I Made $97/Hour Selling AI Images On Etsy (Full Tutorial)

so I'm just getting into the office in the morning and you can see right here that I made another thirty dollars selling images on Etsy last night now this is really crazy to me because I made these images completely using AI it took me less than an hour to do the entire thing most of them cost me nothing to make the customers were super happy and the best part is that I made these images weeks ago so this is that passive income thing that everyone's always talking about so if you're looking for a pretty cool side hustle with a lot of potential I'm gonna break down everything I did inside of this video No Holds bar now if I'm being honest I didn't spend that much time I only spent a couple hours on this but a vast majority of the time that I spent was spent on the research phase and so that's where we're going to start we're going to talk about finding what type of images you need to be making on Etsy because if you can find the right little space where there's not that much competition that's where the money is being made so we're gonna dive in here we're gonna show you three or four different ways that you can find these places where no one else is putting pictures in Etsy now if you look right here we're gonna use the first one this is called e-rank.com I'm paying five bucks a month for this software we'll hop in here and you can see right here it's got a bunch of different stuff but right here where it says Etsy we're going to type in keywords and what we're going to do is we're going to type in word digital print now if you're not familiar with what a digital print is all this is is you sending someone a file of an image that they can then download and print or do whatever they want with it so you don't actually have to give them or send them anything physical or just sending them a copy or a digital print of a photo now you can see right here when we typed in digital print and we had Etsy being the source right here it's got all kinds of searches going on every single day this is just telling us how many people are looking for different things on Etsy you can see right here you can dive in as deep as you want but it's going to give you some scores right here it's going to tell you how many searches it's getting green means good there's a lot of people searching for it red is obviously bad it's also going to tell you how many people are clicking it's also going to give you a competition score which is essentially how many other people are trying to take this spot on Etsy now as you scroll down right here you're going to see tons of different options you can see people looking for digital prints of Vienna digital prints of floral Hearts Star Wars the moon Pokemon all kinds of different things right here and you can see it's going to give you all kinds of different scores different competitions and things like that now what you're really looking for is some volume right here so you want for me anything close to 100 is okay 100 people searching for this outside or sorry inside of the USA and then what we want is we want green right here meaning there's less competition I mean there's almost nobody that's making this but there are some people searching the reason we can do this with just 100 people looking is the art is so easy for us to create right it takes us 30 seconds to a minute to create so it's okay if there's only 100 people searching for it we only spent five minutes on the product anyway so you can see right here we're going for really easy competition scores things where it's just you can't even see the green bar right if I zoomed in enough you'd be able to see the green bar but you can see right here there's all kinds of things Chronicle of Narnia I don't know what Chronicles of Narnia really is what they're looking for but we could dive in and look Kamala Harris Pokemon a dog in sunglasses okay we've got 120 people it looks like looking for a dog in sunglasses digital print don't ask me what they're looking for I don't know but what you're going to do is you're going to create a spreadsheet and we're going to fill the spreadsheet with all the different ideas that we have here because these are going to be very easy for us to create now if you don't have five dollars that's fine because there's two other ways that you can find these options as well and honestly I would do these as well because a lot of times it doesn't show up in e-rank and it's still there so what we're going to do is we're going to go to this Etsy search bar we're going to type in digital print it's going to give us some options there don't run with these because there's probably a ton of people that are going to see these instead you're going to type a bunch of letters after this and we're going to get a bunch of different things that people are looking for that are less competitive for example if I put in the letter c you can see there people are looking for digital prints of cowgirls clip art colorful digital prints a city cat things like that and we can go through all the letters some of them will show stuff some of them won't I think when I type in a it doesn't show me anything for some reason but we're gonna go through the whole thing and you're gonna find some other good ideas of things that are pretty easy for you to make digital prints them and the third way we're going to find these is actually Google and I discovered this as I've started to do this hustle and started to make some money from it that a lot of my traffic is actually coming from Google meaning that people aren't going to Etsy right here and searching for something they're actually going to Google and they're looking to buy a digital print and then it's sending them to Etsy and then they're making the purchase on Etsy so we want to know what people are looking for in Google so once again we're going to go to google.com right here we're going to do the same thing with our letters we know a we're gonna go B we're gonna go C and we see we're gonna get just tons of different ideas of digital prints that people are looking for and if we can get ours on Etsy etsy's a pretty powerful site and it's got a pretty good chance of actually ranking your digital print inside of Google Now I'm going to be mean here and say I'm not going to show you the exact Niche that I ended up picking because if I do we're going to get 10 000 other people in that same Niche and I'll no longer make money with this makes sense but suffice to say I did exactly what I showed you right here and I chose three or four different ones that looked appealing for me to make art now next we actually need to create a bunch of art so we're going to have a bunch of different ideas and a bunch of different niches here and what we're going to do is we're gonna use a tool called mid Journey are you probably familiar with mid Journey if you've been in AI for a while but if you're not mid journey is an AI image generator where we can essentially give it some prom

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