05 SECRET Apps – Get Paid $50+ For 60 SECONDS VIDEOS (2023) Make Money Online

in today's video I'll show you five platforms where you'll get paid for 60 second videos literally for taking your phone recording yourself or recording items for 60 seconds and get paid handsomely for that there are five platforms that pay people anywhere from fifty dollars all the way up to five hundred dollars even much more depending on the project for recording small video clips so if you're interested in finding out what they are what they're all about ensure to stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be taking you through these different platforms and explain all the details if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magumani thank you so much for joining us I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel do consider joining our family on the road to 200 000 subscribers by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it variable without wasting any more time let's get right into the video did you know that there are a lot of companies willing to pay people for recording small video clips and I'm talking anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 second eclipse and that's because a lot of these companies are producing products and sending them to different retailers different supermarkets worldwide and they just want to know how people are receiving their products how their products stand out in front of many different products and some of these companies just want to know how you are using their products so I'll be sharing with you five of these companies that are willing to pay you for recording small video clips of either using different products showing products in shelves and so on and some of these companies are worldwide so you can simply sign up to check out if they are available for you to earn money with in your location so let's start with platform number one and it is an application that you can download for your Android and iOS phone as far as I know this platform is available worldwide however the amount of opportunities will depend hand on how many researchers want to research in your location but what this platform is all about is an app that has opportunities for you to go into different supermarkets and snap out video clips of products that are placed in certain stores to see how they fare out in front of similar products and also maybe show a bit of the shelving to see how the products are placed in a store and they'll pay you for that the app that I'm talking about is product tube as you can see here they say shopping for groceries tender time spent shopping into earning additional dollars this application works really simple all you have to do is download it to your mobile device you upload videos of products directly from your phone using their Android or iOS app you'll start receiving invites to participate follow the instructions and record your videos you receive your rewards within five business days via Amazon gift cards and guys just in case you want to turn your Amazon gift cards into PayPal cash or bank account cash you can go into a platform called ATM and transact with others to exchange your Amazon gift cards for PayPal money or money to your bank account I'll leave you guys a link to ATM in my description box down below the second one is an amazing one it's a platform that I've spoken about before it has definitely paid me for recording a small video cooking and showing a specific product and that's what you can do not just cooking but you'll be paid to test out different products recording yourself doing small activities and tasks and so on and it tends to pay higher there are tasks here that pay even up to 150 in their platform and it's called the Scout this is another amazing money making app where they will let you know whenever there are video recording tasks that are available for you based on your profile when you are signing up to the platform but here it is to get started you simply select get started over here you select become a scout to start the sign up process and you'll see here that they say get rewarded for sharing your experience Scouts participate in engaging research missions get paid for their feedback and help shape their products and services they loved and so the steps for the process are as follows you complete missions you share photos and videos so you participate remotely through your smartphone and on your schedule you answer multiple choice questions short answers photo and video questions this is an amazing platform that will pay you via Paypal at number three we have an app called Mind swamps this is another video survey platform where you'll be asked questions and you are expected to reply via video so you literally record yourself using your phone replying to different questions this is it over here most of the information on the homepage are for recruiters or Market researchers so you'll see here they say ask questions get video answers help innovate your brand by using mobile video service to understand the emotions of your customers and that's what it's all about different recruiters and Market researchers here recruit people like you and I to tell them what they think about their products and just to see their emotions they expect them to answer using video answers so you'll see here they say video answers one minute self-recorded video responses are viewable downloadable and shareable Via a link and that's what you would do you record one minute answers to different questions my Swan is not widely available so it's important that you try and sign up to find out if they are available in your area but the next one is a widely available money making app that will pay you for using different software applications and products recording yourself using it and letting the recruiters know your experience of using those different products applications websites and soft words it's called userlytics and it's this platform that I'm looking at here on my screen to get started you'll come to the get paid to test over here and all the information that you will need to start signing up and all the details will be available for you here userlytics also works in three simple steps so after signing up by selecting start inning here you then sign in and complete your profile your profile information is very important in getting you more opportunities you'll then receive an invitation to complete a test it is a simple test that will require you to perform simple activities you know just to test whether you'll be able to manage different tasks in the platform you will then receive payments when you complete real tests you know depending on the test but you'll see here they say you will end between five US dollars to 90 US Dollars payable all into your PayPal account last one on this list is another truly worldwide available money making app that will pay you directly to your PayPal as gift cards and many more and here you'

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