How To Make The Most Money On YouTube: US$90K In 9 Months From 1 Video – Payment Proof Included

this video posted on my YouTube channel made $90,000 in only 9 months and here is the payment proof in my YouTube Studio to confirm this and obviously this is before taxes now the video got 3 million views which is actually a lot for a personal finance Channel because less people tend to view educational content and I got paid $27 per 1,000 VI use for my RPM which is what I get in my hand after YouTube takes out their cut and YouTube got $51 for the CPM which is what they earn from putting ads on my video and this is $51 per 1,000 views so from that $51 YouTube typically will give creators about 55% as the RPM which really translate to the rate that you're getting in hand per 1,000 views now earning This Much from a single video on my channel isn't unusual nor is it coincidental because rockstars as you can see here there are several other videos that are making thousands of dollars in very short spaces of time and I hope now you understand why I'm able to give a rockstar Grant of up to $50,000 a month to you rock stars as I shared in my recent live and in this video here that explains how you can get access to this grant that said I want to thank you for your support because none of this would be possible Without You viewing you sharing you liking you subscribing and you commenting I'm very grateful but I'm confident that you can do this as well so in this video I'm going to share the easy beginner friendly steps that I have used and that I continue to use to create videos that leverage Ai and I do this for my faed videos like the one on this channel as well as all my faceless channels I use this method as well and here's the best part this AI tool that I've been using now for over a year that I give credit for growing my channel from 100,000 to 800,000 which is 700,000 incrementally in just one year they have released some new Fe features and these new features is taking this tool to another level now I must declare that this video isn't sponsored by the owners of this tool I'm just sharing what I believe was one of my big differentiators here on YouTube considering that before this channel I had not created content before I didn't even know how to record a video using a camera not to mention editing along form video so if I can do it you can too because these strategies are going to help you to maximize your earnings on YouTube by getting a lot more views rock stars are you ready to get your mind [Music] blown welcome back to the Rockstar Academy and thank you so much for always clicking play when my videos pop up I don't take it for granted thank you let's get right to it now this video that made $90,000 in 9 months it was posted using the old version of the AI optimization tool that I'm going to share with you today in this video but let's break down this video a little bit because you need to understand why this video performed the way it did so that you can replicate it and enjoy this kind of success or even greater the SEO score for this video is over 80% and this is based on the title the tags the keywords and the descriptions and tags and keywords that I'm going to use interchangeably because I use them the same way for my purposes and if you're wondering how I know what the SEO scores for the video that's what I'm going to show you later with this AI optimization tool knowing your SEO score is critical for the success of your videos as a matter of fact I can almost predict when a video is going to do well based on the SEO score that I'm getting now the video had a click-through rate of 10% which means that when YouTube showed this video to 100 people 10 of those 100 people clicked on the video every single time 100 people got access to this video and for me that a good click-through rate typically click-through rates for educational content is a lot less coming in at 2 to 3% again I give this AI optimization tool credit for getting these kind of click-through rates now the video also got 24,41 2016 views in the first day it was posted and it made $444 125 on day one remember that was using the old AI optimization tool that I'm about to tell you about to create and to post that video now with the new updates to this AI optimization tool I'm getting much better results take this video here as an example it got a perfect SEO score of 100% And if you have gotten 100% on anything back when you were in school you know how good that feels it had a similar click-through rate a little bit above the previous video coming in at 10.7% but on day one it got 41,000 views which is 68% more than what that top performing video that made $90,000 in 9 months got on day one because that video only got 24,000 views day one compared to 40 1,000 views with the new optimization functionalities for this tool and here's the best part this video using this new version of this AI optimization tool made $913 in the first day that's an increase in revenue on day one of over 105% and I'm seeing this rock stars a lot with my recent posts and the only thing that has changed is that this tool has new features and I figured out how to capitalize on them that said I want you to know that I didn't take any shortcuts in creating content for this YouTube channel because my focus was not to go viral in a short time on YouTube it was to build a loyal audience share content over time that adds value and to treat YouTube like a business from day one and like a business it should be profitable so after using this AI optimization tool for free for some time I decided to invest in it because that's what you do in a business when you want to achieve success you invest in your resources and your tools that said here's what I did now if you do YouTube coaching with me where I teach you how to be successful on YouTube I use the rockar coaching method and Rockstar is an acronym with the r meaning research which is identifying the niche scripting or sourcing your content the title ideas the structure coming up with a great introduction that's step one the O in Rockstar meaning optimizing your post and this is optimizing the title the description the tags are the keywords and even the thumbnails to consider SEO and this is where I'm going to spend a lot of time in this video because we'll be using this AI optimization tool to optimize the videos the C in rock star stands for create which is when you go out and actually record the video the K is for killer edits because tags thumbnails and titles will get people to click your videos but killer edits is what gets them to keep coming back s is for share and you're going to share your video on YouTube on social media to push traffic to your videos with family members T is for technique and Trends this is things like your end screens how you use cards in your videos how you use green screens that have like And subscribe to remind persons to execute those actions the A is for analytics and audience and this is where you use your YouTube studio and make informed dec

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