I TRIED Earning $30 PER APP I Installed (Make Money Downloading Apps)

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them now today I'm trying out one from the channel called Cash Pro and in this specific video The Creator is talking about how you can make up to $30 per app that you download simply by downloading apps games things like that recently I made another video about how I did play games and was able to make some extra money from doing so so I thought I'd give this one a try so with without further Ado let's get into it the name of the specific website that this video tried out was called earn it.com and on this website it's similar to the other website that I tried in which they have games and app surveys things like that that you can download and play and earn a little bit of extra cash and cash out so the first thing that I did was go to nut.com and sign up with a free account that didn't take very long at all after I created that free account it took me to this specific dashboard this is what that homepage of the earn.com looks like the first thing that I wanted to do was scroll down and I was happy to see that they do have reviews that's the first thing that I wanted to check out because like my prior video I checked out the reviews to see what other people were saying before I spent time on this platform now there were some mixed reviews there was some really positive reviews and there was also a couple negative reviews in which the owner of the platform looked like they reached out to them and said hey you know we checked your account we gave you your money etc etc but I definitely read through many of those reviews after reading through the reviews I felt like okay let me go ahead and give it a try because a lot of people are saying positive things something else I noticed about this is that they have a lot of different ways to withdraw money versus the last platform only had a few ways so right here as you guys can see they have cryptocurrency they have a lot of different gift card options that you can withdraw the money that you earn on their platform which is something that I found interesting because I had a lot of people commenting asking me are there other ways to cash out how can I cash out money from this so that's why whenever I saw all of the different ways to cash out it sort of stood out to me that they do have a lot of different options for Cashing Out went ahead and got started with it over here on the left under offers I went ahead and just selected that and then you can see offer type right here I selected app and then the platform here you can choose which platform so Android Apple or laptop or all of the above I just selected the apple and then sort by default or highest reward so some of the ones that I tried first things first I did the crypto I downloaded the crypto I also downloaded The Shane if you click on it you can see it says hit the app and use it for a few minutes that's all you have to do so I found that after I clicked on the app it kind of gave me the instructions of what I have to do so for example on the crypto.com one get the app and use it for a few minutes you get 53 cents for doing so on the Uber Eats this one says open the Uber Eats app and make your first order new users only you'll get $686 for doing so so on the crypto one it didn't have this because I had already done it so all I did was select start offer and then you scan this QR code from your phone or go to the offer site like this button will take you you can put in your email and it'll send you a direct link to your email if you're using your laptop or if you want if you're using your phone you can just scan the QR code and it takes you directly into the app or game or survey that you're trying so you have to ensure that your following those prompts in order to get the cash out because if you don't follow the prompts then it's not going to know that you did it and you're not going to get any money in your account a couple other ones that I did notice is this yacht SE with buddies that's the one that I mentioned in my prior video and that's one that I really love but I'm already a user I wasn't able to do that one another one that I want to do is the chime mobile banking on this one it says get the app and use it for a few minutes I haven't started that one yet I did try the Chevron downloading the Chevron app like for gasoline I know we have Chevron in the USA I don't know about anywhere else but this one kind of didn't work for me it kept reloading so that's that for the Chevron I didn't get to do it same thing with the Amazon audible I tried it I couldn't do it but the one that did work for me was down here Amazon music for 85 once you're into it you have to sign up for the free 3month trial you do have to input credit card information all I did was input my information and then immediately cancel it do have the cash app that's kind of a higher one $3.33 so for that one you have different levels so open the app you get 32 coins register and select a cash tag you get 473 order a cash card complete a crypto trade and then complete any money transfer minimum $1 then you'll get this whole that will equal out to that $3.33 the way they pay out is through coins so for example like 350 coins equals 35 so they pay out in coins and then whenever you're going to cash out you have to cash out according to the coins so if you're going to cash out $10 then you would need around $10,000 coins on this one they do have games as well for the brain test this one looked interesting to me so I decided to give the brain test one a try $217 for this specific one and then you have to play in start the captain Mary story new users only so I downloaded the app with my iPhone I played it I noticed in the app that the captain Mary story was several stories from the first one that I started so I noticed they have a lot of ads in this game and in order to get to the captain Mary you have to beat a lot of levels it does give you the option to sign up for a free 3-day trial and then you can cancel before you get charged and that will unlock the captain Mary story that's exactly what I did I beat the captain Mary story I canceled it within the 3-day trial and I'm waiting still to see if I get that money cashed out into my account I also noticed that the minimum withdraw was only $1 for this which was different than the other platform It also says withdrawals are processed instant 24/7 gift cards PayPal cryptocurrency csgo and rust skins if you're interested in that now for me I did complete several offers and I'm still waiting for the money to be deposited into my account I did reach out to the admin of this website which they do have available 24/7 down here at the bottom and they did state it can take a few days to have that deposited into your account it's been 2 or 3 days so far for me and nothing ha

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