Pinterest Affiliate Marketing + ChatGPT = $11,379 a Month Even as a Beginner!

hey there today I want to show you the easiest way to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing using chatgpt you won't believe how easy it is and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes a day here is my dashboard on impact one of the marketplaces that I use to work with dozens of products and where I get my affiliate links I can even refresh the page to show you that it's 100 legit so you can make a pretty decent income on site with affiliate marketing this is my Pinterest account I have over 10 million monthly viewers on my account and I get about 80 000 monthly visitors to my site from this platform for free so why Pinterest it's an absolute gold mine for affiliate marketing the platform gets over a billion monthly visits and what might be even more important close to 40 percent of the traffic comes from the United States which means it's a buyer traffic the best part is that a lot of people who click on these pins are going directly to whatever pages that you link to them there is no need to send people to your links in BIO like you have to do on other social media like Instagram or Tick Tock and in this video I will show you how to directly link to your affiliate products which will help you make more conversions and sales and more money with this Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy but just a quick disclaimer don't expect to make thousands of dollars overnight with just one pin the results take weeks and months of consistent posting several times a day but in this video I will show you how you can automate the process so that you can make a lot more money with free traffic from Pinterest with chat GPT and affiliate marketing so let's get started we will be using impact Marketplace to get the affiliate product links just use my link that you'll find in the description below this video it's impact and sign up for free the impact is available anywhere around the world and it has over two and a half thousand different brands and products in dozens of different niches you can promote any of these products and get paid huge commissions sometimes it's 30 or 40 percent recurring commissions meaning that you can get monthly commissions this is very common especially in the software Niche or with various memberships so your affiliate income can even become almost passive over time with these recurring commissions so create your affiliate account on impact Marketplace and once you've done that you will see all these different niches on the left hand side all you need to do is pick any of these niches find the products and brands that you like and that you trust apply for their affiliate program and get the links to promote them on Pinterest by the way in many niches you will find that certain brands are automatically accepting anyone who is willing to promote them you will just see a list of them saying pre-qualified on your account and you can simply click to join no need to apply it even and once you are approved as a partner for a particular brand see what what I do here I just need to click on the brand and I can create an affiliate link to their home page or I can even generate a link to any specific page URL on their website again you can do your research on impact before you promote anything you want to check some stats for a brand visit their website see if they have good customer reviews and good reputation all of this can affect conversions and so it can affect your affiliate income personally I really like to work with software companies that have recurring commissions because as I mentioned your income becomes more passive over time as people who purchase software through your links might be using it for many months or even years to come and you will keep getting paid on a regular basis for the same exact referrals now we need to start using chatgpt to help you promote on Pinterest any of these products available on impact and before we move on I just want to ask you to smash the like button and leave a comment to let me know if you want to see more free affiliate marketing videos on my channel so now our objective is to use chatgpt to help us in crafting the necessary information for our Pinterest pins we will need titles and descriptions kind of like these ones for Pinterest and just as an example I will show you how to promote nordvpn because it's a software with a very generous 40 commission and it can be appealing for a very broad audience I was recently approved to promote nordvpn on impact so I can show you all the process of how to get the affiliate link and so on the first step is to access chatgpt and if you don't already have an account simply create one it has a free version and I will skip this process what you should do next is start engaging with chatgpt by asking questions like give me four reasons why nordvpn is the best for digital security you could ask why it's recommended for internet users in countries with strict online restrictions depending on the demographic that you want to Target using this text you can create at least four different beans and I will show you how to design pins that deliver significant value and encourage people to click on your links and sign up for nordvpn through your links now we will try to organize this information better for Pinterest format to do this tell CIA GPT to take the provided points and create a spreadsheet where one column contains the main points and the other has the detail descriptions which we will use as pin descriptions chatgpt will generate a spreadsheet for you and each point along with its detail description will serve as content for your individual Pinterest pins helping chat GPT to carry out the heavy lifting for you next you can ask chargpt to come up with four inciting pin titles for each of these points encourage users to click and include emojis because the more clicks you get the more likely you will earn commissions through nordvpn subscriptions see what happened Chad GPT took it even a step further because I was asking it for just four titles but it made four different versions of pin titles for nordvpn for each of these four different pins after crafting the titles the next step is to upload the spins to Pinterest first make sure that you have a Pinterest profile it's 100 free to set it and very easy so I will skip this but if you're totally new to the platform you might want to watch my beginner level video with all the steps for setting up a new Pinterest account I will link it up there so you can watch it once we're done with this video and I will repeat it is just in case remember that consistent posting is key for attracting views and clicks from Pinterest if you slack the monthly views will drop my advice is to aim for three to five pins daily now to design these pins you can use a free platform like it's user friendly and it provides thousands of design templates to make your pins stand out you can get a forever free account using my link anasta

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