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up to 1 355 dollars a week selling eBooks online step four now this is the most important step because this is where the money is but if we're talking about getting to the biggest bag then top spot for looking out for this community by sponsoring today's video hey girl it's been a minute but if you're on my email list then you already know why I've been MIA on YouTube two words ebook money because you know where there's money if there's Vanessa and where there's passive income there's joy but one thing about me I'm never gonna gatekeep so whether or not your enemies like it you are getting this information today in today's video I'm gonna share step by step how to make an ebook but not just how to make an ebook later in the video I'm gonna share how to make up to 1355 a week selling eBooks online and here are the four things you're gonna need to do that one you're gonna need an ebook template two you're gonna need a topic three you have to fill the ebook with content right and I'm going to show you a shortcut a very easy way to do that and four which is the most important one we're going to talk about how to monetize the ebook after you've created it and the best part about this is that this process can be completed in about two to three hours so today you could have your ebook up and running and ready to start bringing you money so if you've been searching how to make money online as a woman how to make money from home or the best side hustle idea for women then this is the video for you the first thing you need is a template when I started toying with the idea of creating an ebook I remember one of the things that held me back for a very long time was the fact that I didn't know how to put all the information together into a book writing a book even an ebook can be a complicated process and we have other things going on we don't want to spend a lot of time creating the format by ourselves and that's why templates are a lifesaver and you know me if I'm gonna share a template with you it's not going to be a random template from Google no no today I have brought you a template from HubSpot yes the HubSpot I'm sure you already know that HubSpot is the go-to place for all things digital marketing but what you don't know is that they've been kind enough to sponsor this video and because of that you can have access to a HubSpot ebook template for free 100 free not 10 off not 20 off just free so girl here's what you need to do while you still can click the link in the description box sign up to gain access if you're going to be doing it by yourself as yourself just select one as number of employees and then hit the download now button and get the template for free don't say I never did anything for you girl so thanks HubSpot for sponsoring this video step two you need a topic what is your ebook gonna be about finding the right topic to focus on for anything whether that's a YouTube channel or a podcast or an ebook or any other digital product or asset it can be a challenge coming up with what topic you should focus on primarily but one thing about problems is that there are solutions to that and one thing about me is that I'm going to share Solutions with you so the first thing you need to do is list out all the things that you can hold conversations on what do you care about it could be motherhood it could be Fitness it could be cooking it could be Faith whatever it is it really doesn't matter just list out 10 topics that you care about that you can hold a conversation about and then you don't stop there you don't stop there because we're trying to pick one right the next thing you're gonna do is go on to a website called okay this is a website that allows you to find out what questions people are asking it will let you know the search volume of the topic you're thinking about now what you want to do is do it multiple times for all the topics you're thinking about then put them side by side next to each other and compare and going off of the data that you get from this exercise pick the topic that people want the most I know my creative passionate sisters some of you want to do things that you care about that you're passionate about but if we're talking about getting to the biggest bag then what you really care about has to match what people want when you have those two things that's your sweet spot number three I know I know it's question your mind to make an e-book and it's been crossing your mind for a long time but the thought of just sitting down and writing and writing and writing to fill up 100 or 50 pages or however long your ebook would need to be just seems too daunting but girl we are in the 21st century you do not have to do that there's something called a I listen Google is cool and all they own YouTube so I love Google but when I tell you chat GPT is the place if you need content it is and the reason why I'm saying that is one it's free two all you have to do is put in your prompt so you can say give me content for an ebook about motherhood and it will spit out content for you but hold on don't be lazy now that content don't just come copy and paste it into your hotspot template you want to spend some time editing and polishing it it's going to do a lot of the work for you but come on girl you still have to do some work right you still have to use your mind to put your voice into it change some things around and make it really yours however if you're someone who's like no girl I don't want to use chat gbt I don't trust new technology I want to stay in 2021 I got you no problem you can still use web 2 technology by going through websites like upwork and Fiverr to find people who would help you write out all the content that you need to fill your hop spot template and have a complete ebook ready to go so you have options just pick the one that works best for you step four now this is the most important step because this is where the money is like everything else is just prep for the money but this is where the money is gone are the days when you had to create your own website you have to create your own social media page you have to create your own links just to make a sale online no we're not there anymore girl we're not there anymore now there are platforms like gumroad and it is completely free as well now of course when you make a sale they're gonna take their cut but this is how you monetize your ebook after creating it set up your gumroad account upload your digital product in this case it's an ebook and start making Sales Online it's seamless it's simple it's easy to do here's the thing you don't have to quit your day job you can keep your job but I believe that every single person should make money online and with the way layoffs are happening right now you definitely cannot go wrong with having an additional income stream the truth is you have options so don't let any boss any situation any relationship whatever it is that you have

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