6 LEGIT Ways To Make MONEY Online In DOLLARS

I'm going to be sharing with you six ways you can make money in dollars from the comfort of your home now if that sound like something you're interested in then sit back and keep on watching heyo what's up and welcome back to the channel if you're new here I my name is adish shami and more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money how to invest your money and basically how to become financially independent if those are the kind of videos you are interested in you want to make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking on subscribe button down below also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar content related to this one you also want to make sure to give this video a huge thumbs up that way YouTube can always recommend my videos to you even when you miss the notifications so the first way I make money online is by taking surveys watching videos playing games and doing all of those simple task online I have a playlist here on my channel and I'm going to link it down below um those are some of the videos where I talked about some apps and some websites that will pay you just by taking simple task online and most of these website one thing I want you to know is that they are not always reliable and you're not going to make a lot of money but what I really like about them is the fact that they pay in dollars and I have a PayPal account I have a dollar account so it's very easy for me to get all of my payments directly into my bank account I however understand that a lot of Nigerians I don't know where you're watching from but a lot of Nigerians have issues with opening a PayPal account and personally I opened my PayPal account when I was not in Nigeria so what happens is if by chance you travel to Nigeria and they accept Paypal you can use PayPal in that country I will recommend that you download and open your own PayPal account where you're outside Nigeria another thing you can also do is to if you have a friend abroad or a family member tell them to open a Paypal in your name with your email address the only issue you will have is that they will use their phone number and because PayPal takes security very very very serious most of the time if you have to log to your PayPal account they require um they will send you a code to verify what this means is that every time you want to log to your PayPal account you will always need that person in the abroad to authenticate your login proc say if that makes sense but when I traveled to South Africa you know my husband stays in South Africa so I was able to get a SIM card and I was open I was able to open a proper PayPal account where I can receive payments and where I can send out payments so is a lot easier for me that way now if you want to receive your money directly into PayPal because that seem like that seems to be the easiest way for us Nigeria then you'll have to go through that route an alternative way is to use cheaper cash right but personally I've not had a lot of good experience I've not even had any experience any good experience with cheaper cash so I'm not going to recommend but I know they do have that option of receiving payment from the abroad I've never tried it out to I don't even know if that works right but you can go on there and try it out to be sure that you can actually use it to receive payment from the abroad so I was talking about how I get money from all of this website what I basically do is to answer simple questions take surveys play games I currently have a game I'm playing on my phone and I actually really like the game although the money they're going to pay me is very little but I'm doing it for fun so basically you just have to think of it as something you're doing for fun that way you know you can have fun and you can still make money on the side another thing I do is to watch videos online and like I said they don't pay you a lot of money but at least it can kind of like solve your shortterm money issues or something like that that you can play games you can answer surveys you can watch videos you can download apps there are tons of things you can do depending on whatever platform and whatever website it is that you're using and I absolutely love that because I see it as easy money but it's not all that easy because it takes time energy takes effort and it takes consistency to be able to make a lot of money the second way I make money online and the way you can also make money online is to take on Virtual jobs yes I do virtual jobs and I hand a little bit of money um before I started doing YouTube full time I used to be a tutor I used to teach people online and I get paid for teaching people online I have a master's and a BSC degree in mathematics so I tend to tutor student online and I handar a little bit of money I said it in one of my videos I still have friends that are doing that not full time but they are making quite a lot of money you know just for teaching people um when they are free per hour some of them charge as high as $100 per hour and you can also do that if you're very good with teaching you can literally start making money online by teaching people online I'm also going to be leaving a link in the description box where you can watch videos on um how you can start teaching people online you know those kind of things and you can also make your research reach out to people and say oh I'm a teacher I can teach you this subject I can teach you this language I can teach you this I can teach you that yeah and that's just one of the many virtual jobs you can do right you can do transcription jobs you can become a virtual assistant you can be um an editor you can be a video editor you can be a thumbnail editor trust me when I tell you that if I open my email I have at least I'm not exaggerating 50 people that have reached out to me in this month alone asking if I need a video editor or if I need a thumbnail editor and the funniest thing is or let me say the good part about all of this is the fact that if I should employ the service of these people they will have to work remotely so I necessarily don't have to see them and it's a good thing from them because they are making money virtually they can have my job they can have my friend job they can have like they can work for 10 different people at the same time the most important thing is that they are able to deliver so all you have to do is to reach out to people if you want to be a virtual assistant reach out to some of your favorite influencers your favorite content creators and say hey do you need a virtual assistant do you need a video editor do you need a thumbnail editor do you need this do you need that as as it is something you can do you can definitely make money by taking virtual jobs there are tons of virtual jobs out there you all you have to do is make your research and be sure you can do it you can do graphic design you can even work f

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