I don’t like talking to people. And I don’t

the reason i bought this car is to go to costco regularly and whenever i go to costco with my old car i need to figure out how to put things in the trunk we're going to costco right now to test out this is going to be the cadillac's first trip to costco let's see what's the difference [Music] [Music] um [Music] costco test pass give one piece of advice to solopreneurs don't be so entrepreneur start a normal company because great things are done as a team i know yes and as a sole engineer you have same risks but the possible upside when you haven't seen this very bigger yeah and then you burn out and there is no one to help you [Music] [Music] you know what's the most important thing i've learned in the past 10 years actually i learned it a year ago it's just the whole process led me to it being honest with yourself and i know it sounds super basic but then why do we chase things that other people do and things that we're not really passionate about like i've talked so many times about starting a billion dollar company about being the ceo and i have this experience of building a company and i've been there but it took me three years to do it and actually realize that i don't really enjoy managing 80 people like it is great it sounds great on paper or if you're talking to someone if you're saying we have 80 people in our company it sounds great but at the same time i don't like like i look at all of the entrepreneurs all my friends whenever they staying with us they wake up at 8 am and they have calls 8 am 8 30 am 9 9 30 am and they can't spend time with me and i was on the same schedule as well and my goal was to become a creator and when you have five or six calls in the morning and then you have a meeting in the afternoon and then in the evening you're like oh i need to follow up with my team in europe your desire to create it just vanishes like i had one call this morning and already it kind of influenced me and my my spirit of creation you know what's the thing that stayed the same marina being an entrepreneur who actually runs the company marina being an entrepreneur who doesn't talk to people one of the things that stay the same is using get response and this is why i proudly that they're offered to become a sponsor of this video when you start on your own and you don't want to hire a developer because you don't want to communicate with too many people or you just don't have enough cash for it getresponse will cover everything for you you can create a website using get response for free you can create email campaigns capture leads so basically everything you need to do to run your small business yourself without paying anyone without hiring anyone getresponse can do this for you let me quickly show you how you can create a website using their ai tools select the type of business and choose the website you need landing page launch page or educational or business website [Music] and you can also add some elements like a sign up form or a testimonial big features for your website choose a theme to match your brand confirm some of your company details and ai will create your website and that's it your website is ready to go live and then once you have a website you start collecting their emails and you start capturing leads because later on through giving them something useful you're going to convert them into buying customers using their email marketing tool you can create a mailing list and capture data onto it send newsletters to subscribers on your mailing list and please use their analytics to see whether people actually open your emails how they convert etc this is the most important part so you need to track your data you need a look at what people actually click which emails they open what makes them want your product what makes them want to consume information from you and getresponse lets you do that you can replace the email marketing manager because you can build this tool that would track whether a customer opened an email and if you did then you're going to send him something else if he didn't then you need something different because he's not opening your email so you can just customize everything and when i started my business something like that was super expensive like extremely expensive the price i got was like ten thousand dollars to build something like this now you have get response so get response made this process of creating a website building your marketing campaign capturing your leads super easy it is free the link is down in the description below if you want to be a solopreneur or if you just want a small team you need the right tools to help you minimize interaction with human beings oh my god i sound like a robot okay so i think that one of the most important decisions that i made back in 20 i think it was 18 was to focus on the blog and another decision i made after having the baby i was like i want this creator schedule i want to be free to create whenever i want and it was hard you know we are told that if you want to start a company you have to have people you have to hire the best at the end of the day you need to be happy and uh you start a business to be happy not to satisfy somebody else's assumption or assumptions of what a successful entrepreneur is and the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey i was like at the beginning by the way it was genuine it was amazing but then when we raised money i was like okay suddenly we got all the press suddenly everybody's talking about this silicon valley startup you know what does a silicon valley founder do they hire people they scale it crazy they have back to back meetings every day and i realize you know what it's not for me i am not happy doing that does this mean i'm not an entrepreneur no it means i'm an entrepreneur who doesn't like zoom calls that means i'm an entrepreneur who doesn't like building big teams and this either means that i hire someone to run the company and i interact only with a certain people on the team speaking of which in my business youtube business i have maybe 25 people now but i only talk to a couple i talk to my youtube manager who talks who then talks to my thumbnail designers editors etc but i only interact with her and we don't jump on calls and you know what some people be like oh in my company we want to build this corporate culture in my company we're doing this retreat in tahoe where i don't like it i i don't know why but i don't like it i don't like organizing stuff sometimes i enjoy it but i want somebody else to do it and if i'm a founder in the company i'm i don't know so we never did this i never talked i only talked to my youtube manager once when i hired her you know it's i don't know it works for me i never talked to my youtube editor i never talked to my thumbnail designer i've never talked to anyone on the team like on zoom we only text i don't know does does this mean i don't like talking to people yes i like talking to camera is it bad

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