How to Upgrade Your Life Financially in 6 Months

disappear for six months and do exactly what I'm going to tell you in this video we have six months until 2024. it's you versus you so let me tell you how to spend the next six months of your life in order to come back unrecognizable I am someone that at the most darkest point of my life I found light and wanting to do better for myself and to spend time focused on my future I was personally in a sink or swim situation and at that point in time I could either have gone on with life being depressed and just victimizing myself but instead I chose to focus on my future focus on myself and made that decision now ten years later I'm a self-made millionaire and I'm so thankful that I'm able to not only share my story and knowledge with you guys but help you guys to become a better version of yourself as well it's crazy to think that you were only one decision away from a completely different life and that one decision can just be the decision to get focused and go 100 in on yourself you are here for a reason and God has a purpose for your life it's crazy to think that you can reinvent your life at any given moment it doesn't matter what situation you're in it doesn't matter how old you are as long as God is waking you up every single day he has a plan for your life so I'm gonna be going over these five things that I want you to focus on for the next six months so you have a better chance of entering into 2024 achieving the goals that you've always wanted to achieve make sure you watch all the way to the end of this video and listen to all of these key points that I'm about to explain to you today and when I say it disappear it doesn't really actually mean you have to cut all of your family and friends off but there are always certain people or situations that you may need to cut out of your life in order for you to grow so the number one thing that I want you to focus on for the next six months is resetting your mindset your mindset has to come first if you're not thinking of why you want to better yourself or why you want to reach the goals that you want to reach you're never going to have the drive and motivation to actually get there otherwise it's just gonna be actions with no real meaning or purpose behind them the next thing you need to do is start visualizing your goals start thinking about what you want to achieve within the next six months sometimes it's best to sit down give yourself some time to yourself to really figure that out what do you want out of life what do you think God has planned for your life during this process of you going through writing down your goals thinking about the things that you want to accomplish in your life you're probably going to start experiencing failure slash fear-based thoughts you have to remind yourself every day that you are capable of anything I am no special than anyone else for years I thought I was stupid I failed out of high school had to finish at a Dropout prevention program and I thought I wouldn't amount to anything in life but the moment that I realized that I could choose what thoughts I want to listen to that's when I started to develop a mindset where I'm now thinking like okay if I get filler thoughts if I get fear-based thoughts I'm gonna ignore those thoughts and I'm gonna fight back with those thoughts I want you to think about it like this imagine you have a friend that's always talking down to you and then you have a friend that's always hyping you up why would you listen to the friend that's always talking down to you when you think of it like this of course you're gonna listen to the friend that's hyping you up of course you're gonna pick The Winning Side the way that you think of yourself on a daily basis and the choices that you make directly affect your future the second thing that you need to do is a social media detox that means cutting off toxic people unfollowing negative people if you go on your social media account of your choice whether it be Instagram Facebook you're constantly seeing people that you follow complaining are posting negative things and it's just not a positive thing that you want to see then it's time to just unfollow that person instead start to follow people in accounts that inspire you the Instagram algorithm will show you what you follow and like that means if you're always liking my reels and my pictures on Instagram I post inspirational uplifting and business content so they will continue to show you that same sort of content whenever you're on Instagram so if you are following a bunch of negative people Instagram will continue to show you negative things and what you see on a daily basis directly affects how you think you have to stop comparing yourself to others imagine if you're just sitting there and you're scrolling endlessly for hours you're seeing so many things and you're probably going through this process of constantly comparing yourself to other people and that should never happen everybody's timing is different God has different timings for different people and if you were going through struggles in your life right now these trials and tribulations are now meant to push you to where you are going to be in your life but it's up to you whether or not that's going to be down a negative or positive route and your decisions your choices how you talk to yourself on a daily basis directly affects that I'm not telling you to completely cut out social media because social media is what has changed my life we have access to people all around the world and we're able to contribute something of ourselves to social media and it can turn into something really amazing so you can use social media but you have to make sure you're using social media to your advantage and not letting it weigh you down and not only do you need to do a social media detox electronically but you need to look at who's in your circle around you and choose your friends wisely stay around people that also have dreams and want to find purpose in their life if you cannot find people that are positive and that are also reaching for the same things that you are reaching for then just stay by yourself and I know that might be hard but just remember that alone doesn't mean lonely so the third thing that I want you to work on within the next six months is prioritizing your health now this does not mean that you have to start going to a gym and like going hard and going crazy in the gym every single day and don't miss a day no like I'm not going to tell you to do that because I'm definitely no gym rat one thing that I do is I prioritize my sleep schedule I eat clean and I'm active I do not go to any parties I'm never out late at a club I do not drink any alcohol there's nothing wrong with having to drink from time to time but alcohol in itself is poison there's nothing beneficial about alcohol and not only is it unhealthy for you and it has so many health effects but it also costs a lot of money developing healthy

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