Make $3,515 / Month With AI Videos (Beginner TikTok Shop Affiliate)

I am rarely surprised by any idea when it comes to making money online I mean I thought I'd seen it all I've been doing this for over 4 years but to say that I'm shocked is an understatement this is literally insane this one video AI generated might I add made over $131,000 in the last month from Tik Tok shop affiliate I mean it only takes 10 or 15 minutes to create a video just like this one so in this video I am going to show you exactly how to get started with Tik Tok shop affiliate how to create videos 100% using AI in a matter of minutes and how you can start making money today with Tik Tok shop affiliate but before we get into the needy grey details and I pull my computer up and we start sharing the screen if you're not familiar with Tik Tok shop affiliate it is a way for creators to make money on Tik Tok and it's quite different than the way you would do that on YouTube for example essentially how it works is like any other affiliate marketing opportunity but a lot simpler and a lot easier trust me it's super smooth you basically create content featuring a product from the Tik Tok shop and if one of your viewers clicks the link to the product in your video and purchases said product then Tik Tok pays you a commission sure commissions are not in the hundreds for product you do need volume but because of Tik tok's growth strategy as a platform and how easy it still is to grow a presence on it people are making thousands of dollars per day right now and I'm going to show you how they do that and also prove that it is true I mean some people aren't even creating the videos themselves which is incredible they're essentially using AI to create a video entirely and I'm going to show you how to do that as well now of course there is a good A Bad and the Ugly about the Tik Tok shopop filate the good news is that not a lot of people have heard about Tik Tok shopop filate and the opportunity that it presents so it's not that saturated yet I mean it only got popular a few months ago so there is still time you're early on this one which brings me to the not so great news and essentially that's that it will most likely become more saturated within the next 6 to 12 months like many opportunities or if not it'll certainly be harder to get in so that essentially means that we need to take advantage of it now and the Ugly well if you don't do it others will so I guess it's a matter of the early bird that gets the worm kind of scenario all right now let's get to work because I am just as excited as you are and we're going to follow follow along and do everything step by step together all right so first things first obviously what you want to do is go ahead and get a Tik Tok account so if you haven't downloaded the app go ahead and do that and once you get the app you need to go ahead and create a new account be mindful of the type of username that you choose obviously I don't need to teach you how to do that but you want to pick an account name that is going to be relevant for the shop that you want to create and if you want to be fancy you can also add a nice profile picture but you can easily create that with AI nowadays just go ahead to dally within Chad GPT type a prompt about the type of visual you want to use as your profile picture and then go ahead and use it it is that simple last but not least add a description to your account so that people who are going to come to your Tik Tok account they know what your Channel's focus is so for example it could be focused on health or wellness products or it could be focused on pets or on traveling or any of the areas that you are passionate about so that it makes it easier for you to create content and find products that are related to that area now an important mention here is how critical is picking a niche for your Tik Tok shop account and I would say that it is a bit less critical than it is when you're looking to create a YouTube account for example because right now Tik to strategy is different it's at a different maturity level so it is going to support channels even if they don't have a 100% clear and narrow down Niche so you don't have to stress too much about that just think in Broad terms is it health wealth uh relationships spirituality and so forth now in terms of signing up for a Tik Tok shop affiliate account we do need to have a minimum of 5,000 followers in order to be able to create that Tik Tok shop shop affiliate however there is a workaround that I was able to find because I didn't have a Tik Tok account to begin with and what I decided to do is I created a Tik Tok account related to the YouTube channel that we started together a while back regarding dogs so I am reusing some of those videos that we also created with AI and bringing those into my new Tik Tok account however it is a new account so it doesn't have 5,000 followers yet so I needed a workaround to be able to get the account approved for a Tik Tok shop affiliate and the way you do that is you are going to need to create a Tik Tok shop seller account okay now a couple things that you want to be mindful of first off you need to go to Tik Tok shop seller center in order to create that account so you cannot do it directly in the Tik Tok app and when you do that you will notice that you need to either be a resident or own a company either in the UK or the us because this is where Tik Tok shop seller center operates as of today in my case even though I live in Switzerland I do have my company based in the US so that allows me to create a Tik Tok shop seller account right now however because my residency as a person is not in the US either I did have to bypass a second time so I had to raise a ticket with Tik Tok shop and provide all the information and ask them for an exception because everything else was checking the mark But my personal residency so uh in case you qualify for a similar situation be mindful that you are going to need to take a different route which is going to be lengthier when it comes to the time requirement because they're let's say not as fast to reply as you would want them to be now once you create that account you are going to need to fill in a ton of information regarding your business verification your personal tax information company tax information and so on and so forth so do allocate a good amount of time maybe up to an hour or two for you to be able to bring together all that information and create your Tik Tok shop seller center account now in order to be able to link products into your Tik Tok account in your videos from the Tik Tok shop then you need to connect your seller account with your Tik Tok account and the way you do that is by going into your Tik Tok account tapping on the Arrow there at the top and then tapping again onto the line almost like a sandwich looking icon at the top right of your screen you are going to be prompted to scan the QR code that you are shown on the screen of your computer probably with you

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