How to learn a language FAST and never forget it

have you ever spent a significant amount of time learning a language only to forget it completely later it's a frustrating experience but it's all too common despite the effort it takes to learn a language forgetting it can happen effortlessly luckily there are methods to prevent this from happening let's explore some of them together in this video one of the most important things you need to do to remember a language is to immerse yourself in it as much as possible your brain has a system to decide which information to hold and which to forget the more you repeat a piece of information the better it sticks to your memory however when it comes to foreign languages exposure doesn't happen naturally if you're living in a country where that language isn't spoken this is where voluntary exposure comes in voluntary exposure requires a clear system and willpower but it's key to reaching fluency in any language one of the easiest way to achieve this is to listen to YouTube videos films TV shows audiobooks podcasts in the language you're learning on your daily commute the average American spends 55 minutes commuting to work making it perfect time to get exposure to your target language by defining when and what you're going to listen to you will be more likely to stay focused and get the results you want once you listen to an episode or a chapter summarize what you have learned in a couple of sentences this is an effective way to reinforce your learning and improve your recall learning is all about inputting and outputting by doing both you will be able to remember more and more with each passing day don't waste your commute time on mindless activities like scrolling when you can use it to benefit yourself and learn a new language with a little bit of effort and dedication you can turn your daily commit into valuable learning opportunity that will help you achieve fluency in your target language one of the quickest way to improve your language prophecy is by incorporating speaking practice into your daily routine the more you speak the more you will be able to recall and eventually your fluency will return it's important to speak with native speakers to avoid learning in card language and making the same mistakes as non-native speakers if you are looking for a great way to practice with native speakers consider taking lingoda's language lessons and speaking with their tutors the classes are 16 minutes long online and also live in those lesson you end three to four classmates will focus on speaking and real life conversations as well as learning grammar structures and your teacher will give you feedback after the lesson what you can improve and lets you know what you're already good at it's important to focus on reiterials and use the vocabulary list provided by the tutor you can also turn each mistake you make and every new word you'll learn into flashcards this will help reinforce your learning and make it easier to recall words later the Sprints are two month learning challenges where you take lessons intensively and see big progress quickly there are two type of Sprints you can either do Sprint or Super Sprint lingua teaches four languages group and private 101 English German French and Spanish the curriculum is intertwined with cultural context in real life language so you can learn the slang expressions and phrases that native speakers actually use they can help you reach conversational level in just two months and connect with a community so if you're planning to travel somewhere else it's the perfect option after realizing how much German I've forgotten over the years I took a class to refresh my knowledge and as a Fulton Creator it's convenient to be able to choose the day and time that works best for me I'm planning to take 15 lessons per month to get back on track with my German and the lessons were so fun that it made me want to study German even more you can follow the structured curriculum or choose your classes in your own way additionally if you complete the spring Challenge and follow all the rules you can earn a 50 cashback for the Sprint and 100 cashback for your super Sprint this is a great incentive to keep you accountable and motivated to continue click the link below for more information and use my code for 20 euros or 25 of your Sprint registration another helpful tool is a frequency list you can use this list as a conversation starter with your tutor find words you don't know or you're not familiar with and discuss them with your tutor make make as many mistakes as you can and ask your tutor to help you correct them after discussing the words with your tutor turn the vocabulary you would like to learn into Anki flashcards if you're interested in learning how to create effective Anki flashcards check out my free language course in the description below I have a lesson where I explain step by step how to create anky flashcards effectively and help you improve your language learning learning new vocabularies or remembering them doesn't have to be daunting in fact most of us learn the vast majority of our native languages worse through Reading and we can do the same for foreign language remember we don't need to make ourselves read really hard books and look up lots of words in the dictionary instead we can learn new words just by understanding how they are used in a sentence often we learn a new word about one of ten times we see it we might get it right away or we might understand it over time or with the context reading a lot and as fast as you can is the best way to learn more words every time you read a big book like one from Tolstoy or Twilight you will learn between 300 to 5 500 new books you will also learn a lot about how sentences work the cool thing is you don't have to start with hard books you can start with anything you like to read the Harry Potter books for example are written in almost 70 languages and you can find easy to read love stories or mystery books in every language pick something you will enjoy for your first book try to find the story you already know like a book you read before or a movie you've seen you can also listen to an audiobook while you read which will help you read faster and understand how the language sounds audiobooks also let you focus on the story instead of trying to understand every single word you don't always need to know what every word means when you read books you can ignore the words you don't know and just enjoy the story as you read you will learn a lot of new words understand more about the language and have fun too if you want to practice reading with native speakers you can find reading lessons on the lingoda platform you will be given a text and with an experienced native speaking tutor and three to four other participants you will break down the text re read it discuss it learn new vocabulary and explore new topics the great thing is that your tutor will teach you how to effectively read a text and

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