Get in the flow: Watch this if your life is a mess

if this sounds like you I truly want you to watch this video do you often find yourself disorganized struggling to follow through on anything and frequently incapable of completing simple tasks such as hiding up a room or washing dishes constantly interrupting conversations making excuses for unfinished work and operating far below your potential in most areas if so you're not alone moreover does your mind seem like a battle feed with ideas spontaneously firing around like kernels in a popcorn machine especially at night when you're trying to find some rest do you often find yourself here there in everywhere all at once it feels like almost you're in some dreamy State some things take an eternity to drive your focus but if something catches your interest you could spend hours days or even weeks lost in it this may seem like a chaotic existence but let's post for a moment let's delve into a book that sheds light on this experience it suggests we View these experiences Nana has negatives but as a specs of a complex and intriguing entity ADHD this condition embodies a set of seemingly paradoxical Tendencies such as lack of focus but at the same time extraordinary ability to Super focus a directionless energy but at the same time a potent entrepreneurialism and also an out of the box problem solving despite impulsive decisions it's no secret that those of us with ADHD face challenges with time management often pushing tasks to the last minute the clock takes differently for us and we lack an internal sense of time altering its nature within our minds despite these challenges they have a strong reveal they have a mindset of I've rather fail doing it in my way than succeed with help interestingly we can also be incredibly generous when we're feeling positive we can be very optimistic enthusiastic and altruistic will even give the shirt off our backs to help someone in need this ADHD Journey while it might seem overwhelmingly challenging at times it's not without its spoons it gives us an itch to change the conditions of Life a craving for improvement a desired to supercharge reality it provides us with an energy so intense it's oftenly mistaken for hyperactivity a transparency is so clear it becomes honesty to a fault yes we might be more suspectable to addictions and compulsive behaviors but the flip side is that with the right creative Outlet we can Channel this energy into a building a business writing a book or even starting a garden maybe the choice as always is ours even with ADHD traits it doesn't mean you can't focus ever find that when you're under pressure like me when I was writing the script at 3am due to tomorrow or something I suddenly had this Ultra hyper focus and I was Ultra productive that's called the flow state but why doesn't mostly surface under stress wouldn't it be life challenging to unlock it without the last minute Panic stay with me as we delve into these questions the answers just might change our life like it did mine alright let's address a bit of paradox you might have heard from time to time that ADHD is over diagnosed and yes in some instances that's true children especially boys are often hastily labeled with ADHD when they simply might be exhibiting typical high energy Behavior so maybe they just needed to go outside and like touch some grass or something but here's where it gets tricky ADHD is also significantly Andrew diagnosed many individuals especially girls and women fly under the Raider for years their symptoms mistaken for character flows and simply dismissed now here's why you should care over diagnosis can lead to unnecessary medications and therapy while under diagnosis can rob people of the understanding and support they desperately need it's a delicate balance we're still trying to strive and this isn't just about those diagnosed with ADHD these struggle so staying organized keeping focused managing time they're Universal ADHD or not we all have our moments of disarray and destruction so whether you've got an ADHD diagnosis or maybe you suspected or maybe you're just here to learn these tips are for you they're about enhancing focus and productivity skills that everybody can benefit from refining so let's get back to it shall we it's important to emphasize that it's not a condition to be self-diagnosed or self-manage if you believe that you or someone you know may have ADHD I strongly encourage you to seek professional help expert advice can help in accurately diagnosing and managing the condition and enabling individuals to fully harness their potential in the US more and more people are getting ADHD drugs prescribed online like you do a simple task and they prescribe you a medicine which is worrying like this may seem easy but it doesn't give the care that ADHD needs in Italy where I live there are special centers for ADHD and not every psychiatrist can prescribe ADHD medicine and they have very strict rules for prescribing drugs they focus on taking care of the whole person with ADHD these rules make sure that doctors understand each person's symptoms and needs they offer many ways to treat ADHD from medicine to therapy so this means that each person gets a treatment that works best for them it also makes sure that people with ADHD have a better quality of life I understand that not everyone has the privilege to go to a professional and get a diagnosis for ADHD so in this video I'll cover strategies that don't involve medication and don't require diagnosis these strategies can help not only those with ADHD but also anyone who is struggling with focus and having some troubles with being productive people with ADHD often feel disconnected which can lead to anxiety problems at school or work and travel in relationships think about how it feels to be alone it can be uncomfortable isn't it many people with ADHD feel like this especially children who get punished for their symptoms in schools because ADHD people do not really perform that well in traditional schools this can make them feel even more disconnected so Dr hallowall who's an ADHD specialist and also the author of ADHD 2.0 says connection is a Cornerstone of his ADHD management plan Dr halwell calls connection the other vitamin C it can help you feel better and learn and grow more so how can you use Connection in your life make worry a shared experience communicating your concerns with a trusted individual can help switch your mindset from anxiety to problem solving use meals as an opportunity for connection whether you live with a family or housemates make it a point to sit and eat together even inviting friends over maybe occasionally Foster at least two significant friendships and commit to connecting with these friends a week this could be regular ketchup call or maybe a launch meeting if you're a parent of a child with ADHD spend at least 30 minutes each week doing something with your child let your child choose what you do this will help you connect and have a b

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