How to Make Money Online with 0 Followers Starting Today

Today, I'm sharing with you my five step approach to start making money online, even with no audience. That's right. You don't need any followers to start earning money online and you can do that with a brand new account as long as you have the right strategy and you follow along with this video. So let's dove in. All right. So step number one is deciding whether you want to sell your own product or service or you want to sell someone else's. And this depends entirely on you. Hear me out. There are many people who are very talented and skilled and who are doing this because they want to monetize that talent. Or there are people who have a creative idea and they have this enterprise Nouriel spirit, and they want to go ahead and disrupt an industry or a market or there are other people who simply want to make sure that they are in control of the majority of the profit in that case. Then you want to consider creating or producing your own product or service. This might take a little bit of time because you will need that time to produce the product. Obviously, depending on what you decide on, it'll take a few hours, a few days, or sometimes months or years. Now, if you don't have that time or maybe you don't have an idea, then alternatively you can consider affiliate marketing. The way that I would suggest you go ahead with this is find the right platform where you can find products or services that you would be much more inclined to sell. And you've got so many options out there from your affiliate network to Amazon affiliate program to ClickBank to share a sale and many, many, many others. I'm going to link with all of your resources where you can find a lot of platforms where you can get affiliate links to start selling other people's product and make a commission for that. Step number two is you deciding what will be the focus of your sales efforts. Do you want to sell a product or do you want to sell a service? And if you want to sell a product, you have a multitude of options. You can sell a physical product or digital one. Don't worry. Even if it is a physical product, you don't actually need to go anywhere. And most of the time you don't even need to hold any inventory because if you choose to sell a physical product, you have many options. Again, you can sell based on something that is called print on demand. You come up with a design and then work with certain services that will print that logo or that design on certain merchandise like notebooks or water bottles or T-shirts and hoodies and so on and so forth. And you don't need to hold any inventory. All of that will be done on demand when somebody orders your product and then that company will ship it to them. Now, you don't need to do on demand. You can do something that's called dropshipping so you can work on designing entirely the product, not just applying the design on something, and you can create it with someone. A factory, oftentimes in China, but it doesn't have to be there. You have Vietnam or India or countries in Africa who will be ready to produce whatever you want and then ship that into a facility. And from there the product gets sent to whoever orders it. Another option that you have is to produce books and you can use a service that is called KDP Kindle Direct Publishing, but that's also can be converted into a physical book if you want to go for a digital product. Then here you have again a few options. You can either go for a course, you can sell your or somebody else's online digital course or you can sell templates. And I've talked about this before and I'm going to link below a few videos that will give you some ideas of what kind of templates you can sell. Now on the other hand, if you choose to self services again, you have many options. You can sell your services as a coach, for example, specializing in something, or you can sell your services as a freelancer. So you're basically selling your skills lots and lots and lots of options at this stage. I need you to pause the video and sit down and think exactly what is it that you are going to sell? And the way you do that is think about what is the easiest for you to convince somebody to buy. Think about your friends and family. What are you raving about? What are some things that you think you can sell and convince other people to purchase because you know that they will bring so much added value in their lives? And here comes the most important part of this video. If you remember anything, I hope you remember this and I hope you like this video so you can save it in your playlist and you can come back to it again and again and check again what I'm going to say right now. Because if you have no audience, what that means is that you don't have control over the demand in the market. You have a product or service that you want to sell, right? So that is your supply, but you need to meet the demand. You need to meet the people who need whatever you have to sell. And the point of having an audience is to build demand, to bring people together who have a need for something that you would like to sell. The reason why I said at the beginning that you can make money online without needing an audience is because you can go and meet them where they already are, where they already spend time. And those are specific platforms because people who need books, they go to Amazon or people who need to buy a personalized T-shirt, they go to Redbubble or people who want to buy a course, they go to Udemy and so on and so forth. So you see the idea you need to go and meet people who need whatever you have to sell somewhere where they already spend time and the way you do that is after you've taken the time at the previous step to decide what you want to sell. Then now I need you to pause the video and think about which is the right platform where you will be able to find the people who need to buy what you've just decided to sell. And here are some ideas. If you want to sell something that is printed on demand, then something like Print, Ify or Redbubble or Amazon merch could be a place for you to consider. If in turn you want to sell something based on Dropshipping, then Shopify or Amazon using FBA would be your best choice. Again, if you want to sell something that is in neither, let's say it's a book, then you also have an option with Amazon because they have the service called KDP Kindle Direct Publishing, where you upload a digital version of the book and they can even print that, not just sell it digitally. If you want to sell a course, then you have options like Udemy, Skillshare and many, many others. If you want to sell templates, then I think your best bet would be Etsy. And if you want to sell coaching or if you want to sell your skills and be a freelancer, then you have so many platforms. I've spent lots of time talking about, but I would start with Upwork and Fiverr. They are your most safe bet for now. All right. To pause the video here and wri

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