I have multiple passions and don’t know what to focus on (here’s what to do)

six figure careers seven figure businesses with the skills that you have for me one of my blueprint people was a woman called if you're currently stuck in a job that feels like nothing but pain but you're staying because you need the money you need to be financially stable and you think there's no other path for you because what do you know how to do and what else can people pay you for if those are thoughts that are in your head then this video is especially for you because I was exactly where you are and today I'm going to be sharing the four steps that got me from there to definitely not there anymore but I'm not coming in my own authority I am coming with the word of God because that's the foundation for this I'm not about to sit here and talk about purpose without talking about the God who made us and knows the purpose for every single person that he made he's a manufacturer so I'm going to be reading from Jeremiah and it says before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you part let me tell you something if you're currently at a job where you feel like you're different from the other people who work there like they seem to love it they seem to be really good at it but somehow you're not you're not loving it you feel really different from your pairs let's talk about it I'm going to tell you my own story really quickly so that you can see yourself in my story and follow the blueprint that I Ed I am a financial professional like I'm not just here on YouTube just talking about money for no reason and I used to work in corporate finance hear me out I've always always been this expressive person I've always been a great communicator I've always been creative but I used to think that it was impossible to make money to build wealth to create anything reasonable with the skills and talents that come naturally to me so what did I do I went the 9-to-5 route I got into one of the biggest consulting firms in the world and it was at that point that I realized no no no if I'm here and there's nothing above here I looked at the partners at my company and I was like I don't want your life I do not want your life I don't want to in the office in the middle of the night I don't want to be spending the first 3 months of the year completely miserable I don't want your life so what are we doing here that was the point where I was like there has to be another way and that's when I started the soul searching I went to God and I asked him what did you make me for what are my strengths why am I the way I am what do you want me to do and that brings me to point number one point number one is selfawareness you have to take stop of who you actually are because nothing you do would feel right until you do that so sit down ask your friends take a bunch of personality tests I sure did I took a lot of personality tests take a lot of personality test ask your friends what you're good at ask them what your strengths are document everything and pick your top three okay pick your top three strengths and look at the job that you're doing right now and do they align if they don't align you're in the wrong place after you figure out the top three things that are your strengths things that you're actually good at the next thing that I did and I've never shared on this channel before and I want you to take away from this is to find blueprint people number two is to find blueprint people what do I mean by blueprint people there's some strengths and some skills that we have that we just have no clue how to merge our skills our interests and our purpose together to make something that could help us make a living and that is where blueprint people come in because chances are whatever it is that you're trying to do someone else has done it before and they have succeeded at the thing so it might be foreign to you but I'm telling you with Google and chat GPT you will come up with some names some websites some pages some people who have used the same skills that you have to build six figure careers seven fig businesses like they're out here crushing it with the skills that you have for me one of my blueprint people was a woman called Bola shumi she was a Certified Financial educator so guess what I did I was like wait I already work in financial services and I'm great at communicating I probably should be this too so I took the exact same certification exam that she took and I was like okay what else did she do she built a platform on social media I was like bet I'm going to do the same thing too and I chose YouTube to build Because Why YouTube actually pays people who show up like if I was building on Instagram I would have to be selling a course or some other thing to make money but teaching on YouTube sharing my ideas on YouTube sharing my strategies here on YouTube I'm already getting paid by just being myself and so you need to find your own blueprint People Too Your blueprint person might be someone who used to be a doctor but now is a medical expert in the movie industry like there's some things that people are out here doing living out their wildest dreams with the skills the talents the gifts and the purposes that they already have after documenting your strengths you need to sit down and make a list of blueprint people and find where people like you get paid the most and go there the third thing you need to do if you're tired of feeling stuck at a job that no longer serves you is to turn your strengths your interests your talents into actual skills like nobody's going to pay you to do something that you don't do very well and I'm not saying you need to go back to college and get a whole college degree so that you have these new skills and you can say I have these new skills no no no no no the world has completely changed now we have access to platforms that have classes from credible people who have done exactly what you want to do one of my favorite platforms is skillshare and that's why I keep talking about them on this channel and they've been kind enough to sponsor this video if you don't know what skillshare is skillshare is an amazing platform with thousands of classes from teachers who have done what it is you want to do from video editing to monetizing an Etsy shop to getting good at graphic design to even getting financially smart skillshare has everything this is one of my current favorite classes on skillshare because it helped me turn my storytelling talent and gift into an actual skill that I'm using to build this channel so if you want to turn your own gift shft your own Talent into an actual skill that people can pay you for then you might want to sign up to skillshare and the first 500 people to use my link below would have the opportunity to explore skillshare for free for one whole month so thanks skillshare for sponsoring this video the fourth thing which is what I did is to build credibility now you can build credibility by getting certified like I did I be

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