How To Create Faceless YouTube Videos Using YOUR PHONE With This New Automated App: US$800 A Day

[Music] you want to start a YouTube channel but all you have is a phone you also don't want to show your face or use your beautiful voice you have absolutely no idea where to get great video ideas and you don't know how to write an engaging script or even how to edit a video and because of this you feel hopeless and if you are thinking let me hire someone to do this for you it's possibly going to cost you $250 or more to do everything I just described on a platform like Fiverr or 12 to 16 grueling hours of Anguish because you're a beginner trying to create a faceless video from scratch that looks professional until [Music] now I'm going to share how to create faceless YouTube videos from just your phone in less than 10 minutes that have the potential to make $800 per day like this video over here on YouTube on the luxury Zone Channel That's averaging 880,000 views a day the new invidio Ai mobile app allows you to take just a title of your video or a simple idea and use invid AI to generate a ready to publish faceless YouTube video with an engaging script appropriate background music subtitles relevant stock footage and a human sounding voice over all from your phone I will find a place for us I will show you where to go rockstars welcome back exciting times are ahead because who knew that we could create professional videos with just our phone for those who are club members and YouTube members thank you for your loyalty now step one is to pick a niche and I want you to treat your YouTube channel like a business from day one not like a side hustle or a hobby and in doing so you're going to be very strategic in selecting your Niche because we want a niche that has the potential to pay you well now for your convenience I've posted the top pay YouTube niches here on screen so go ahead and capture the screen so that you can review it in your own time I'm also going to share all these details in a blog on my website Odetta rocketcarsales the goal with your faceless YouTube channel that you're going to launch with your phone is to earn at least $10 per 1,000 views in RPM which is what you actually get in your hand after YouTube takes its cut from the CPM which is the rate advertisers pay on YouTube now for this tutorial and course we're going to choose the luxury and lifestyle Niche which pays $10 to $20 in CPM which means it should net about $10 in RPM so with luxury Zone averaging 80,000 views as an example and of course it's a faceless Channel at a rate of $10 per 1,000 views they would be making $800 a day or $224,000 in a month that's what we have our eyes set on rock stars now that you have your Niche let's get the title for our faceless video and to do that you don't have to burst your brain just use chat GPT give me 50 YouTube video titles in the luxury and lifestyle Niche or whatever Niche that you have selected that includes viral keywords and considers SEO to rank Better In Search now again I'm going to put this prompt in the blog that I'm going to share on my website link in description below by including words like viral keywords or SEO or search engine in your actual prompt your video is more likely to rank in Search and get more views on YouTube Because as an example if you were to Google free money my video would pop up that's because I've laced the title and also the tags with the word free money or related words so this way chat GPT gives you that ammunition to get your video either recommended or searchable and it will in turn increase your views now as you can see here from that prompt chat GPT is doing its job it's giving you some amazing video titles that will likely get viewers interested and view your faceless content as such now step three is to create your faceless video and you're going to do so using your phone and you know what this is the fun part now the first thing you're going to do is is to visit the new Invidia AI platform and I've put the link in the description below this is not the in video of Past Times so ensure that you're using the link and you can use code or rk50 and I'll put all that information in the description of this video after clicking the link just download the app and the app will work on a phone or your iPad if you have a tablet now you're going to open the app to get started and if you already have an invid account that you are using on your desktop computer just use that information to sign in with the same email you won't have to create a new user account to activate it on your phone or your tablet now you need to choose one of the faceless video ideas that we got from chat GPT and for this example we're going to select 10 must visit Lo Luxy destinations in 2024 now here on the app you're going to select YouTube explainer and complete the form that's provided in this example we're going to choose a 8 minute video why 8 minutes because YouTube allows you to put mid roll ads in videos that are 8 minutes or longer remember we're treating our Channel like a business and you need to maximize the earning potential of your video any video that is less than 8 minutes you can only get an ad at the beginning and the end and with 8 minutes or more you can get ads in the middle of the video which means that it will earn more because the viewers will watch more ads throughout the video now you're going to enter your video title here and then you're going to choose the background music we're going to go with upbeat and luxurious now I'm choosing a male voice over that has a old husky British accent because what sounds better when you're talking about luxury and you'll understand exactly what I mean in a few minutes now you add subtitles and you have some options to choose from to get different types of subtitles and then you hit continue you're now going to generate your video and select your audience the look and feel and also the platform which in this case we're going to go with YouTube and it's Autos selected luxury traveler and the look and feel which is automatically selected is glamorous so we're going to work with that then you hit continue and you give it a few minutes to work and rock stars let's take a listen welcome to a world of opulence a realm of the extraordinary where dreams become reality imagine Journeys immersed in splendor wrapped in the finest of comfort and experiences that's the essence of luxury travel a symphony of the senses transcending the ordinary as we stand on the brink of a brand new year 2024 we've curated an Exquisite list 10 destinations each a beacon of luxury each a must visit join us as we embark on this extraordinary Journey unveiling the top 10 most luxurious destinations you must visit in 2024 at number 10 we find ourselves in the island paradise of Fiji a place where luxury knows no bounds Fiji is home to a host of five-star Resorts that redefine opulence each Resort is a world unto itself offering private beaches infinity pools and world-class spas that promise to soothe your senses now l

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