Buy This, NOT THAT! Luxury Fashion Edition – Part 2

hey everyone happy Wednesday Welcome to our weekly live call my name is Bola shabi I'm the founder and CEO of claro finance and we're all about empowering women to Achieve Financial Wellness on their own terms I'm going to have yasmir my amazing co-host introduce herself hi everyone I'm yasmir one of the um Team clever girl Finance content creators and a finance Mentor uh uh Mentor Cover Girl Finance mentor and I'm joining you from New York City hi agnesa hi Cindy and STI from the city that never SS are you in New York City hi Dalia y you made it live we're excited okay so today we're having fun uh we're gonna go over a um presentation that yasmir has put together on what on buy this not that and we're talking about luxury fashion again so this is going to be fun and entertaining before we get into it if you haven't already checked out our clever Finance books which you see back there please do there is our first book clar Finance ditch debt build wealth ditch debt save money and build real wealth there is grow your money the investing book the sky custle guide and of course my most recent book uh choosing to prosper I am working on a workbook that launches I believe either at the end of this year or early next year for these four books so that's really exciting and then of course there is our budget book in collaboration with Aaron condrin if you haven't already checked out this please check it out it is undated you can start creating your budget for every month at any time it has pockets and stickers and really great ways to tr track your spending your debt payoff your savings goals Etc okay so as I mentioned we're going to be talking about buy this not that and we have a presentation to share with you guys I am going to State a quick disclaimer that this is our opinion we are not affiliate affiliated to any of these Brands if you have these items you know and you love them we love it too we love it for you too but we're just gonna have fun and a good time talking about this and this is just all about how to spend mindfully uh when you're building your wardrobe or adding new things to your wardrobe because you know Finance is not just about saving and paying off debt it's also about smart spending um in all aspects of your life including your fashion choices so um welcome everyone hi Andrea hi Fatima hi browny and I just want to make sure that you guys can see the presentation on your screens if you do type yes in the uh comments box so we we know Andrea said you like it we love it yes you do you Bo Andrea there's one and there's one slide in this that you're really going to love because you owe me a knitted item so just keep that in mind okay so folks can see it so yasra I'm gonna let you get started okay thanks so yes so this is the uh bu This Not That luxury um Edition so we're just G to show you some uh luxury items that I found um that are out there right now and we're just going to give you an alternative that's a little bit more affordable but just as nice are you able to move the slides or do you want me to move them I don't think that I am able to okay I'll move it okay so we have these ankle strap um sandals by jacus um they're called double ankle strap sandals and they're for $1,235 um let let us know in the comment if if you like these I um I'm all for Unique shoes I just don't find the need for four heels um I'm okay with two I already have a hard time walking in two let alone four so I'll just stick to two heels yeah I I don't I can't get with this one um I don't like it it's just it almost looks like an optical illusion to me I mean if you like it like we said we love it for you but I personally I'm not a fan especially not for that price uh Cindy said don't buy that shoe cost as much as my rent yeah I mean it's not even a Timeless or classic item or something that it's like a trend piece you will get so bored of this so quickly plus will cost $1,200 so no don't buy this if you disagree share in the comments tell us why um if you like this share in the comments and tell us that you like it but I don't like gas do you like it no I I would pass we're both gonna pass on this one we agree on this one but we do like these two so we have um similar heels one's from Veronica beard and another one is from Stuart whitesman um they're not as as expensive um as the ones before um but these are very classic they're classic um style and um if you get them in nud or black you can wear them with anything and everything and you already probably have a pair of these I have I have a couple pairs in in um in nude and in Black because they just pair well with everything um but if you're GNA splurge on a luxury um ankle strap um sandals I would go for either of these two yeah I think I love these two pairs of shoes I think they're both very classic Styles you can find the SS at a variety of different designers at a variety of different price points and if you're going to spend $1,200 in a pair of shoes I would rather you buy these types of shoes than the other pair however like I mentioned you can find these at a bunch of different price points and also different heel Heights depending on what you're comfortable with h so yeah get this instead of that yeah okay so let's go to the next one tell us what you think in the in the comments okay so here we have a g she shark lock biker ankle boosts for $1,795 um for me it it would be a pass because they look more like sneakers than they do boots sneakers with like something on the top like and I don't know um and I don't like necessarily like the color and definitely not the price so um yeah for me this would be a pass um what do you guys think uh so I watched June recently I watched part one on Netflix and I watched part two in the movie theater and this will fit right in with the theme I think if you are planning to take a trip to a June uh set or something like that I've also been watching the show uh Silo on Apple TV so this would fit in there I do not like this I don't like the sneaker SL trouser leg com combination I don't like the texture of the boots Andrea said what kind of foolishness I listen don't don't ask we can't answer we didn't make this I don't for seven $1800 um this is a hard pass again you like share in the com if you have these we love it for you uh if you like these share in the comments do you guys like this um no so here's what we are suggesting instead if you have $1,800 to blow on a pair of boots no don't do this okay let's do something else Andre you're funny um so we have um buy like a classic booty instead these never go out of style um here we have a pair from coach um these I like they're very pretty I like I would get them for myself and then we have another booty from Madewell um so these again go with any outfit um and they never go out of style if you want the um Joni on I mean good for you but I think you might get bored of them pretty quickly um whereas these like you can wear them for years

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