I Asked Millionaires How They Actually Made Their Money

[Music] in the previous episode I interviewed some of my most successful contacts about making money right now my business does over 7 figures and that's working part-time when I had left my job I must have been about 24 years old I've been learning to really celebrate the wins so right now I I have one account where is a lot of money in case I run out of money some of them make over $160 million in their business others reach seven figures in just a few months stay tuned for their advice what's One Financial myth that you think people should stop believing to become wealthy that it's hard to become wealthy so at one point I read probably like two dozen personal finance books and every book said the same thing like said the same thing give you the same plan and at one point it's like is it that easy but I think because we've been brainwashed by the family that we grew up in we are Hur all these these horror stories that we think that it actually is harder than it is and essentially what it is it's it's building a system it's executing a system and over time it compounds and you become wealthy well I think a financial myth people have is that if they put money into something they're going to make something out of it I think if you put money into something you still have to make something out of it I I think that's the myth I see a lot of people they buy programs and they do nothing with it and they go I'm going to I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to do Tony's pum program it's going to make me all this money if you still show up the way you did before and you don't do anything different you're still going to be in the same place you were before so I think there's a myth people think that just proximity is going to make it for them no taking action on opportunities will will make it for you not just being there not just you know shelf help buying a book and putting it on your shelf and hoping because I have it I'm going to all of a sudden be smart and that's not what it is so I think a myth is I see a lot of people think they're investing in things but they don't take action and because of it they stay where they are I'm I'm one of those I won't like I just signed up for the certification program my husband says to me I know what you're going to do you're going to put zeros on the end I go of course I am so he you know I got a bill he goes a 177,000 this month they go it's okay I'll do 1.7 million and make it out there's different sides of the spectrum so like someone like me who's more of a hoarder needs to give be more like giving and spending like I I started realizing like I need to if I want people to pay for my services I need to pay for other people's services like there's there's a energy Exchange in that um whereas on the other end of the spectrum like some people aren't aren't being responsible so to speak and aren't holding on to it and aren't being aware of the safety bucket so I think that the advice depends kind of on what end of the spectrum you're on um and that being responsible um can mean different things for different people um I'd love to have a better nugget here with the myth but maybe I'll come back that to that one too now let's take a moment here and allow me to thank our sponsor because they have helped me make this video possible today the surprise that I have for you later I recorded that on Riverside in fact I record nearly all of my interviews and calls on Riverside nowadays it is great and I would truly recommend it to anyone who's recording conversations online it just makes my whole workflow so easy like look at this it has separate talk tracks for each person which makes editing so much easier my editor thanks me for that it's also really simple for the guest to use because all they need to do is Click into a link that you send and most importantly it records video and audio in a much much better quality than anything that you have found and I have used out there the reason for that is that Riverside records locally for each person and then while you're recording it is uploading a full quality file to the cloud and that means that the quality of the recording isn't affected by internet stability which is a huge huge benefit for this type of recorded interviews or calls that you have with a limited number of people and then after recording is done you just need to export high quality files into separate tracks and you can work with them in any way that you need Riverside silent remover feature is a game changer it automatically cuts out those awkward silences making our conversations flow seamlessly and the captions they're awesome for short form creation but here's my favorite part Riverside's text-based editor editing becomes a breeze you can literally edit the video by tweaking the transcript text just delete the words you don't want and they're gone from the video it speeds up the editing process making it so much faster and easier big thanks to Riverside for supporting our Channel and helping us share these empowering stories I can give you a discount all the details are going to be linked in the description box down below thank you Riverside again now back to the video how do you use social media to propel your Authority and grow your business well social media has been a huge part of me growing my business there was a time when between Twitter and Linkedin and Facebook and in Instagram and everything else I had about 60,000 followers and what was fascinating about it is I built it without knowing how I was going to use it so at the beginning there was not a pre-planned strategic way it was more of I wrote a book I was out there was training people on how to build themselves and build their business for decades and I created this huge following so that was great and then I started using social media as my voice or as if I was having a conversation with just you so if I'm out there and I'm just talking to you instead of trying to talk to everyone what I found is I got to know people and had really wonderful conversations not just here's a meme here's a meme here's a meme like you're not just putting out a post or a meme or a Blog but a conversation with people and the more I did that uh the more things grew and I did my first book and I totally used social media my first book was called Fine to Fab and fine stood for how I used to feel which was effed up insecure and neurotic and emotional to Fabulous awesome beautiful and I put it out and I even what wrote what fine stood for and on the words of the book and people got so upset Lisa don't do that that's like you don't use those words I'm I'm thinking yeah you do you do and it was good that I did because it got people upset but the noise I created created more traffic and the more traffic I created that social media kept pushing this stuff out and then when I came out with my last book I have three now this is how to build a seven figure coaching business leveraging AI you know f

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