Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2024: The EASY Way To Set Up Your Store FAST

hey B and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be showing you a step-by-step tutorial of how to set up a Shopify store and no Shopify did not pay me for this video to sponsor this I have gotten requests from you guys that have wanted to try out Shopify and thought why not they now have a promotion which I Linked In the description where you can get $1 a month for 3 months which gives you plenty of time to start up your online store and get it running and get sales before you actually have to pay the monthly fee for Shopify you can use Shopify for many different business types whether if you are selling a physical product or you're selling a digital product if you're Drop Shipping or if you're doing print on demand Shopify really does it all in one if you are someone that you don't know what business model that you want to choose or if you are having trouble finding products to sell and you don't know what you want to start selling I have videos dedicated just for that on my YouTube channel people do charge thousands of dollars for the education that I provide you for free all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to make free courses and videos just like this me personally when I first started my online store I started with one of the free ones that I show on my YouTube channel but as I started making money and building that business I realized instead of upgrading with one of the free ones why not just jump onto another platform that does have more access to more apps and things that can really help me and help my business grow long term and of course Shopify does have more customization options as well than the free ones that I have shown in the past too do the free website host do the job 100% but if you are looking for something a little bit more detailed and you want to commit yourself a little bit more then this tutorial is for you but either way all you'll really need to actually get started today with Shopify is only $3 so after you sign up using the link down in the description box below it is going to bring you to this page it's going to ask you just to answer some of these questions you can either answer them or just click skip all down at the bottom here next Shopify just needs to know what country you are in so select your country and click next then you're going to just sign up with your email and create an account after you sign up with your email it is going to bring you to this page right here and it's going to give you a setup guide so it's actually going to show you step by step what you need to do just in case if you get lost in this tutorial so let's do the easiest thing first which is just naming your store so we're going to use the name that we picked out then just click save you can see here that the Shopify domain that they give you isn't that great if you guys don't know what domain is it's the actual link that people click on to get to your store so instead of using com for this custom domain I recommend actually using store store is the domain name for online sellers like usually you guys would think to just use the Doom for your your websites and your custom domains but by using the dot store it actually Associates your customers with it being an actual online store before they even click on it such as Rihanna Michelle Obama Shakira Cristiano Ronaldo and even Maroon 5 I just flew with Emirates and I also noticed that Emirates Airlines also has Emirates do store even Mr Beast uses this do store for his online store he even announced this on his YouTube channel that he changed his name from com to store since he felt that it's a better brand and positioning online there was a study done that compared online stores that use. store instead of do online stores that use do store in their domain experienced 2.1 times more Impressions 1.7 times more clicks and 12% lower CPA by using the dot store it actually gives you up to $2,500 off essential e-commerce tools such as ship station Vista Print MailChimp and many more so I did put the link Down Below in the descript description box where you can get this domain for only 99 Cents using this code BD store now I'm going to show you how to actually get this domain and connected to your online store I put the link down in the description box below for you to go directly to store domains and when you're here you can just click on search for your store domain then it's going to bring you to this page and it's going to show you all the different options for what you searched so remember we have a code that we're going to be using so for right now you'll see that it's $30 when you find the one that you like just click add to cart I always like my domains as short as possible then go ahead and just click proceed then for where the coupon code goes just type in bdy store and as you can see you now have this domain or any domain that you want for only 99 with this code so go ahead and just scroll down and click on place order if you don't have an account you'll just create one it's super quick to create one once you create the account then you'll just click pay online so we now have officially claimed and purchased this custom domain now I'm going to show you how to connect a custom domain to your online store so to add your custom domain you're going to click settings down here at the bottom left you're going to click this right here called domains this is the domain tab click connect existing domain then you're going to put in the same domain that you just bought on store then click next on this button it's going to pull up this list of instructions telling you exactly how to actually connect it so if you get stuck along the way you can refer to this page next go back to the dot store domains website scroll over manage orders and click list SL search orders then just click on your domain then once you're here scroll to the bottom and click on manage DNS so once you're here yours will probably say no address records found and that's what you're probably going to see so you're going to use the a records Tab and the C Name Records tab to actually connect this domain so we're going to start here at this tab and click on add a record then you're going to add the Shopify IP address which I'm going to put big on the screen right here for you guys in case you need to refer back to this then when you're done just click add record so for C name I need you to copy the domain that Shopify gave you and after you click on C name it's going to bring you to this page then click add cname record then you're going to just paste that here make sure you put ww. here so click on add C name record and then click on this here the second button then you're going to just type in shops. then click add record now go back to shopify's

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