Honest HIGH PAYING Side Hustles For Women TODAY

hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello I'm Vanessa and on this channel I help women become financially independent today I'm going to share the eight current highest paying side hustles for 2024 and these are side hustles that any woman anywhere in the world can start generating independent income for herself so if you've been thinking of quitting your job or making enough money on the side to leave any kind of situation that you're in that currently doesn't serve you then this is the video for you and while all eight of them are the current highest paying side hustles numbers three and number 7even are relatively new and they've recently started really taking off and putting a lot of money into women and men's bank accounts and so I'm excited to share this video with you so if you miss every single one of these ideas make sure you don't miss number three and number seven now without further Ado let's get into it number one is bag flipping even Fortune Magazine and Yahoo finance have recently written articles about this because a lot of millennial women and jenzy women are literally getting to the bag with the bag how bag flipping works is through the Arbitrage model meaning if you find something valuable at a certain price that other people are willing to pay more money for you can flip it and make some money on the side now people do this through websites like depop but some people go as far as having their own Shopify store one great way that a lot of women are beginning to tap into this is by buying a bag brand new from one country and selling it in another country because these designer stores actually sell bags at different prices I mean I went on to the LV website and clicked on Paris and the prices were actually significantly different from the prices in the US and some women have realized this and are turning this into an income generating business but there's so much to it so if you want me to make a whole video called bag money or something along those lines just type bag money down in the comment section number two the second side hustle that is getting really popular right now is getting popular because everyone and their masas are becoming authors like literally all of my favorite famous people are writing books but a lot of these people are too busy to create the audio books for their own books and that's why Amazon has a program on Audible where they actually hire Freelancers to read on behalf of the authors for Audi books so if you're someone who speaks very well and you want a side hustle from a company like Amazon then this might be the one for you number three there's a reason why I told you that if you miss everything else in this video you do not want to miss this one because the way it started taking off in 2023 and now 2024 is kind of wild it is called print on demand and it exists for pretty much everything I mean I bought this this journal from a print on demand store and how it works is if you're someone who wants to own a print on demand Shopify store or business you don't have to do any of the backend work I mean literally your customers will be able to pick the product they want they'll be able to pick the color they want they'll be able to pick the design they want and once they place an order all you have to do is use a fulfillment platform like printful printful literally handles fulfillment shipping packaging and sending the product out to your customers and when your customers receive the product they will get the product with your brand name so it's not as random as Drop Shipping or anything like that it's literally your own business but instead of handling the business side of things the operational side of things printful exists for that and how you make your money is for example if you decide to sell your journal for $45 you won't have to pay for shipping you wouldn't have to pay for manufacturing printful would do all of that for you on the back end and why I thought print was worth mentioning in this point is that there are zero fees involved like when you sign up for printful they literally don't charge you there no monthly fees involved all you have to do is set up your store and you don't have to pay anything until someone orders so if someone orders a product that's $45 on your storefront then and only then is when you pay for the product on printful so for example look at the shipping time this is when they will have the product delivered to your customer with your brand name on it so if you want to get started with print on on demand for free I'm just going to link the website down in the comment section and down in the description box the fourth side hustle that I've been seeing a lot of people get into lately especially on Instagram is Gateway mentorship and what is Gateway mentorship it just means that whatever it is that you've successfully done someone else wants to do it too so you're like a gateway to help them get into that thing I have a friend called D laal who went to yeld for her MBA and now she coaches people on how to get into to top graduate schools with scholarships and with funding now there's another woman on Instagram called my life as sugar and she is a nurse and she literally teaches aspiring nurses how to get through nursing school and pass successfully and she's even launched a physical product to help support her students like she's a nurse but on the side she makes more money by coaching other people who want to be nurses so you need to sit down and document all the things that you've done that other people want to do too it might be your parenting style it might be how you got into the job that you currently have but whatever skills you have you could be a Gateway Mentor for someone else number five if you have a corporate job so for example if you are a lawyer or an accountant your skills are needed here on these internet streets you could turn your expertise literally into passive income and I'm not kidding my lawyer actually did this she has a website called legally set where she literally sells contract templates and even when she's not representing people as a lawyer she's making money from people who buy these templates they're Financial experts who also have budgets for sale if you're someone who's an accountant you can also sell financial statement templates for business owners I mean the list is endless and people need your skills beyond your 9-to-5 job so if you're thinking you want to make an extra income or you want to make money so you can quit that job this could be a way to go number six number six is to sell social media templates I mean everyone and their masam want to be on social media these days when I first started a few years ago a lot of people didn't really want to be in this space but today I'm just seeing pages and channels and different things popping up left right and Center so you could service this industry through templates you can ha

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