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the the the the term I'm looking for is some there are some people who are just you know heading the clouds and not in touchable reality yes you know some people just yes it's over optimistic saying I'm not saying that's what you need to do because the reality is be in front of you right so it's okay to say I don't understand or you don't understand yet that's really what stands between you and understanding you know is the passage of time so you you you you don't understand yet I am not skilled at this thing yet uh you know when we look at I think Talent is overrated yeah I maybe the only person who says that you see the person who works hard beat the person who is talented any but look at this you see when you come buy Talent does hard work Mercy that's just it that is it so it's okay to not understand ask more questions the measure of one's intelligence is not by the answers they give but by the questions that they ask takes nothing to give a response you have to think about asking a question ask better questions victims have things happen to them I've met so many people oh they forced to get married and they forced to get baptized and and responsibility not yet it's always somebody that forces them I keep getting these poor scores because my leader like me so it's the boss is the boss it could never be me Victor things happen folks I got a two on appraisal one time let me tell story so I joined the organization as an assistant manager They promoted the manager a year after started promoted the manager and never the assistant manager position so you know in that foll year everything happen because assistant manager everything I blame the assistant manager everything see this is not because iist you guys give [Music] me person you understand allergic to mediocrity that is not my thing you what I mean so so I got a two Crystal and I went into the meeting and she told me I got a can I tell you that was the best appraisal discussion I had because he gave me a wake up call the next year guess much me get 4.5 did I get an assistant no not at you me call call meeting say Okay Ed you doing this you you're doing this you doing this and you see the next year we the most successful thing what Chang your attitude my attitude changed my mentality changed I was no longer having things happened to me I was taking control take control all right victims crumble under hardship I'll probably fail there's nothing I can do why bother what does the Victor do the Victor Triumph in Trials I will find a way there is always something I can do always something that I can do and then lastly victims blame the leader is cruel he should not have given me he should he could have a pass he didn't have to write this mem to me yeah some people try to write on their friendship you know come and say all right you know um you know late this morning but hello four I work with my wife I've worked with my wife for about 8 years of my professional career and trust me she's the hardest person to work with because the deadline is Sunday my deadline is Saturday if it is if it is noon m is 900 a.m. or 8 a.m. you know why because she can't afford for anybody to look her because you know where no no no so my friends in in in in in are the hardest people me and so it should be don't give nobody no passes yeah that's how this thing work as we move on Victor's accept responsibility I got M I didn't follow the policy and make a plan to guide my improvements in the area my final my final SL I want to share with you eight steps to make sure that you're a Victor eight steps first one is repeat affirmations believe in yourself see the books that that are there in your there are some books that are here repeat some affirmations you can if you think you can look in your back there are some there are some books in each of the BS repeat affirmations that's number one number two transform your setbacks into combat all of us are traversing life life is lifing and I hear somebody say and life is going to do but be life that's what life is about so don't come you know all because life happens to everybody if I were to pass everybody a different story I told you a couple of everybody has a different story so so what what you going to do yeah so make sure you transform your setbacks into comebacks I can't say this one enough practice gratitude yes practice gratitude I have learned in whatever state I am there with to be content and content and happiness is not the same thing content means that I am satisfied with what I have yes that's what it is it doesn't mean that you don't aspire to get more or to or to or to have you know abundantly you understand but you should be content next think about what you're thinking most times while you're stuck in terms of where you are is because the think the thoughts that you're thinking arrest your thinking because your thinking actually leads into actions and stuff and you have to you have to go to the root and the root is from where you start to think yeah think about what you're thinking Embrace what's the word response ability not responsibility but response ability you are always respons between stimulus and response lies thank you very much design empowering goals spoke about goals but those goals must be empowering right why do I want to acquire the things that I acquire why do I want to get this degree the degree l i i i did Acca as my professional qualification yes I did Acca and the reason I did Acca is because accounts like me not because I like account you know there are some things that just come naturally to you so like me so I did I did but sometimes as I learned in in doing my ACC for those of you who did your degrees and so you know cool and stuff because you're working for 100 and you want get and so what I learn is good enough and more work too hard I had aor and if you get 60 in problem here you spend too much time on this because you married you have son you have all these things that you need to do why do you need to get more than 50 I will show you how to get 50 and you don't need no more than 50 point that I'm make it I see graduation right but sometimes Focus much emphasis on these degrees and understand that this is just a WR page to something else focus on the other thing don't worship these qualifications they me absolutely nothing you understand you're just doing it because people you know back in the day but we all you need to do is to get to high school high school is just a right up passage to the next pH stop focusing on the qualification I know my time is [Music] running grow you must grow A Tree Grows every year it shed Leaf it put on new Leaf if it's not going vertically it's gr some grow also take place continuously work on yourself yeah all the time and then lastly celebrate progress don't be too consumed in the goals that you are trying to achieve that you know you know you know you know don't stop to smell the roses celebrate progress my final video I h

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