How To Make Money With Remote Closing In 2024 (For Beginners)

here's how to make money with remote closing and how complete beginners making 100 to 700 with no experience and make sure you stay until the end to find out how cam was able to make twenty five thousand dollars in a single month with no experience now the beautiful thing about remote closing is you don't have to deal with any expensive inventory you don't have to go ahead and run expensive ads you don't even have to go and show your face on camera this isn't like Drop Shipping where you need like expensive inventory many of the times you could literally get started with remote closing with very little experience and in fact what I really have for you right here is a presentation on exactly how you could actually go ahead and get started as well because here's the thing you know I didn't even know what remote closing is I didn't know that you could actually go ahead and not have to do all the hard work when I was first getting started making money online I thought you literally had to go ahead and do everything you know I little got started back when I was struggling to become successful online you know studying to become a dentist I was doing all these odd jobs and everything in my life just wasn't working out and I just thought well if there was only a way to maybe make a hundred dollars a day or 200 there 300 a day I didn't care about making millions of dollars I didn't care about having like big fancy houses or all these things or the fancy cars I just wanted really freedom in my life and I didn't realize this at the time but I found out that there is other people that are willing to do all the hard work create the product run the ads do all that stuff and all I have to do is essentially learn how to sell their existing product and as you can see this is exactly what remote closing is and high ticket sales you actually check this out learning sales equals a recession-proof skill people that don't know how to raise that don't know sales raise skinny children and the biggest education companies have a very specific business model to literally take cold prospects to turn them into like high paying clients and again when I was first getting started I'm not the smartest person in the world I I didn't understand much things like sales or marketing my background was like biology and Dentistry but if I literally looked at it most businesses if you literally look at it I didn't realize at this time but it's like you have an ad you have a content on a website you have some type of conversation or a phone call you qualify that person for you know a sales call 45 minute call you close the deal dream results right and this is essentially how most businesses are like this is literally like how most businesses are and I remember when I found a mentor like literally in Asia where he essentially had a high ticket product it was like three grand five grand 10 grand and I realized wow I don't actually have to create the product I don't have to do any of the delivery here's someone a mentor someone that's already making seven figures or eight Figures it's literally gonna go and do all the hard work and pay me most of the commissions and again I remember when I first got started I thought I had to do all of these things but I realized you know what my mentor told me is like Mike you're an idiot because if you're not good at anything right your background's biology and chemistry you might as well at least start off in one of these areas and the Really two areas are really two simple places it's here right and here so in the process of like for example doing remote sales you literally have people like for example let's pull out one of my YouTube ads you literally have like a YouTube ad kind of like this there's a lot of these people that are already making millions of dollars that are running ads just like this and they go to things like this like a simple website where people are going to go ahead and sign in and put in their name their email and their phone number right that's essentially where the remote closing actually begins you know some person is already spending millions of dollars on the advertising they're already doing all the technical stuff you don't need to do any of that and you just got to decide where do you want to go ahead and play in the team aspect of things right like the simplest things like this is what I ended up doing right because the more of this you take for for example the mentor the more money you're under making so I obviously saw that you know the mentor had all of these things so I thought okay well the mentor is really good at like just giving the clients the dream result so if I could do all of these I will make more money but then when I started doing everything I once I was just kind of like overwhelmed in what I should have done was just start off in one of these areas right and again one of these areas are actually two places it's either here we're actually the remote closer or here you are the remote triager where you're almost kind of like laying the closer up and regardless whatever happens you know you both kind of share in the commission so closes would normally get like 10 commissions and then triagers will earn about four percent commissions for not even closing the sale they're just recommending them to a remote closer so when people think about like remote closing these are kind of like the two positions and if you're dealing with like things that are five thousand dollars plus in deals and remember you don't have to be the expert there's like some other expert that's essentially going to go ahead and do that all you have to do is get the people who already want the specific product because you know these mentors and these people that are already having a big audience they already have people that want to already buy their products and all you have to do is essentially talk to the people that already want to go and buy the product like I don't know about you but like one of the easiest things to go out and do is to not cold call not to talk to random people not to do any one of these things things but to talk to people who essentially already want to buy a specific product like doing that is so much easier in sales like it's so much easier to sell someone something when they actually want something like if I'm gonna go out and sell someone that doesn't want a camera a camera they're never going to go and buy a camera but if I'm like oh man I need a I need something like I wish there was a thing to like record my personality so that it could take you know whatever it is that I talk and just put it out in the world oh I need it right now and then someone's like oh I have this thing called a camera it does exactly that I'm like oh yeah I want that right and this is exactly how this entire remote closing thing is again there's mentors that are doing all these things you decide do you want to qualify the people to essentially get on the call

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