How to find your digital product NICHE on Etsy 👀 don’t make these beginner mistakes.

you've probably heard this advice a lot before like you need to have a good Niche Niche down you need to specialize in something and what are the main reasons for that the most obvious reason is if you pick a niche where there is so much competition it's going to be really hard for you to stand out so you want to pick a niche where there is high demand and low competition and I would say like most most niches are kind of saturated like you're not going to find a niche that is just not saturated at all because if you find a niche that no one has made products in it might not even be a good niche in the first place like there might not be people even looking for that thing so there's always going to be competition and you want to stand out by doing something different or something unique I would not compete on the price point though because the prices on Etsy are already really really low so you want to make the product quality like really really good another reason why you want to have a specific Niche for your shop is you don't want to confuse customers for me if I'm buying something on Etsy I'm going to search something and then I'm going to click into that product and then I might think oh you know I actually really really like this product let me see what else this shop is selling if I see similar items then I'll be like okay yeah like this is great this is a shop that specializes in the type of product that I'm looking for but if I click into the shop and I see all this random stuff it's like completely unrelated things I'm going to be like I don't know if I want to buy from this shop because it's so it's kind of like Walmart I don't know if the quality is good so when you have a good Niche and when all the items in your shop are somewhat related to each other it communicates to the customer that you are a high quality seller it's not like you're shopping at Walmart another reason why the niche is so important is also just for you to be efficient and productive in your work because when you're researching different kinds of products to make you're going to be a lot more efficient compared to if you made a whole bunch of products that are in a completely different Niche and you have to do the same research for every single one of them and make a completely different thing so how do you find a niche on Etsy I have three tips for you and make sure you stay until the end of this video because I do have a bonus tip that you don't want to miss out on the first tip or I guess the first thing I want to share with you is I want to give you kind of a way of thinking about how to pick a niche so there's two ways to kind of think about this so the first way you're going to pick a niche is it's the same audience but multiple products so everything in your shop is going to be for the same kind of customer or same audience but you're going to have multiple products so an example of this would be products for realtors for example you're going to offer email newsletters for realtors and website templates for realtors so everything in the shop is geared towards that specific person and this is great because let's say if I'm a realtor and I buy a business card template from your shop I'm going to click into your shop and see you know uh maybe there's something else that I need and I see oh a website template for a realter well that's great like I I'll buy that too email newsl letter template for a realtor I'm going to buy that too so with this same customer but you offering multiple products you can get multiple sales from the same customer the other way to think about picking a niche is you offering the same kind of product to different kinds of customers so the audience is kind of broader so let's say we're selling business cards so you could offer canva templates for realtors financial advisers business owners beauty boutiques so you're offering one kind of product you're specializing in business cards and so let's say I am a realtor and I click into your shop and I'm looking for a business card I'm going to see wow you know like this shop specializes in business cards and they're offering business cards to all these different kinds of customers wow the quality of these business cards must be really really good like these designs must be really good because this person is specialized in designing business cards so I'm going to buy from this person so those are two ways you can kind of think about picking a niche but you can also you know add on more to that so for example with the second way with offering one kind of product to multiple different kinds of customers you can expand that so I'll give you an example let's say originally you were selling canva template that are business cards for different kinds of customers so then maybe you spend some time learning in design or photoshop or whatever and then you add another offering to your shop that is so it's not just canva templates you're offering Photoshop templates that are business cards you can basically take the same kind of design the canva templates and make the exact same thing on Photoshop and sell that as well because maybe some people have a preference maybe they don't want to use Cana maybe they're more familiar with Photoshop and then later on if you want to add more things you're thinking about more ideas that work you can add products that are kind of in adj like kind of adjacent products or like complimentary products to what you're already selling so for example with the first way which is the same audience but multiple products like the basically the One-Stop shop for realtors you could then add products for mortgage brokers because Realtors and mortgage brokers are kind of in the same industry with the other example like business cards for multiple different kinds of customers what you could then do is maybe flyers for those same customers or like a bigger postcard kind of thing like maybe a thank you card um for those kinds of customers in the same style as the business cards I'm not sure how many of you know but I just made a Etsy listing photos course this is a course that comes with video lessons and a whole bunch of templates that you can use to make your listing photos and your listing videos and probably the thing you're going to like the most is these 50 plus pages of canva templates that you can use to make your listing photo so you don't have to start from scratch so no pressure at all but I just wanted to let you know that this resource is here and I'll add a link in the description box where there are more details you can take a look at it and if you think it's useful then yeah you can buy it the next tip I have for you for picking a niche is you need to pick something that you have experience in ideally in a recent Etsy Workshop that I hosted I was helping somebody with her Etsy Shop she already has an existing Etsy shop but she wasn't really getting sales and she was wondering why we were taking

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