How To Find Untouched Video Ideas That Get Millions of Views

let me know if this story sounds familiar to you you sit down prepared to start batching your next batch of youtube content ideas and suddenly your mind goes blank you think you come up with a good idea but it only takes a few minutes for you to realize that's probably not a good idea at all and now you start to stress out because this is a side hustle for you and you don't have hours and hours to do this you only have one hour and that hour is quickly disappearing and you've thought of nothing so in this video we're going to solve that problem once and for all for you if you've ever struggled coming up with content for youtube or honestly any other social platform by the end of this video that struggle will be gone and if you stay till the end of the video we're going to show you how you can get access to this spreadsheet right here now that spreadsheet you just saw is a custom coded spreadsheet that i created where i can put in all these content ideas that we're going to show you how to generate in this video and it will churn out the best opportunities and let you know which ones you need to be making first and which ones you perhaps don't even need to be making at all don't worry it's totally free we're not gonna make you opt-in or anything like that don't tell my business coach i did that now before we start i do want to explain something that i personally know that every serious youtuber is doing and that's writing down every single idea they have for a video as soon as the idea comes so if you take youtube seriously you need to have something on your phone that's there and available and the instant a new idea for a video comes it needs to get put onto that sheet or it will disappear forever i can't tell you how many ideas i had when i was first starting that were really good ideas that i would have in the shower or just before bed or while i'm driving and that i would never make the video because when it actually came time to come up with my ideas for videos that idea was already gone so you need a pad even a physical piece of paper if you're one of those people something where you can keep track of every idea as it comes and you'll find that ideas are coming all the time throughout the day especially as you're looking for them so that's the first item just keep that piece of paper or a note on your phone now we're going to start at what i call the least creative way so this is a way that's very very easy to do and then we're going to get to where there are some creative ways uh some that i'm pretty sure you probably haven't used and have never thought of and there's some of my favorite ways as we work our way down this list so let's dive in now number one not super creative but still one of my favorites and i can honestly say that i use it on every new channel i create for probably my first 20 to 30 videos this is the method that i'll use so let's dive in and look here what we do is we use the youtube search bar so the youtube search bar we're all aware that if i type in you know how to it's going to give me a bunch of different things that people are looking for how to now the problem with youtube is we're in a niche right none of these are in my niche that we're looking at right here i don't think most of you care if i showed you how to make pancakes and to be honest i'm not great at making pancakes so instead what we're going to do is we're going to take a niche for example one of my channels is in the kryptonish and we're going to type in the word crypto when i type in crypto it's going to give me uh now about 10 ideas still not great though right crypto news crypto news today still not getting anywhere to where we feel like we're uh you know have a lot of ideas for videos so now we're going to do is we're actually going to type in a letter before crypto and i'm going to type in a crypto okay now you can see here we're starting to get some more ideas a cryptocurrency a crypto portfolio a crypto guide to the metaverse we're gonna go b and now we're starting to get some more ideas right best crypto to buy now bomb crypto game there's something going on with this bomb crypto game best metaverse crypto kc chico crypto uh nothing great there but you can see i'm coming up with all these different ideas now and i can change it to bitcoin right and now i can go a bitcoin and i get all these different uh bitcoin ideas to talk about bitcoin uh best bitcoin to buy right now that's funny because there is only one bitcoin and then you can do the same thing but take that letter and move it after the word so we've done crypto right crypto a crypto analysis crypto apex legends crypto arbitrage trading b okay crypto bureau crypto ban in india crypto c so you can see here now there's just ideas flowing especially if you're familiar with crypto so if you're watching this and you're not familiar with crypto you might be saying i don't know what any of these people are talking about but in your niche you'll have a pretty good idea and you can do this and come up with quite literally 50 to 100 different video ideas as you go through every single letter both before and after your niche okay so i can type in affiliate marketing and do the same thing and you can see i'm getting tons of different options just using the letter a and what you're going to do is you're going to take this custom spreadsheet that we added and you're going to start throwing it in this left-hand column here okay we're not letting we're not showing you all the other stuff on the right but you can see on the left hand column all you've got to do is start throwing in these ideas throwing them in there and we'll start sorting which ones are the best ideas as we get closer to the end the next one is another simple one that has also yielded great great results for me and it's even simpler than the last one what we're going to do is we're going to find the channels in our niche and we're going to figure out what's really working for them so for example i could type in affiliate marketing which is what a lot of this channel is about and you can see i've got all these different channels that talk about affiliate marketing okay and what i would do is i would scroll down a little bit let's say i click into this one right here okay and i'd click over to his channel page and what we're going to do is we're going to go to his videos and we're going to sort them okay and you can see where this is going by the most popular okay now this isn't all we're gonna do we need to be a little bit more specific than this but you can see right here we've got a really killer video on instagram with 600 000 views 200 000 views and really quickly you'll see there's typically depending on the size of the channel 10 to 20 videos anywhere from let's say 5 to 20 videos that are really good they have you know hundreds of thousands of views and then it kind of dies down you'll find that most of these big channels have just a few videos that

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