6 Passive Income Streams Anyone Can Start in 2024

some people claim they make tens of thousands of dollars per week in passive income is that true I don't know but it does seem a little bit overstated sometimes so today I want to share with you and show you exactly six passive income streams that you can start very easily that are accessible to everyone and while you shouldn't expect to make hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight you can definitely use to make a few hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars per month passively when you do things right and before I go into explaining what I believe differentiates the people who are actually successful with passive income and the people who are just dreaming about it let me ask you a question how many times have you thought about starting a passive income stream probably more than once right otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this video but how many times have you actually done something about it probably fewer than that right and this is very important because many times people misunderstand the concept of passive income they think that they just opt in on a website or they just sign up for something and then money starts flowing in and that's not realistic passive income could very easily be the most misunderstood concept when it comes to making money because the truth is that in order to start making passive income people need to be willing to put either their time their money or their skills to the table to work so if you're not willing to put your skills or your money to work then you have to put some time into setting things up because passive income Works basically like growing a garden you need to plant the seed and you need to nurture it in order for the seed to start growing and bear fruit so if you're looking for the fruit then you need to be willing to put in some time and effort in order to set things up so you can be successful later on and in this video my plan is to give you enough tricks tools and information to help you slash that time in half or more so that you can start making money faster so the first idea that I want to share with you is a very very interesting one that's very close to my heart because look everybody uses spreadsheets for different tasks but not everybody really knows how to create one so if you are good at this or at least willing to learn how to do that then there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people willing to pay you for that skill because let's be honest more than a billion people worldwide use Google Sheets and another billion people use Microsoft Excel which means that they is a huge target audience a huge Market that is literally waiting for a service or a product like this they are ready to buy your spreadsheets or your template because most of them probably use spreadsheets for something in their life whether that's keeping track of budgets or managing expensive maybe they have a small business and they use that for bookkeeping or project management or goal tracking sometimes for personal finance tracking there are so many possibilities of using Excel spreadsheets for many many things in one's life or in one's business so first of all think about this do you have the skill to create something like this if you don't then I've created a video a while back where I go into all the details related to where you can learn how to create these spreadsheets so I'm going to make sure to link that down below once you have the skill then what you need to do is figure out what kind of scenario do you want to address what problem are you solving for your client are you going to build the best budget Tracker out there uh Do you want to build the best business expense tracker maybe you want to build the most beautiful Gold Tracker whatever it is put your time and effort into creating something outstanding and once you've developed a dynamic template that can help people achieve a result then you can post that on platforms like graphic River or ET see and start selling and now you're probably thinking okay but those cost like $3 a piece so how am I going to make hundreds or thousands a month well the way this works is you would create several templates not just one and this way you are able to solve more problems or be able to create bundles so you can sell more expensive packages once you're able to have a broader variety of offerings then you can expect to make more and if you are able to sell a few of each per day then at the end of the month you can probably look at $300 to $800 in your bank account only from these templates but there are three things that in my opinion separate an ordinary spreadsheet from one that is actually successful and has potential to become a bestseller number one is your spreadsheet needs to be unique number two it needs to provide a solution for a problem or help someone some one do something easier or better or faster and number three your spreadsheet needs to be clear concise and fit for purpose because people are paying to be able to do something faster so if your spreadsheet is not clear and it takes them more time to understand what they need to do then they won't use it they won't give you good testimonials and then you won't be able to sell as many number two has to do with AI and here I'm talking about creating custom gpts and before you freak out and think oh but I don't have any technical skills and I don't know how to code well this is something that you can do even without having any coding skills let me explain because of open ai's chat GPT Marketplace we now all have the possibility to build and sell custom gpts now if you're not familiar with what a custom GPT is basically it is a model that is trained and designed to solve a specific problem and that could be anything from a GPT that creates designs for or a faster social media turnaround it could create product descriptions it could be a guide or a coach on a specific topic or it could do market research there are so so many ideas out there that you can leverage to create an outstanding GPT that serves so many people because think about it Chad GPT currently has over 100 million active users per day so there's a huge Market out there looking to l Lage this type of custom gpts and creating a GPT is actually not that hard all you need to do is Leverage The GPT Builder option and then you're literally chatting with GPT and explaining it how to solve a particular problem that you are more familiar with you can do that just by chatting or you can also upload specific documentation or additional information that will allow GPT to learn a lot more about that topic once once you've done all of that information upload then you need to test it with real life scenarios and correct it wherever it doesn't have the right approach and the more you test it the better it will suit the purpose and now you're probably thinking okay but how do I make money from this well because Open ai's Marketplace has recently been launched it allo

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