Google Is Dying. So What’s Next?

hey Google how many countries in Africa start with the letter k while there are 54 countries in Africa none of them begin with the letter k the closest is Kenya which starts with a k sound but is actually spelled with a k sound in the last few years Google's reputation for being the best source to find information online has been on a massive Decline and users are starting to take notice in fact it's estimated that almost 50% of gen Z is starting to use alternative methods for finding their information online and a monopoly that span nearly two decades long might finally be crumbling I'm going to show you why it's happening and how you can take advantage of one of the biggest transfers of power in history if we're going to understand what is happening with Google today though we need to go back to what made Google so great so long ago most people don't really understand what the internet was like in 2004 or what it would be like today without any kind of search engines anyone could start a website or a Blog anyone could start posting their expertise or knowledge or lack thereof the problem was there was no real way for anyone to to find these experts content unless you knew the exact domain of their website so there wasn't any kind of social media there wasn't any kind of search engine like we currently use today you can almost think of it like the real world centuries ago when when humans were scattered all over in these little colonies right and there was no way for them to communicate between all these different groups and even if one group managed to get a ton of knowledge a ton of information write it all down it was never really shared so when Google saw this they created these digital crawlers like these little digital spiders that would crawl across the internet and they would index and save every single site an article they found now what this did is it made a way for anyone to find these blog sites or people that had so much experience in all these different subjects and Fields and get access to that experience it really sparked the Golden Age of the internet but like with everything else out there marketers ruin everything because we quickly realized that eyeballs equals money and the more eyeballs that we could get on our website and our posts the more money we would make and so began most epic battles of our Century the battle between marketers and Google Now at first everything was easy easy marketers realized that Google's algorithm was taking the phrase that people were searching for and it was Finding articles that said that word or that phrase the most and it was serving that up first so they got smart and started stuffing hidden keywords into their content with white background white background white words you could write the exact word or phrase people were typing in 500 times into your article and no one would see it except for Google spiders now what this meant is that content that wasn't necessarily the best content in fact it was usually pretty poor for the user was starting to show up and it was starting to rank in Google so Google start to fight back and they made these algorithm updates that taught their database to recognize this and ignore it but it didn't really stop the marketers who continued to find ways to get their content to show up in search engines often times over better content so the fight continued Google continued to make updates in attempts to show the best results to users and almost three decades later Google's core algorithm is now 2 billion lines long tens of thousands of different Engineers have worked on different pieces of it and thousands of Engineers are currently working on who knows what is it even remotely possible that anyone knows how it all works at this point the answer is no and out of these billions of lines of who knows what code came three very problematic updates that are currently leading Google to its own destruction number one is length years and years ago ghog decided that it wanted to turn up the most comprehensive results on the web and so they Incorporated that into the algorithm so the average search result that ranks in the first spot is typically thousands of words long and goes far and above and beyond the singular a question that the user is asking if I turned your average Google search into a conversation it might look something like this hey Google my back herniated disc is killing me is there some stretches or something you have that can help out sure I'd love to help here's the first result herniated discs can be quite painful to the back and often very debilitating to the people that suffer from them the term herniated dis comes from the Latin word herni disk discap folus which actually means my back hurts badly they were first discovered by Greek Scholars who used to herniate their discs on purpose with hammers so that the pain would help them stay up through their studies yes I'm I'm really aware of that but do you have any stretches that can help it to feel a little better first I'm going to explain what a disc is and then I'm going to tell you how many discs you have in your back and then I'm actually going to tell you seven different ways that our discs are similar to our ancient ancestors the monkeys honestly any other time I would be super interested in that but right now I just need a few stretches next I'll show you a few ads make you click the read more button and after that you'll be happy to know that I'm going to show you five stretches that will help your [Music] back I know you know what I'm talking about now problem number two is when Google develops something called domain Authority and this is where Google assigns websites a certain level of authority that they're given based on typically how many links they have and how many of those links come from other authoritative site it's not a real number but you can kind of think of that going on in the background now I've worked for a lot of blogs or very large companies that have very high Authority in Google's eyes let me show you how most of these big websites and blogs get their content hi this is Spencer I'm the marketing director at a very large and prestigious company we're looking for someone to manage our blog writing content process hi Spencer oh we can definitely help we have an entire team of copywriters that can write blog posts in the perfect way so Google loves them oh great I'm sure people will love those articles as well sure okay you're hired I want the first article to be about five backst stretches that you can do for herniated discs perfect we'll get started on your articles right away [Music] I would be willing to bet that 95% of the large companies and blogs Outsource their content to clueless writers who just search Google and then write down what they just learned no one is speaking from their experience no one is speaking different viewpoints or any kind of contrarian stances it's like getting locked

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