kids for yourself or maybe because you want to pay off that debt and buy that cool thing that you always wanted to buy so this is just a reminder to stay focused and not get distracted you might have an urge to to go to the comments and then go to the right side and you see these all these videos and should they click on this one of what this no you came here to learn how to build an online business and this requires Focus so just stay here wa

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