Make $8,359/Month Using Amazon 15 Minutes Per Day (2024)

so what if I were to tell you that you could quit your job and start earning upwards of $88,000 a month from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection to some people this may seem a little bit unrealistic and I totally get it but if you take a look right here over 43% of all Amazon sellers with in their first year have made over $100,000 in commissions which means complete beginners with zero business skills or any private experience are making money with this selling on Amazon using Amazon FBA is by far one of the easiest ways to make passive income online in 2024 shortly I'm going to share with you guys a call that I had with my friend KY who is an expert in this field he generated well over $400,000 with this business model so you're not going to want to miss this as you're going to get lots of gems and insight of how you can be successful with this so firstly let me go ahead and give you a quick overview of exactly what Amazon FBA is and how it all works in simple terms this is just a fulfillment service with this business model all we're doing is taking advantage of Arbitrage which means means buying something in Market a for a cheaper price and selling it back in Market B for a more expensive price so that you can make profit it's an easy three-step formula step one you find a product that is selling very well on Amazon step two you contact the supplier for that product and then finally step three you buy it for x amount label it and then sell it on Amazon for more than what you paid for it and this couldn't be more straightforward with Amazon FBA as they literally store and ship the products for you your only job is to just execute the formula and you're already in the money it's a system that's just made to succeed so with that being said let me go ahead and introduce you guys to Kyle from limit Express who's going to go more in depth into this business model and show you exactly what you need to do in order to get started this cool is going to be filled with valuable information that you simply won't find on the internet and I'm sharing this information with you for free so because of that go ahead and smash the like button right now so that we can proceed with the rest of this video all right guys um we're on the call with car right now what's going on bro uh good connecting with you again um so I've already basically introduced my um my followers to who you are just far um about Amazon so um yeah just introduce yourself to the channel let them know who you are and just you know expand a little bit more about what this opportunity is and how they can get started with Amazon FBA yeah absolutely so my name is Kyle I've been doing Amazon FBA for a little bit over a year now and again really just a a brief breakdown of what we do on Amazon all we're doing is we're going out we're located these Distributors that are purchasing that are selling you know basic big brand name products something as simple as a Colgate toothpaste we're purchasing those at wholesale pricing packaging those in our warehouse and then getting those sent off to Amazon and just reselling those for a profit on there so just in simple terms you know obviously there's more that goes into it but that's really all it is purchasing the product from these Distributors getting them in and sending them off to Amazon to sell it for a profit on our store okay dope man dope I think that was a great explanation especially for the beginners out there cuz there's a lot of people that talk about Amazon online and I feel like they really over complicated the process so I love how you just broke it down for the channel right there all right cool so um I've got a list of questions I want to ask you um about this business one for the audience itself and for me as well cuz I actually want to you know pick your brain a little bit in this call and get some more information some more you know expert expertise on you know what you do and you know how you can help the audience to get started with this yes my first question for you is what are you offering and you know what can you bring to your clients yeah absolutely absolutely so obviously you know the the basic business model is Amazon FBA but we're doing more than that and it's not something where this is a side hustle that people have to get started in you know this is something where we can bring clients passive income and and require little to no work from them at at all so what we're doing we're basically doing the dirty work we're the ones that are establishing these relationships with the Distributors we're finding which products to to purchase from them we're getting those in we package those and we send them off to Amazon the client would never have to do any of that the reason why we bring clients on is for Capital you know it's a common question why not just do this ourselves you know if it's working so well why do we even bring clients on and the reason we do that is because when we're working with these Distributors if we're trying to place like a $5,000 or $6,000 purchase order they're not going to care much for that one they're they're not going to have any wiggle room on their pricing we're not going to be able to get any discounts but they're just not going to care much for us and you know it's when you start placing those 100 $200,000 purchase orders is when you can start getting those discounts that 10 15% off even that's when they'll start giving us you know the best deals right off the top before it goes on their normal catalog to all their their other purchasers it'll go to us first and we we'll be able to pick out from those those best deals that they have so again the reason why we're actually bringing clients on is because we don't have that1 $200,000 liquid just to be spending every single month so this way we're able to bring clients passive income while they're able to supply us with that Capital to go establish these relationships with these wholesalers so we can get very competitive pricing so that we can compete with Amazon sellers that have been on here for a while because they're all purchasing and making large purchase orders and getting competitive pricing so to be a single seller doing this by yourself it's extremely extremely hard to get started in the wholesale model cuz again you just don't have access to that much Capital to be spending monthly what you need to be getting competitive pricing all right cool man that makes sense so uh my next question for you is like do they all like compete on the same products or are they selling different produ with this business yeah yeah it's a common question to know all all these um clients that we bring on they're all selling on their own on their own listings because let's say when we put together1 or $150,000 purchase order there's going to be a ton of different products on there there could be 50 there could be a 100 different products part of that purcha

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