This ONE Automated Side Hustle Makes $650+/day (HOW TO START NOW)

in order to make $20,000 per month you need an income stream that can generate you $650 per day and thanks to the power of today's technology this is way more in reached than you may think hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be introducing a business model that can potentially be making you up to $2,000 per month with limited work on your end there's even people out here right now making over $1,000 per day doing this exact same method now I love this side hustle because you can do this from anywhere in the world you do not have to show your face and you can start the side hustle with little to no money as you're scrolling on YouTube you might not even realize how many faceless YouTube channels are really out here making thousands of dollars per month these channels are getting millions of views with thousands of subscribers just by creating simple videos about different topics motivational videos education videos travel technology just to name a few of these and most of these videos are just random stock footage Clips put together with a voiceover behind them let's take a look at this faceless YouTube channel top five according to Social blade this channel is making over $11,000 or more per day and they are nearly bringing in half a million dollars per year this is another Channel called motiversity you can also see that they have racked up millions of views across their videos and if we go to social blade if you type in the channel names you can actually take a look at their earnings and you can see here that they are making as much as $900 per day and making up to 28,000 per month just for making motivational videos with stock footage and voiceovers and that doesn't even include all the other ways that they probably make money through the channels that's just from the AdSense there are so many other faceless YouTube channels doing the exact same thing so if they are doing it why can't you with this new tool you will not not believe how easy it is to start a YouTube channel and to actually create these types of videos for yourself you're able to build an entire YouTube automation business using this one simple tool and of course I got you I'm going to be providing you with a strategy so you can try it out yourself and also have the opportunity to start making over $20,000 a month with these kinds of faceless videos no matter what type of videos you decide to make it's crazy to think how AI has never made this easier to start doing YouTube automation even as beginner so let me walk you through how you're going to do this right now and all you really need for this side hustle is one app and YouTube which you were already on right now so I recently found this tool called inv video AI how this works is you type in a simple sentence you click one button and it turns that one sentence into full faceless YouTube videos and not only can this tool actually make full-blown 30 minute YouTube videos but it can also also make shorts as well so this is in video Ai and I put the link for this tool down in the description box below so make sure you sign up with that link now in order to strategize this correctly we have to talk about this first you may or may not have already known this but YouTube actually pays differently for different types of channels and the topic of certain videos this is why in the beginning it's so important to identify the niche that you're going to do your Channel about let me give you a quick example if you are making kids type of content even though that can get a lot of views and you are going to get a lot of value in that way the pay per 1,000 views is going to be a lot lower than a channel that is something that's providing something a little bit more than just entertainment educational YouTube channels tend to have a higher RPM which just stands for Revenue per Milestone so those channels are making more money per 1,000 views so a dancing fruit video is only going to make 50 cents per 1,000 views whereas a video about you showing people how to do something whether you are showing them how to cook or you are teaching them about a new topic these videos tend to have a $10 to $20 RPM so they're getting paid $10 to $20 per those 1,000 views just something to think about as you were starting your YouTube channel and creating these videos so I'm going to walk you through how to do this right now so the first thing that you're going to see is this box here and it's just going to ask you just to type in a topic and instructions into the box so just go up to this box here that says select workflow and just select YouTube explainer to create a YouTube video you will also notice that they have other options here that you can use for other types of videos so if you wanted to actually make a Youtube short from this you could just click YouTube short and it'll generate a short this way as well so let's click on YouTube explainer and it's going to bring you to this section so click on this first box here and we are going to make this a 10minute YouTube video I'm thinking ahead for you guys on this part because guess what videos over 8 minutes get more ads put in them and you're able to once you're monetized on YouTube put more ads into the actual video so if you make a 5-minute video you can only run one ad and if you make it 8 minutes or longer you will be able to put multiple ads on the video which will make you more money now this box here you are going to select what you want your YouTube video to be about this can be a very simple and you can type in a simple sentence but if you want to be more effective to what the AI creates for you make sure you're using this prompt for a better result so I created a free prompt for you guys and I put it down in the description box below so you can refer back to it as you are writing your prompt so let's get started and for the purpose of this video I'm just going to select a random topic for the purpose of this video Let's Make A Channel about motivation for women as I showed you before there's already channels out here that are doing something similar but you can always take an idea put your own spin on it and make it even better I got this idea because the existing motivational Channel that's out there right now that's getting lots of views it has the more masculine Vibe so I think we can create a similar Channel but have a more girly Vibe for the ladies that are looking for inspiration so I'm just going to type in here create a YouTube video for women so that's your target audience it should be about 10 minutes long so that's the length of the video talking about motivation for women in business and right here you're going to just type in any extra thing that you might want so I want to make sure that this video is inspirational then down here in the make background music box we're just going to type in inspiring it's really cool

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