Predictions For 2024 And How To Manifest Your Best Year Ever With Elizabeth Harper

I realized I couldn't actually start designing how I want to have an amazing year ahead until I actually establish what brings the joy and the magic I think for most of us we don't actually know and it's only when we stop and pay attention that we start to spot all these tiny little things that are happening every day that either bring us joy or move us away from [Music] Joy hello hello everyone I am so bluming excited right now because I am joined by somebody that I have known for many many years now and um she's been a friend over the year Well a friend and um and we've met actually as well in New York um one one time um and um she's just an incredible incredible person it is the amazing Elizabeth Harper thank you so much for being here I'm so excited to chat with you I'm so excited too oh my goodness how many years ago now was it when we met up in in New York oh my goodness I can't remember you know I came to your retreat in um Nevada was it California was in California oh yeah the Palm Springs that was so much fun that was amazing to be with all those women and it was just such a fabulous weekend that was fun wasn't it Casey was I think he was like I don't know how old was he then 2019 it was so he was probably like eight nine months old no wonder it was such a blur for me that's it it was just before Co wasn't it just before that happened oh my good yeah it was perfect so crazy so for everyone listening Elizabeth is an incredible person and she um works with the angels and she helps people to kind of connect with their intuition and um uh and yeah really connect with themselves feel free to expand on any of that by the way all that stuff uh it's kind of interesting because well it's interesting for me I've been raised with this so it's always been a part of my um repertoire my energy who I am even though I haven't always officially been an intuitive let's say or a clairvoyant or a Healer it's always been part of who I am and I think that we often gravitate towards careers that reflect what's going on within us I gravitated towards a career as a because it yeah it helped me with healing it helped me to bring in my healing skills and and then I started moving more into the intuition and Clairvoyance and angels and color and all kinds of different things because they were a part of me and it felt like I was walking the path of Truth you know it it's so important to connect to that truth within you and then allow that to guide you and and of course we were talking before about how the world is Shifting and how the world is changing with AI and and all these different things that mean that our work and who we are it's speeding up things are going so much faster but when I was younger we didn't have cell phones so we didn't have the internet we didn't have all these different tools that are available now and it seemed like it was a simple a simpler time but it was certainly more challenging to to connect with people and it was more challenging to know what was available as well uh and now there's so much that's available there's so many opportunities and we can really be guided by that part of us that is Our Truth uh and that leads us towards what will support us what will support our soul what will support our light what will support our purpose and you know when I was younger it was all in books and now it's it's everything's available a to us and and it's just so wonderful it's so interesting and like listening to you talk about that and like how it's so important that we are Guided by our truth I think it's such a important thing but also can be so difficult to do and I feel like for me the moment where I actually stepped into my truth and I let go of my imposter syndrome and all of the false beliefs I had around why I shouldn't follow what felt like the right path for me when I like when I surrendered that and I just allowed myself to kind of really lean into like essentially my truth that's when like the pathway opened up um I didn't actually intend to ask you this question but given that we're talking about this like do you have any thoughts or advice or anything that pops up for you in terms of for those people that feel like they're on the cusp of their truth they feel like they're dancing around the edges of it but they haven't like fully let themselves fall into it or maybe they know that they're not living their truth but they don't know what their truth is like what can they do to connect with themselves or what can they do to help illuminate that path for themselves um so they can like walk down it one of the things I did was I wrote down all the things I enjoyed doing uh and everything that brought me joy everything that made me happy and and then I started to look at that l and decided that what it was was teaching it was teaching and connecting to my intuition and sharing healing all these things that I love to do so I think one thing is to make a list of all the things that you love and then look at if you're actually bringing those into your life right now and if you're not to commit to yourself to bring at least one of those things into your life so that then you get started on the path because sometimes when you look at everything on your list you might think who this is overwhelming but if you can just bring one thing in then it can support you and I I think often we have so much going on in our lives and so much going on in our minds that we don't have the space for that so sometimes it's nice to take some time to meditate I know that this is one of the answers to everything for me it's meditation let's meditate but that meditation is just a a moment in time where you're giving time for yourself and you're going within and you're clearing your mind of all your to-do list and clearing your mind you know of of where you've been and where you're going so you're just in the present moment and that can help you and you can ask that question when you're going to meditation of what is my truth how can I how can I navigate my truth how can I connect to my truth what's the first step that I need to take to support me so just going into that meditation will will help you with that yeah I believe that there's so much magic in meditation and um for me when I like make time to meditate and visualize like magic literally justes start to happen like things open up opportunities arise people just pop up into my life or something shows up or Clarity starts to come and I'm like huh and then I look back and I'm like oh my gosh like I'm shift I've completely shifted there's a visualization I've been listening to every day now for quite a while it's Rebecca Campbell's one it's called attract like a flower and it's such a lovely like visualization but it's powerful it's like you kind of get to imagine that you're a flower that you just can completely open up and fully express yourself like there's no there you know there's no kind of competition there's you're not com

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