Earn US$5,200 A Month From Local Businesses Near You For 30 minutes of Work: Worldwide Business Idea

this opportunity is not for everyone because it does require a certain amount of work upfront and unfortunately many people are looking for quick money with very little effort if that's you I understand and you can watch this video on my Channel about lazy ways to make money but if you are someone who knows that with everything in life you need an investment of effort at least initially this video will provide a business idea Med that has the potential to make up to $5,200 in a month and it will take you about 30 minutes per client while this is a technical way to make money I will share step by step instructions in a tutorial format because it's easy enough for a beginner to leverage this business idea without any technical qualification or experience and this business can be launched from anywhere worldwide Rockstars it's great to have you back thank you so much for your loyalty and if you are a patreon subscriber A club member or a YouTube member thank you for your support with this simple business model you'll be able to create a onepage website for local businesses using a platform that does not require any any technical skills whatsoever to build a website and again it sounds complicated but it's not here are the four simple steps that you'll need to take step one you're going to need to find some small businesses or what's referred to as Mom and Pop shops in the area nearest to you or in the nearest city step two you're going to offer the owner of this small business a deal that they just can't can't refuse and build a simple onepage website for them step three is you're going to use a template Builder to create this website and it's so easy to use a 10-year-old could do it and step four you're going to update this website upon request and don't worry rockstars because I'm going to share with you everything I just mentioned in those four points and you can do this as I said without any development skills with one of the most underrated easy to use website Builders out there and its card and by the way they're not sponsoring this video there's no affiliate links that are being used I'm just sharing something that will allow you to launch an amazing business idea that has the potential to make $5,200 or even more per month now card is a website based platform designed for creating and Publishing simple responsive one page page websites it's very popular because it's so user friendly it's also very affordable and the output in terms of the website that you're creating will look extremely professional these simple websites that don't require any coding skills are perfect for small and local businesses now the major step is to secure your customer and you're looking for customers who don't have a massive budget but would like to be online but haven't thought about it or they don't think they can afford it or they don't have the time to bother to identify someone to do it on their behalf these small businesses could be barber shops laundr mats flower shops hair salons delies or cafes or even small restaurants gas stations doctor's offices and in finding these customers you can even look on Instagram as an example for those small business that have an Instagram page but they don't have a website being shared which is usually because they don't have one to be shared you then talk to the owners and you're going to explain that you can set up a simple onepage website for them and that this website will help them to increase their sales and now you're probably thinking but Odetta what am I going to tell these customers to convince them rockstars I've got you you can use chat GPT to help you with this pitch all you have to do is to write this simple prompt in chat GPT write me a short but convincing pitch to guide my in-person conversation with a small business owner that operates a barar shop or whatever business you're targeting you can fill in the blanks there and then you'll continue to say to sell them on why they need a website and how it will help them to increase their revenue and make back the money that they will spend to do this and I'm going to put this prompt in the description of this video so that you can easily copy it and modify it now here are the results of me using this prompt in chat GPT and using a barbershop business as the customer that I want to pitch to and then as you can see here chat GPT highlights some of the advantages such as a new Revenue stream that can be online if they activate the e-commerce component they'll also be able to reach more customers and with a digital presence they can be open 247 they can take appointments online and just display a more professional image to attract even customers at a higher level but again we're not going to go into the details the point is you're going to get a captivating pitch from chat GPT that no business should say no to and no you're not going to rehearse it you're just going to going to make some bullet points so that when you're talking to the individual whether it's on the phone or in person which is recommended you won't forget to mention all these benefits that they stand to gain if they create a simple website which as I'm going to share later will cost them peanuts to build now the second step is you need to charge an affordable rate these places that you're targeting these small businesses and these M and pop shops they don't have a large budget of like $5,000 which is typical for a lot of companies to create a website absolutely not but most of them will take a chance on you at a rate that is between $ 100 and $300 not per month but per year and of course the $300 is for the clients who want to leverage SEO which can easily be done on card as well or those clients who want to enable Ecommerce so that they can introduce a new Revenue stream to their business now charging per year believe it or not has a psychological impact because most people don't include annual bills in their budget because they feel like they have enough time to get to it and because of that it's like out of sight out of mind so they're easier to commit most people also will think oh so I'm going to pay this now but I should be able to make some good money the year to pay it again if it works and in doing so they will make the sacrifice of the first payment knowing that they won't have to deal with another payment next month or even next quarter also the card subscription that you'll be required to pay which by the way is extremely inexpensive it's charged per year so it aligns with how you're charging your customers and will make it seamless for you to collect and then pay your bill what I would recommend is Target on boarding at least two customers a week and because it's so simple to use it will only take you about 30 minutes with card to set up these small business onepage websites for your customers so two per week is very doable you just need to make sure you have a pitch that is convincing and as I mentioned ear

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